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11 Sep 2013
The less habitual players take the stage at both Córdoba CF and Deportivo ahead of Copa Del Rey; at Depor coach Fernando Vázquez will allow the debut of Deák and Teles, while 16-year-old Quique Fornos is part of the team.

This is the second time in which Deportivo are going to meet Córdoba CF playing for Copa Del Rey. The previous opportunity took place during the last-16 round of the season 2010/11 and the Galicians achieved the pass with a 4-2 aggregate score, but it wasn’t easy, actually Depor were close to be eliminated in that series. After a 1-1 draw in the first-leg the second match was played at the Riazor.

Córdoba scored at minute 86 and Depor were close to de dispatched by a Segunda club, but a last-minute penalty took the game to extra-time. Adrián scored a hat-trick and the Blanquiazul outfit advanced to the next stage. Curiously three of the four Depor’s goals in this series were netted from the penalty spot.

But this is a one-leg series; it’s the 20th opportunity in which Depor play a series in Copa Del Rey that’s defined in one single match (without including the two finals played by the club). In 14 of the previous 19 series the Galicians passed the round. The last time Deportivo were eliminated in a one-leg series that was disputed away from home was during the season 2004/05: 0-1 at Elche CF (Nov 10, 2004).

New dilemma for coach Fernando Vázquez; he wants to reserve players for the league competition, but it’s hard to do it when there are only 17 players at the first team. In the past years Lendoiro’s teams were characterized for been squads full of players, normally around 24 or 25 men were playing for the first team, which made possible to make rotations, but this is changing due to the administration process of Deportivo. And the solution of the coach has been simple: to pick players from the B squad.

For this game centre-back Pablo Insua, left-back Luisinho, playmaker Juan Culio plus attackers Rudy and Javier Arizmendi have been rested. Carlos Marchena is also out as he’s missing match fitness. The players staying at the injury room are centre-back Kaká and winger Álvaro Lemos.

So, the coach picked seven players from Deportivo B in order to fill the gaps, including centre-backs Stefan Deák and Enrique Fornos, plus winger/playmaker Jesús Cañizares ‘Cañi’ and centre midfielder Paulo Teles, quartet that can make their official debut with the first team.

It calls the attention the case of Enrique Fornos, because he’s only 16 and should be performing for Juvenil A, though coach José Luis Devesa already used him at Depor B during the Tercera season. He already played with the first team during the friendly game visiting FC Arouca, this after the strike of the first team’s players at the end of July.

It’s a puzzle for Fernando Vázquez, because he wants to rest players, but must be aware that it’s only allowed to have four players with a B license over the field at any time of the game. It’s expected a 4-3-2-1 formation with only Álex Bergantiños staying along the starters that faced Real Murcia on the past weekend.

Fabricio Augusto is the goalkeeper, Diego Seoane will perform on the left or right side of the defense, while Manuel Pablo is the other full-back. The central positions at defense are for Uxío and Serbian Deák, the latter is making his debut with the first team.

Polish Cezary Wilk, Álex Bergantiños and Paulo Teles are the centre midfielders, the Portuguese is the second player making an official debut, then Bicho and Juan Carlos are the playmakers, finally Luis Fernández is the central attacker.

Diego Seoane talked before the game, who last season played loaned at Córdoba CF, he commented about this opportunity, ”I guess that in Copa there will be more chances for the less habitual players. Any game, anything different to a training session, is very good for a player that isn’t entering into the plans, because it helps to prove your worth. If we win and pass the round then it’s better for the squad, for the players with lesser minutes. I don’t think there will be a problem.”

List of picked players (18):Lux, Fabricio (goalkeepers); Laure, Manuel Pablo, Seoane, Uxío, Stefan Deák, Quique Fornos (defenders); Teles, Cañi, Wilk, Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez, Juan Carlos, Bicho (midfielders); Dani Iglesias, Luis & Borja Bastón (strikers)

Coach Pablo Villa has used the same starting lineup in the first four matchdays of the Segunda season, but for Copa Del Rey he’s ready to make rotations for two reasons: to rest some players and for the injuries. Defender Armando remains on the sidelines and left-back Raul Bravo had to be replaced in the last game before SD Eibar.

Since Armando is injured, only centre-back Fran Cruz is expected to repeat compared to the team that clinched the victory at the Riazor. The rest of players have been substitutes in this beginning of season and in some cases this is their debut, more precisely two men are having  their first minutes on the season: centre midfielder Pelayo Novo and goalkeeper Juan Carlos Martín.

Besides, 20-year old right-back Eduard Campabadal is making his debut with the first team. There are other two B team players that will be a starter in the game: centre-back Bernardo Cruz and centre midfielder Rafael Gálvez.

It’s expected a 4-2-3-1 lineup, with Juan Carlos covering the goal, Campabadal performs at the right-back position, Bernardo Cruz joins his brother Fran Cruz at the centre of the defense, while Samuel de Los Reyes is the left-back.

Pelayo and Gálvez are the centre midfielders; Argentine Germán Pacheco attacks from the right wing, Mexican Ulises Dávila, who was signed loaned from Chelsea FC, is the playmaker in the formation, José Luis Gómez ‘Joselu’ attacks from the left flank and Argentine Eial Strahman is the central attacker.

List of picked players (18): Juan Carlos, Mikel Saizar (goalkeepers); Fran Cruz, Bernardo Cruz, Samu de Los Reyes, Campabadal, Jansen (defenders); Joselu, Pelayo, Abel Gómez, Caballero, Luso, Gálvez, Pacheco, López Silva, Pedro Sánchez (midfielders); Ulises Dávila & Strahman (attackers).

Córdoba: (4-2-3-1) Juan Carlos – Campabadal, Fran Cruz, Bernardo Cruz, Samu – Gálvez, Pelayo – Pacheco, Ulises, Joselu - Strahman
Deportivo: (4-3-2-1) Fabricio – Seoane, Uxío, Deák, Manuel Pablo – Wilk, Álex Bergantiños, Teles -  Juan Carlos, Bicho – Luis.
Referee: José Luis Lesma López
Kick-off: 21h30 CET (El Nuevo Arcángel
Head-to-head Vs. Córdoba: 14 wins for Depor, 8 draws, 7 wins for Córdoba (Primera, Segunda & Copa)
Record in Córdoba:: 2 wins for Depor, 6 draws, 6 wins for Córdoba (Primera, Segunda & Copa)



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