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10 Sep 2013
The media questioned the strategy of Deportivo in the home matches played at the Riazor. There were many comments arguing that the Galician team needs to change the tactic if they don’t want to lose more points in the home meetings.

Deporte Campeón: Wet gunpowder. Football is results, it’s evident. If in the final stretch of yesterday’s game the Galicians would have scored two goals, ending the match with a victory, then we’ll possibly speak in other terms. This defeat has to be used to learn and grow up, to climb a step further and win again. Depor met yesterday a very serious opponent, a team that arrived in order to defend well, sometimes scraping the abruptness of the fouls and the permissive arbitration of Crespo Piñeiro Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Depor hit a wall. Real Murcia took the three points from the Riazor after beating Deportivo La Coruña 0-1. A strategic move perfectly planted by Julio Velazquez, the coach of Los Pimonteros, beautifully finished by Dorca, and poorly defended by Deportivo, ended with the ball at the bottom of Lux’s net. It was minute 24. From that moment the visitors dug in the area of Casto and, sponsored by their exceptional goalie, spent the time clearing the ball out. For over an hour Depor staged a monologue in which they deserved a better fate, but the lack of clarity in the final meters and the keeper’s interventions penalized the Galicians and their chances to add points.

Culio and Borja Bastón were the best players at the local team. The striker, who ended the past matchday with two goals in a dreamed debut, proved to the fans that he has good manners. However, despite the insistence, this time he didn’t net any goal. The Argentine overflowed and released several dangerous crosses. Again, he was booked. It’s the fourth time in three games (two in the first matchday and one in Sabadell). The performance of the referee Piñeiro Crespo was much discussed. Especially in the first half as the supporters at the Riazor claimed a penalty that wasn’t whistled to Culio and that was committed by Truyols. F. B. F.

La Opinión A Coruña: No excuses. At this rate Depor will not have other choice than to change the way they play, at least at the Riazor, if you want to unblock games like yesterday’s one. The team creates fluently up to three quarters of the field, but there’s a cloud of ideas when the rival are more or less well planted. To make things worse there are no wings, an extreme problem when you have to widen the field in order to find the back to an opponent locked as Murcia. And if the side defenders don’t join the attacks, or do it so little, then the jam is monumental. A big problem for Deportivo, apparently much more comfortable when the opponent dares to treat it as equals. UD Las Palmas tried it and you see the result. Also Sabadell and got three goals.

Unlike the previous matchdays, yesterday the Galician team went from more to less. After a remarkable first half in which it didn’t deserve to go into the break down on the scoresheet, eventually ended crashing before the organized defense of the rival. From the superiority of the first half, crushing in some phases, it went to a worrying incapacity left by the feeling of helplessness transmitted in the final stretch of the game. It’s true, the squad is very short and is missing players, especially to round out the attack, but there’s a team. Needless to say to overthrow Murcia. There are no excuses, Fernando Vazquez said. Nothing. Not even the penalty on Culio that was swallowed by Piñeiro Crespo. There’s a team. What the club is missing is a squad with depth. Excesses, not even one. So, the team will have to go to Córdoba to say good-bye to the Copa with dignity. Without looking further. It is what it is. Depor’s war is another. Their next battle is in Gijon, good place to play on the counterattack. Eugenio Cobas:

Marca: Murcia only needed a goal in strategy to defeat Depor. Real Murcia have taken the three points from the match visiting Deportivo at the Riazor. A strategic goal scored by Dorca at minute 23 was enough for the Murcian squad to claim the victory in the first game on Sunday.

Deportivo tried throughout the game, but it wasn’t enough with only pushing in order to get the equalizer. At that moment the goal was rather unfortunate as they couldn’t seize the opportunities. Julio Velazquez’s men made a very complete game in defense and barely suffered. Casto saved his team with two big saves.

It happened the same to the Galician side as it happened before against Córdoba, and they couldn’t recover after leaking another goal in strategy. Los Blanquiazules have played two games at home and in none of them have managed to add points. Although it’s also true that there was more than a possible penalty over Culio and that was swallowed by the referee during the first half. At the end of the first part Casto made another great save before an action of Bergantiños.

If Culio shone in first half by his incessant attacks on the left, in the second it was the turn of Juan Dominguez. The canterano led the team, but without fortune in front of the goal. It was a monologue in the second half for the Galician team though they didn’t score before the Murcian goal. The visiting team used its weapons and withstood the result holding on at the back throughout the game. The great work of the players made possible to add the three points. It’s their second win facing a former club from Primera. Luis Rodríguez Barbé

La Verdad (Murcia): Real Murcia shine at the Riazor. The Murcians added their second win of the season after imposing themselves at the Riazor in a match without football, but that left the impression that the scarlet team has warrior players on this season, hungry and without shame at the moment of leaving the soul on the pitch to defend the shirt of Real Murcia. After the first few minutes in which they showed intensity they were pushed by a Deportivo La Coruña that frontally collided with Casto, The best player of Real Murcia, until Tete created a foul in the side of the Deportivo’s area. The action was executed masterfully by Saul, looking at Albert Dorca in front, which he turned into a powerful shot that was placed near the left post of German Lux.

After the goal, Deportivo La Coruña have tightened the things and sought for the draw. Especially with Culio and Borja Bastón, the two players that have created more danger to the grana defense, and they counted with Casto and Mauro Dos Santos as their two main actors. In fact, a shot of Bastón at the edge of the break has brought the best save of the game after the great move of Casto. In the second half the Galician team has been a whirlwind, but only had one great chance after a header by Insua. Then, with the passage of minutes, Julio Velázquez sent his team up and drowned out a Deportivo that failed to reach the area with excessive danger. In the end, Real Murcia have suffered from fatigue, but has grabbed the three points that allow them to sleep in a quiet area of the standings, closer to salvation. José Otón



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