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04 Sep 2013
The last arrival to Deportivo was presented on Tuesday. Carlos Marchena faced the media and said that he’s happy to return and that he does it in order to help the club in the return to Primera División.

Carlos Marchena is the last signing of the summer transfer window. He signed a one-year renewal with the club. The centre-back made the medicals on Monday and one day later was presented at Plaza de Pontevedra. He’s the third centre-back at the team after the renewal of Kaká and the promotion of Pablo Insua.

As always, president Lendoiro was welcoming him and he thanked the defender for waiting until the last day, “Thanks for waiting, because we didn’t have facilities and we weren’t even sure that it was possible. It isn’t only important for what he will add to the team, but to the youngsters. At Depor’s we have a very important group of centre-backs, young players that can have a large career. Surely we’ll fill the spot with homegrown players thanks to Marchena. It’s increasing their success chances.”

“It’s really pleasant to find the support of great players at these tough moments, and Marchena is special at this team, just to remember that he never lost playing with the national team. And to see him having this detail with a club like Deportivo is something to be proud. All the great bosses in professional football are below him.” Depor’s boss added.

The president also said that Marchena had other important offers, “We are grateful not only for trusting in us, but for have rejected offers that were more important economically. We reached the highest point that we could reach and he had to give up to other significant offers coming from potential rivals of Deportivo, also bigger offers coming from abroad.”

Marchena during his presentation

Later, the Andalusian defender confirmed that he returned to Depor despite having bigger offers, “Not by bread alone does man live. In life not everything is money, and I’ve placed the happiness for keep playing where I want above the economic issues. Last season I felt really good on here, but the ending was not the dreamed one. I want to see Depor returning again to Primera.”

 “I wanted to play on here. I hear some offers, because I’m a professional, but my idea was to play on here. Yesterday’s was a pretty day. This is the team where I wanted to play. I know it was tough as they didn’t allow new signings, but we did what we could. I never lived the situation of being without a club until the last day. The good thing is that it ended as I wanted.” He added.



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