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13 Sep 2013
Deportivo’s coach was content with the performance and attitude of his players, but he believes that the Copa tournament hasn’t been made for his Depor; meanwhile Córdoba’s trainer thinks the result was unfair.

Coach Fernando Vázquez wasn’t so excited after the game, which ended until Thursday’s morning, “Truly is that it was the typical game in Copa, which included an injured player. Uxío broke his nose and we had more penalties than ever before. I don’t remember so many. The series could be for anyone and in the end the lottery was for us.”

“Córdoba had a strong start, but there were many phases during the game. In the second half we had at least twenty solid minutes. The keepers didn’t make too many saves, maybe mine had more. I’m content, because I brought a lot of young people. It was a good training, a solid game and let’s go home. I made a second team and the youngsters gained pace.” He added.

Finally, the Galician was saying once again that this isn’t the right competition for Depor, “The Copa hasn’t been made for us. We cannot waste energies, because there’s no depth on the bench, though I must admit it’s pretty to play in this competition.”

The game ended so late that only the coaches addressed the media after the penalty shootout; the only player that talked to reporters was Diego Seoane, but he did it at Abegondo after the team landed from the trip, “We clinched the pass and it was thanks to the players. I needed a game like this after all that happened. We won and everything was great.”

“This is my job and I believe I did it greatly, now the coach will decide. In the second part we did a solid job and I believe that several players matched the expectations. Everyone were great, even Fornos; he was quiet despite only being 16, he was calmed despite this was a Copa match. It isn’t my job to score the goals, but it was fine.” The full back added.

But there were more comments from the kids of Deportivo and they briefly talked of their experience through Twitter. Starting with Enrique Fornos, who debuted at Depor at the age of 16 being the younger player at Depor since 1979, “Thanks to everyone that made possible to see this day arriving and for helping me to fulfill my dream with only 16 years. It was the biggest experience of my life. You are great. Forza Depor.” He wrote.

Juan Carlos Real left his message as the team was traveling to A Coruña, “We are going back to A Coruña and thanks a lot to everyone. We’re very happy for achieving the pass to the next round. Let’s keep on working!”

Striker Dani Iglesias, who missed one of the penalties in the penalty shootout, wrote a message when the team landed in A Coruña, “We are back in A Coruña, I’m very happy for reaching the next round in Copa Del Rey after yesterday’s meeting in Córdoba.”

Finally, Portuguese Paulo Teles was one of four players that made his official debut with the first team and did it with two assists; he commented that, “Many thanks to everyone. I will keep working and struggling having a big love for this club, Deportivo La Coruña.”

At Córdoba CF, coach Pablo Villa was unhappy as he thinks his team was the best one on the pitch, “It’s painful to lose like this, especially for the people that came in order to support us, but I am content making a global analysis. During 105 minutes we were the superior side.”

“Truly we had fifteen or twenty minutes that were horrible at the beginning of the second half. Those minutes were ugly and condemned us, so football has been unfair, but these kinds of defeats can just make you stronger. From the disappointment and sorrow I’m proud of my players. Depor, just like Eibar or Alavés, just came  here to see what we were doing. Despite their goals and the penalty they didn’t have any other chance. Juan Carlos didn’t have to make any notorious save.”



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