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04 Sep 2013
If someone doubted that Lendoiro and the club’s administrators have resentment against each other, then they should change their mind after reading what the president said after the problems had at deadline day.

President Augusto César Lendoiro was quite happy during the presentation of Marchena, but later the mood changed as soon as he began to talk of the other issues at the club. He hammered the club’s administrators, not only for blocking in any possible way the signings, but of trying to affect the decisions related to the team. There was even a negative comment towards Fernando Vázquez.  The other message was emphatic: This must be the year of the  promotion, because later it would be harder.

The following is a resume of what the president said.

“If we had listened what the administrators and even la liga told us a few days ago then we would have not signed Marchena, as example. There are e-mails within the last days in which they told us that this couldn’t continue and that there couldn’t be more signings. The board of directors defends the interests of Deportivo, and beyond this we had three months working in the signing of Geijo. Truly it wasn’t to blame Deportivo as there were other issues that aren’t related to Depor. Geijo and Udinese didn’t reach an agreement until two days ago.”

“The reality is this: if he wouldn’t have talked down there, then Geijo would probably be here by now –referring to Julio Maestre, one of the administrators that addressed the media outside of Plaza de Pontevedra before having a meeting with Lendoiro- But at the time he made a choice, probably wrong, saying that Geijo wasn’t going to arrive, just when it isn’t a decision for the administrators. They can only say that this is the money to make signings. This player was a petition of the coach.  I would do the same things again, exactly the same. “

“It’s normal to see Geijo signing for Mallorca, but he had other options, like Rayo [Vallecano] Let’s remember what Paco Gemez said before. He also had the option of Sporting Gijón and some foreign clubs, but I blocked everything through Quique Pina and Udinese, because this is a favour as we had an agreement. The sad thing is that Mallorca even took advantage of the things we have agreed with them.”

 “What cannot be is to miss the promotion to Primera for just 200,000 euros. We’re talking of a budget above the 22 million Euros. It means that not even the 20% of the budget is dedicated to the squad, and the five million they gave us is also related to the B squad, the social security, the amortization of the players of both the A and the B squad. It’s ridiculous taking in mind what the fans are giving.”

“It cannot be that he says before talking to us: Marchena yes, Geijo not, because the ones that decides is me and the board of directors. This is made according to the money we can manage. Perhaps with that money I can find other solutions, but what cannot be is that he is telling us yes or not, what happens now? Is the administrator the sporting director or the technical secretary? What is he? You only tell me the money I can have, but when you tell me and then to the media that he won’t play on here in a very emphatic way, then you screw things up, because  the players immediately knows through the social networks and then search for other club.”

“We have now opened this period of time, to call it in one way, this period isn’t good to make signings, but will try to search for solutions, if this exists. The pity is that all of this is happening for just 200,000 Euros, this means the 1% of the guaranteed incomes for this season. This is a shame. We will defend to have a better approach. Of course we want to fulfill the obligations of the bankruptcy law and the ones of la liga, but this is abusive. There’s no deadline to sign this player, but what we aren’t going to do is to waste the money. Initially we have a little margin in order to make something within these days or months, let’s say in this particular market. I won’t talk of signings.”

“The viability of the club cannot be in danger for 200,000 Euros, neither for 300,000 or for twenty times what this number represents, because the results of this year can be spectacular, and what they have done is to limit the squad. We all here are dedicated to the squad. There are around 25 people at the club working with the squad, and it tells you how important the squad is, and we are letting this happens for just 200,000 Euros. All because they are worried for the creditors, just when the creditors, aka the banks and the Treasury, can only be concern of watching the team been promoted, because if Deportivo gets the promotion then things will be easier, and if we don’t do it now then it will be harder with each passing year. This is the year to clinch the promotion and that’s the reality. Any other thing is a lie. The viability of Deportivo won’t be in danger for this amount, not even for 4 or 5 million.”

“Both signings [Geijo and Marchena] were fundamental, because a few days ago we had Aythami and Ze Castro, and all of this happened in just a few days. What they, together with Bruno Gama, are not perceiving is around the three million Euros, and it’s a shame to suffer this for crumbs. And for these crumbs we will live until January 1st without signing anyone else, unless we sign somebody on these days.”

“Deportivo have many more incomes taking in mind the 25,000 socios that we will probably reach. What’s the plus of the 3.6 million Euros per year thanks to the socios that already paid their subscription? We cannot even invest the money paid by the socios that attend each day to the Riazor. We won’t allow this. We will fight and will discuss it, I’m sure we will win this battle.”

“It’s totally false that thanks to the administrators the salary cap passed from 4.3 million to 5 million Euros, for their work? They could have done much more in order to get a bigger increase, because they had the real data. We won a case in court and it meant two more million and they didn’t want to include this.”

“They [the administrators] wanted to release Bruno Gama for free, because they argued that Depor can no longer afford his wages. Truly Depor made an important investment with Bruno Gama in order to have him available, but we are diminishing the level of the squad. “

“We don’t know yet the real amount of the debt, just to mention that there’s a difference of 28 or 30 million that we don’t know where they are. Or maybe we know where they are, but don’t know how will this money be applied, so these 28 or 30 million should mean a reduction of the debt. We must defend our position; nobody from the outside will come to defend us.”

“The only thing that could increase our chances of viability is the promotion, and to play for dices and 200,000 Euros… it’s priceless, a no-sense. We must defend this. The reality is 200,000 Euros compared to a budget of 22 or 23 million Euros.”

“One month ago it was impossible the arrival of Geijo, Marchena, Borja or any other arrival, and we fought for it until the last minute. But they [the administrators] told you that we cannot sign them, and who are you to say me this?”

“If I requested to Florentino Pérez to take part of this it was in order to obtain a benefit, and this benefit should have been invested in the team. All these amounts, including the money that will come soon from Majadahonda, is to be invested in the team, it is to be promoted.”

“Meanwhile they are allowing other things to other clubs. They are asking things from us that aren’t demanded to other clubs. To Quique Pina and Udinese I made they have the better prices in the way of Geijo to Mallorca.”

“We have seventeen players at the first team, not even the elder ones on here can remember a first team with only seventeen players. We made our best effort in order to have the best possible team. This team has been made in order to get the promotion, and I must talk to Fernando [Vázquez] about it: this team was made in order to get promoted. Now with a bigger difficulty, but we must get the promotion. It must be clear for anyone. We never demand to win at Deportivo, but we have a competitive squad and must fight for the promotion. “

“Yesterday I called many times Fernando in order to come here, because he should have explained that the signing of Geijo wasn’t a petition of the club and neither of the president, but of the coach. He never accepted my calls. I am not angry for this, what angers me is that people should assume the reality of things, and when things cannot be made in other way despite the good will, then everything must fit no matter how.”



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