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11 Sep 2013
Depor’s president addressed the media on Tuesday; he said that the latest resolution of the judge is positive for the club and also continued defending the right in order to make signings despite the negative of la liga and the administrators.

President Augusto César Lendoiro addressed the media on Tuesday, just after coach Fernando Vázquez talked to reporters before the game in Copa Del Rey. The press conference took place in order to explain the position of the club after judge Rafael García Pérez released an order that was partially favoring Deportivo regarding the debt with the Tax Agency [AEAT]. Two were the main points of the press conference; the first was to explain the judge’s order.

“The latest order is very positive for Deportivo and we are now waiting for a new report from the administrators in order to know the real debt of the club. The fourteen million that were frozen will now belong to Deportivo or will be used to reduce the debt. The privileged debt will now be reduced, sort or less in the total amount of the debt had with the Treasury. So, right now any plan to pay the debt should start at 142 million, not at 156 million, and this makes easier the agreement. The financial position of Deportivo is better than before, situation when some privileged debts were assessed in a different way.”
“We can now negotiate the agreement with the creditors with a bigger forgiven debt, so the key is to have a longer deadline compared to the plan proposed at the beginning. 53 million of the 93 million owed to the Treasury were privileged debt and this will be the theoretical debt with the Treasury, and as you know the club doesn’t agree on that, and even the judge has said he cannot order anything about it. So, we must take the cases to other courts.” He added

Later he blamed the main creditors of the club [the banks] and the Bankruptcy Administration [BA] for trying to sign a deal on July 31 that was negative for the club, “Two comments. Any possible agreement signed before was useless before this order, because it was going to be negotiated taking in mind amounts that didn’t correspond to the reality. Now we can try to reach agreement with the Tax Agency. The main one interested in reaching an agreement with the creditors is the club itself. Secondly, on July 31 they tried to move us and sign an agreement forcing us to resign to the appeals presented against the Treasury, including the ones that were won yesterday. Now all the parties involved have to give something and will partially lose.”

The second main point of the press conference was to defend Depor’s right to make signings, "I think we’ve the right to make signings. They cannot say that for 200,000 or 300,000 Euros the viability of the club is threatened. This is nonsense. The administrators and La Liga have gone hand in hand not to move from that position, but have problems to explain why. Besides, right now we have no changes to make during the games. The youngsters are great, but they should get the opportunity at the right moment. A player that we already had signed it now begins to get complicated, and if you miss the okay then 'suddenly the bird can fly away.”

“What’s the point is breaking the salary cap in two million if later we can cut the expenses at other part of the club? I don’t know why the difficulties if each year we are having a benefit between six and ten million Euros. Please cut the expenses at other zones of the club, but don’t leave me without the artist. The club is a squad and is the future of the business. I will have to go to Madrid in order to tell to La Liga that the incomes of Deportivo have been better to what was predicted.“ He finalized.



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