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03 Sep 2013
Unfinished business at Deportivo; Ayoze left the club and Marchena returns, but Geijo ended at RCD Mallorca, while the situation with Rochela remains unsolved. New fight between Lendoiro and the administrators.

Deportivo had six pending issues for the last day of the transfer market. The first three were to secure the exit of the players that didn’t count for coach Fernando Vázquez: centre-backs David Rochela and Stefan Deák, plus left-back Ayoze Díaz. At the end of the day only one of these targets was completed.

The second was to complete the last three signings on the new season. The plan was to get a striker, a winger and a centre-back. The latter was the first –and only- operation closed in the deadline day. Just minutes after Sunday’s midnight Deportivo confirmed that Carlos Marchena was returning. The player landed in A Coruña on Saturday and was just waiting for the official announcement.

Early in the morning the club reported that the issue with Alex Geijo was close to end. During the weekend the striker and Udinese unblocked the tax conflict that had delayed his arrival for weeks. On Monday the player was already in A Coruña undergoing the medicals, actually he and Marchena did at the same time.

Marchena & Geijo after making the medicals
At the same time Deportivo were ruling out the signing of the winger, this since the negotiations for the return of Diogo Salomão were in a dead point as Sporting CP were requesting too much money, and also because it was going to be difficult to fulfill the salary cap rule with this third incorporation.  Precisely this was the problem that collapsed the signing of Geijo.

Meanwhile, the exits were also blocked. On Friday it was known that David Rochela was going to be released in order to join Thai club  Buriram United FC, but the player requested to not make the official announcement until making the medicals, that’s why the official announcement hasn’t been made, actually the player was inscribed in la liga. He will be removed as soon as he concretes his signing in Asia.

Early in the morning the club also decided that centre-back Stefan Deák was going to stay, though it would be at Depor B, while the deadlock with left-back Ayoze Díaz was unblocked late at night. The player attended to Plaza de Pontevedra and canceled his contract almost at midnight.

So, by noon the club already had decided the final team for the new season. In past years president Lendoiro was used to close the signings until the last minute, as it happened with Sebastián Taborda and now all seemed settled hours before, but the drama was still on as the arrival of Geijo wasn’t accepted by the administrators.

The administrators were concerned as the wages of Geijo were going to trespass the salary cap established by la liga,–according to Lendoiro the difference was 200,000 Euros- In the end the administrators only accepted the signing of Marchena and refused to accept Geijo’s arrivals –the key is that Marchena accepted a very low offer, around 200,000 Euros per season-

Deportivo pushed until the end in order to sign Geijo and there was a meeting that lasted almost four hours and that’s when the tension began. It was surprising to see one of the administrators, Julio Fernández, addressing the media before entering the meeting at Depor’s headquarters, more surprising was to see him saying that the signing of Marchena was approved, but not the arrival of Geijo.

Julio Fernández talking to reporters
”Geijo’s wages are unaffordable no matter who leaves the club. We have two problems, the salary cap and the other is that we have an economic problem that’s very serious, and we are here in order to defend the interests of the creditors, and they phone me each day to know what’s happening. This signing could give problems in order to reach an agreement with the creditors, and no matter we can reach an agreement this signing could bring further problems at the moment of fulfilling the agreement, and if we don’t fulfill the agreement then the club will be liquidated. Geijo cannot enter no matter what happens. In the case of Marchena I had the authorization of la liga. The salary cap was raised from 3.5 million to 5 million.” Fernández told to reporters.

During the meeting the president tried to convince the administrator of the importance of Geijo’s signing, but there was no solution and the player ended signing for RCD Mallorca despite making the medicals at Depor. In this was this was a repetition of last year’s case with RCD Espanyol’s Christian Stuani, who made the medicals at Depor and later ended signing for the Catalans.

Lendoiro was pretty upset when he left the meeting, firstly because the administrators talked to the media before entering the reunion, and later for not accepting Geijo’s signing despite the difference was only of 200,000 Euros.

”They didn’t allow us to sign Geijo and it was just for a difference of 200,000 Euros. They want us to be the richest ones in the cemetery and we won’t allow this. If they think this is the way… it cannot be that only the 20% of the budget can be used for the first team. It cannot be that Deportivo, having more than 20,000 socios, is having a lower budget compared to other teams. Geijo arrived here losing money and we cannot allow this situation. It’s a pity. They didn’t allow us the signing of Geijo, and to make think worse they were talking to the media before talking to the club.” The president said.

In any case Lendoiro said that the club will try to hire a free agent in the coming days, ”We’re already working in order to solve what couldn’t been with Geijo. The fans deserve the support of everyone.” It was also known that Rochela hasn’t made the medicals in Thailand and that he was inscribed in la liga, but the president said that he hopes the situation could be solved in the coming hours.

This was another fight in the war between the board of directors and the club’s administrators. In the end the glass of water is half empty as Depor only completed the signing of Marchena and the exit of Ayoze, but failed to sign a new striker, something that for Fernando Vázquez was the priority.



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