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16 Sep 2013
Second straight liga defeat for Depor; the Galicians played a solid match, but lacked definition, mainly Borja Bastón. But the eyes were upon referee Iñaki Garrido, who killed the game whistling an inexistent penalty in favour of the Asturians.

Coach Fernando Vázquez presented the expected lineup, with Álex Bergantiños as one of the centre-backs due to the casualties hitting the squad. It was a 4-2-3-1 figure, with German Lux defending the goal, Laure performed at the right side of the defense, Luisinho performed at the left, while Pablo Insua joined Álex at the central positions.

Cezary Wilk and Juan Dominguez were the central midfielders, Rudy was playing at the right side of the attack, Javier Arizmendi did it on the left, Juan Culio was the playmaker and Borja Bastón was the central attacker.

At Sporting Gijón, coach Ramón Sandoval was playing with a 4-3-3 figure that had Serbian Stefan Šćepović as the main reference up front. Around 3,000 Depor’s fans traveled to Gijón for the match. There were reports of some incidents before the kick-off, but nothing serious.

Equal first part at El Molinón; Deportivo had some problems before the moves of Ismael López and Stefan Šćepović, but in the major part of the game they looked solid and controlling the actions before a rival that felt uncomfortable when they were pressed at midfield. In attack, Culio and Rudy were pretty active and Borja Bastón had three chances to score.

The first shot on target in the game came at minute 2, Culio assisted Borja Bastón on the left and the Madrilenian fired from outside the area and local goalie Iván Cuéllar was well placed to block the attempt.  Depor were looking good within the first minutes, having plenty of ball possession and having more depth in attack.

With the passage of the minutes the Asturians regained the ball possession, but they faced big problems to overcome a well-placed rival. Depor’s defensive line, despite the casualties, looked good and confident. It’s also true the Galicians were missing aim, Rudy had problems with the mark at the right wing, while Arizmendi was lost performing towards the centre.

But despite the problems Deportivo was the side having the best opportunities. The next scoring chance was also for Borja Bastón, he collected a cross of Laure after a great play of Arizmendi, but the Madrilenian attacker didn’t connect the ball properly and he missed the target (17’). Just two minutes later Borja was close to score again, this time he headed the ball at the box and Cuéllar made the save.

The first opportunity for Sporting came until minute 21, Stefan Šćepović collected a high cross coming from the right and his header just passed close to the far post of Lux. Four minutes later Isma López collected a long cross at the left corner of the box, but his header went out.

It was an equal first half, Depor were looking well planted, but it’s also true that Sporting were giving problems in the few times they were able to surpass the defensive wall of the Galicians. At minute 31, in one of those few plays, Isma López managed to combine inside the box, but his final cross looking for Šćepović was too soft and Álex cleared the danger first. Four minutes later Hugo Fraile had an attempt to score in a direct free-kick, but Lux was well-placed and cleared the danger.

The first half ended with a polemic decision of referee Iñaki Garrido -his first in the game- because he only gave twenty seconds of stoppage time and did it when Depor were going to throw a dangerous lateral free-kick after Mandi fouled Arizmendi at the right. Another problem is that several players of Sporting committed fouls without been booked, that was the case of Mandi, who committed eight fouls and only saw one yellow card.

Depor and Sporting exchanged blows until referee Iñaki  Garrido affected the game with his decisions, he disallowed a goal for the locals and later compensated allowing an inexistent penalty of Luisinho. Depor also showed the same lack of reaction after been left down in the scoresheet.

Sporting had a strong start in the second part; firstly Šćepović scored a goal after a counterattack, but it was disallowed due to a doubtful offside (46’), in the next play Isma López was close to score collecting a long throw after a new counterattack for the locals, but Laure arrived first and cleared the ball from the right corner of the box.

Depor responded and Borja Bastón was again close to score through a header; this time collecting a long cross from the left coming from Luisinho, he seized an error of goalkeeper Cuéllar, who miscalculated the trajectory of the ball, but his crossed attempt went wide (50’).

At minute 54, Álex Barrera had an attempt as he released a strong shot from the edge of the area and he missed the target just by inches. Depor responded again, this time with a double opportunity of Borja Bastón, the Madrilenian was incisive and showed his talent, but at the same time was very erratic throughout this game.

Depor and Sporting were exchanging blows and the game was attractive, but then it came the big error of referee Iñaki Garrido, Isma López made a great play on the left inside of Depor’s defense and was ready to enter into the area, but he fell down after feeling the pressure of Luisinho. The referee booked the Portuguese left-back and also Insua for protesting. Then Šćepović scored for the fifth straight opportunity from the penalty spot.

The goal was the first one leaked by Depor playing away from home. Los Blanquiazules spent 409 minutes without allowing goals playing in this condition and at Segunda. So, the club's record remained in 435. The goal also brought uncertainty to Depor, even to Fernando Vázquez, who strangely reacted replacing Rudy with Manuel Pablo.

After the goal Depor lost the order and was constantly surprised by the quick attacks of Sporting, so much that only eight minutes later the Asturians netted the second goal in a counterattack in which substitute Carmona drilled the ball into the box, Insua failed in the mark and Álex Barrera scored with a strong shot from close range.

Depor were dead and only reacted with a scissor-kick attempt of Borja Bastón that missed the target (76’); substitute Carmona was even close to score the third with a strong shot from inside the area that was saved by Lux (77’). Later Fernando Vázquez made two offensive modifications as Luis and Juan Carlos replaced Wilk and Luisinho.

The Galicians ended playing with a 4-4-2 formation and missed a great chance to reduce the distance after Luis missed the target with a crossed shot from the left corner of the area (89’). Depor had a last chance as Juan Carlos stole the ball inside the area and was later fouled by Mandi, but the referee didn’t want to whistle the clear penalty (90’).

It should also was the second yellow card for the Asturian defender, who constantly committed infractions without any punishment. Depor were so confused and hurried within the final minutes that Culio was close to score an own goal after making a delayed pass to Lux, but Laure cleared the danger.

Deportivo paid a high price for not seizing the opportunities of Borja Bastón, the Galicians looked solid until lacking the first goal, later the team showed the same impotence to react against adversity. But it cannot be denied that referee Iñaki Vikandi Garrido killed the game with his controversial decisions, mainly an inexistent penalty that meant the lead for the Asturians. It  left a feeling of déjà vu as Depor was robbed again in Gijón, just as it happened within the last two visits there.

The Galicians have lost two straight games at Segunda, something that’s happening for the first time since April, 1991 (0-3 at Xérez & 2-3 Vs. Eibar). The result is leaving Depor at the 14th spot at the standings, closer to relegation than to the promotion zone, and on next Sunday the Galicians host another candidate to promotion: AD Alcorcón (18h30 CET).

Sporting: (4-3-3) Cuéllar - Luis Hernández, Bernardo, Mandi, Lora – Cristian Bustos (Casquero 65’), López Garai, Álex Barrera - Ismael López, Šćepović (Lekić 83’), Hugo Fraile (Carmona 63’). 
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Álex Bergantiños, Insua, Luisinho (Juan Carlos 78’) – Wilk (Luis 75’), Juan Domínguez – Rudy (Manuel Pablo 63’), Culio, Arizmendi – Borja Bastón.
Goals: 1-0: (62’) Šćepović (penalty), 2-0: (69’) Álex Barrera 
Referee: Iñaki Vikandi Garrido. He showed yellow card to Bustos (22’), Rudy (32’), Mandi (40’), Luisinho (61’), Insua (61’), Juan Dominguez (71’) and Lora (87’)
Venue: El Molinón (20,000)




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