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12 Sep 2013
The weirdest series in years; Depor played badly in the first part, it reacted in the second and to pass to the third round after a long penalty shootout that ended on Thursday. Depor’s youngsters made a wonderful presentation.

Coach Fernando Vázquez surprised as both Stefan Deák and Quique Fornos were on the bench, so the one joining Uxío Marcos at the centre of the defense was Álex Bergantiños, who played on that position in the past when he was performing at Juvenil A. The other novelties were the debuts of playmaker Jesús Cañizares ‘Cañi’ and centre midfielder Paulo Teles.

The figure was a 4-2-3-1 and it was full of youth as nine of the eleven starters passed by Fabril in recent years, Fabricio Agosto was debuting on the season and covered the goal, Diego Seoane covered the right-back position, Manuel Pablo performed at the left side of the defense, while Uxío and Álex were the centre midfielders.

Teles and Cezary Wilk were the two centre midfielders, Cañi attacked from the right wing, Bicho performed towards the left flank, Juan Carlos Real was the playmaker and Luis Fernandez was the central attacker.

At Córdoba CF, coach Pablo Villa only presented the novelty of Carlos Caballero, who was playing at midfield claiming the spot of Pelayo Novo. Eial Strahman was the main reference in attack. The pitch at the El Nuevo Arcángel was in pretty bad conditions, something that affected the game practiced by both sides.

Flat first part of Deportivo; the Galicians were inexistent in attack, but at least were solid in defense. In any case they leaked a goal in a distraction after a counterattack. The attackers were too individualistic and missed aim and ideas to create scoring opportunities. Uxío was replaced due to an injury.

Depor’s first attempt was a wide shot of Juan Carlos (7’). The Galicians were well placed on the pitch and were having long ball possessions, which allowed Bicho and Teles to show their skills. The defense was also well placed despite Álex Bergantiños was playing as an improvised centre-back

With the passage of time Depor advanced the defensive line, reason why the locals were caught in offside in a couple of opportunities. But Depor missed depth in attack, Cañi and Bicho were pretty active, but were having a hard time in order to create a scoring opportunities.

At minute 15, Córdoba seized the advanced defensive line of Depor in order to locate Pacheco on the left wing, his cross was going into the path of Strahman, but Wilk was there to head the ball out first.

The second chance for the Galicians was also on the boots of Juan Carlos, he was assisted by Bicho and again the playmaker attempted from the edge of the area, and again the ball missed the target (19’).

And Depor leaked the first goal in the game in the first clear attempt for the Andalusians. Fabricio caught the ball after a lateral free-kick, he unleashed the counterattack, but Depor lost the ball at midfield, Carlos Caballero got it and seized a collision of Uxío with a rival to score the goal with a powerful shot from the edge of the area.

Uxío got injured in that play as he suffered a strong hit in the face. It was later confirmed that the centre-back suffered a nose fracture and will need a surgery; he was replaced by Stefan Deák, in this way the Serbian made his debut with the first team. Before the modification, Strahman had an attempt to score with a strong shot from the edge of the area that missed the target (25’). Four minutes later, Ulises was close to score with a crossed shot after a corner-kick, but the ball went wide. These were the toughest moments for Depor in the game.

In the rest of the first half, Deportivo pushed with quick moves of Cañi, Juan Carlos and Bicho, but they were too individualistic and never had the chance to test local goalkeeper Juan Carlos Martín. Córdoba spent the time locked at their side of the pitch and relying in the counterattack, they looked more dangerous compared to Depor, but neither gave more problems to Fabricio in the final stretch of the half

Great reaction of Depor in the second part. The team was more aggressive and just 15 minutes after the kick-off it was already winning the game, even after Juan Carlos missed a penalty. A surprising change taking in mind the team ended the first part without any shot on target.

The second half couldn’t start in a best way for Deportivo, because just thirty seconds after the kick-off Fran Cruz fouled Luis at the edge of the area and referee José Luis Lesma López whistled the penalty.  And Juan Carlos was going to miss the penalty in the worst possible way.

His initial attempt was too shy and the other Juan Carlos on the pitch, Juan Carlos Martín; blocked the drilling attempt, then the loose ball went back into the path of Depor’s playmaker and he hit the crossbar from the box. But just two minutes later the Galicians were going to tie the actions. Teles threw a corner-kick and Diego Seoane headed the ball into the net.

It was a drastic change; Deportivo were unable to complete a shot a target in the first part and now, in just five minutes, they already had scored a goal and provoked a penalty. And there was more as Deportivo was going to turn back the scoresheet with a counterattack.

Juan Carlos lead the play and assisted Paulo Teles, who later assisted Luis Fernandez and the striker scored his first official goal with the first team. Now Córdoba were forced to attack in order to equalize the game and Depor started to play on counterattacks.

For this reason Fernando Vázquez ordered the entry of Dani Iglesias replacing Cañi, this in order to add speed to the attack, but it was Córdoba the side that surprised and again in a set-piece. It was a thrown in, the ball was sent from the right corner, it bounced twice on the ground and nobody cleared the danger until substitute Abel Gómez got the ball at the far post and ended crossing Fabricio with an accurate header.

Córdoba was the side that pushed strongly within the final fifteen minutes, but it seemed that both sides were already too tired. After all the only scoring opportunity in the coming minutes was a deflected shot of Caballero that went to corner-kick (79’)

But this frantic game had a turn as the last five minutes were really exciting, firstly 16-year-old Quique Fornos debuted replacing Bicho, with the move Álex Bergantiños moved his position to midfield and Fornos joined Deák at the centre of the defense.

And both sides had the chance to win the game within the last minutes, first Deák headed wide a corner-kick of Teles after an error of local goalie Juan Carlos (90+1’), in the next play the one that failed was Fabricio and Strahman should have scored from close range, but Manuel Pablo bravely made the save.

There were no goals in the extra-time; Córdoba had the initiative and the best scoring chances, but Depor played good football and the squad, majorly composed by youngsters, left a positive impression. Depor even ended with nine men on the pitch after Deák was sent off and as Teles was dragging a muscle problem.

The extra time begun strongly, first Strahman missed a new opportunity as he headed out a cross coming from the left (91’), two minutes later Luis had a chance in a direct free-kick and he ended sending the ball into the arms of the keeper.

Then the game became slower, with Depor trying to have the ball possession and presenting the same lack of depth of the first half. The next chance was for Caballero with a strong shot from outside the area, similar to the first goal in the game, but this time he missed the target (97’).

For the second half Deák sustained a muscle problem and when he was on the sidelines Ulises  Dávila released a drilling and crossed shot that just passed close to the far post of Fabricio (116’).

Then the Serbian was sent off with two yellow cards, in both opportunities for handling the ball, curiously the second took place when Depor were attacking and it was doubtful as it seemed instead the ball hit his shoulder. Depor ended the game with nine men as Teles was dragging a muscle problem, but the point is that they looked better within the final minutes, though they were unable to create any opportunity to win the game.

If the excitement of the game wasn’t enough, it turned to be the second longest penalty shootout in the history of Deportivo (28 penalties were thrown). Only three penalties were missed. In the normal round Córdoba’s Abel hit the post in the second attempt of the locals, while Dani Iglesias missed the fifth attempt of the visiting team (stopped by the keeper).

Later it was possible to see of everything in the sudden death, from Manuel Pablo scoring a penalty in a Panenka style to see the maturity of 16-year-old Enrique Lemos scoring his attempt. Juan Carlos, Luis and Wilk even had to throw a second penalty. And it ended with Mexican Ulises Dávila sending the ball over the bar . The scoresheet was 12-13 in favour of the Galicians.

Many notes from the game: Bicho didn’t shine like in past opportunities, but Teles impressed with his two assists, while Juan Carlos redeemed himself scoring two penalties in the shootout after missing one in the regular time. Then 16-year-old Quique Fornos looked like a veteran. Even Manuel Pablo had positive things after saving a last-minute goal and scoring a penalty in a Panenka style. The negative thing was the nose fracture of Uxío.

After this long and exhausting series Depor advance to the third round, which will be played in October (also a one-series leg against a rival to be determined). For now the team will travel to Asturias on Sunday in order to face Sporting Gijón in la luga (17h00 CET).

Córdoba: (4-2-3-1) Juan Carlos – Campabadal (López Silva 53’), Fran Cruz, Bernardo Cruz, Samu – Gálvez (Abel 72’), Caballero – Pacheco, Ulises, Joselu (Pedro 53’) - Strahman
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Fabricio – Seoane, Uxío (Deák 27’), Álex Bergantiños, Manuel Pablo – Wilk, Teles – Cañi (Dani Iglesias 64’), Juan Carlos, Bicho (Fornos 87’) – Luis.
Goals: 1-0: (23’) Caballero, 1-1: (48’) Seoane, 1-2: (59’) Luis, 2-2: (73’) Abel
Penalty shootout: 0-1: Seoane scored; 0-1: Abel hit the post; 0-2: Juan Carlos scored; 1-2: Caballero scored; 1-3: Wilk scored; 2-3: López Silva scored; 2-4: Luis scored; 3-4: Strahman scored; 3-4: Dani Iglesias missed the penalty stopped by the keeper; 4-4: Ulises scored; 4-5: Álex scored; 5-5: Pedro scored.
Sudden death: 5-6: Manuel Pablo scored; 6-6: Samu scored; 6-7: Quique Fornos scored; 7-7: Fran Cruz scored; 7-8: Teles scored; 8-8: Bernardo Cruz scored; 8-9: Fabrico scored; 9-9: Juan Carlos scored; 9-10: Seoane scored; 10-10: López Silva scored; 10-11: Juan Carlos scored; 11-11; Caballero scored; 11-12: Wilk scored; 12-12: Strahman scored; 12-13: Luis scored; 12-13: Ulises sent the ball over the crossbar.
Referee: José Luis Lesma López. He showed yellow card to Seoane (67’), López Silva (82’), Wilk (88’) and Samu (102’). Deák was sent off with two yellow cards (55’ & 112’)
Venue: El Nuevo Arcángel (9,783)



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