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17 Sep 2013
Depor’s coach and the players were upset with the decisions of the referee that paved the way to the second straight loss, but also admitted that Deportivo didn’t have the proper reaction to overcome the negative situation.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was criticizing the job of referee Iñaki  Garrido, but also remembered that his team failed to react, “It’s hard, that’s the reality, you can watch on TV that it wasn’t foul and that also was outside the area. Since that moment in the game Sporting was the best side and it was hard for us to get a proper reaction.”

“The play of the penalty was the key to the game, until that point we almost had a perfect control over the game. The referee could have made a different decision, similar to the one he made in the play of Juan Carlos. The true is that we are returning to A Coruña feeling screwed.” He added.

The Galician coach continued analyzing the match, “Each time we attacked during the first half the team left a certain impression of been dangerous inside the rival’s area. After the 1-0 we lost our place on the pitch, Sporting enjoyed of some brilliant moments and their pressure asphyxiated us. We lost three games in set-pieces. If you lose games now then there are lesser chances to win the next games, because it affects the confidence.”

Finally Fernando Vázquez was asking for patience as he remembered the problems lived during the pre-season, “We never had the ability to react; that’s the truth. It’s hard for us to react after leaking a goal. I put everything I had on the bench, but we never reacted before the final ten minutes. We started too late to work with the team, the major part of the players landed in September, so until the first 10 or 12 games it will be impossible to judge the potential of the team.”

Among the players there were two kinds of comments, the ones blaming the referee and self-criticism against Depor. Álex Bergantiños was disappointed with the reaction of the team after the goals, “We weren’t fine; they were the superior side and now we need to work hard in order to match the expectations during the home matches.”

Portuguese Rudy commented that, “It's difficult and it wasn't penalty, but it's over, though it's also true we were trying to attack and the goal unbalanced the team. We must now raise the head ahead of the next game. The penalty prevented us of winning the game. I’m convinced we are going to improve at home.”

Centre midfielder Juan Dominguez was following the same path, “The decision of the referee affected us, but we must look at our own errors and try to fix them. The true is that we are missing more things in attack than at defense.”

Right-back Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ was the captain of the team, he was feeling impotent for the new defeat, “The referees are affecting us a lot. But it’s also true that the rival is only creating a few opportunities and is scoring, so we need to improve. We were waiting at the back too much time and Sporting took advantage of it.”

“The play of the penalty was the key, because we were fine until that point and after it the game was wide open. I’m pissed off, because we were fine until the penalty. Against Murcia they didn’t whistle a penalty for us, and against Córdoba they allowed a goal in which there was a foul against us. In any case we cannot blame anyone but ourselves.” The Madrilenian defender added.

Juan Culio was hoping to regain the path of the victory at the Riazor, “The referee changed the game, but it’s also true that later we failed. We hope to win at home and hope to add the next three points. The team is new and will be playing better matchday after matchday.”

“It’s true that we missed more game, but well… we must keep on going and should begin to prepare the next game at home. It would be good to add the three points. I’m a hot player on the field; I always try to give my best and won’t be playing light.” The Argentine man added.

At Sporting, coach Ramón Sandoval commented that, “We have made a brilliant second half. We had the ball possession and there were many aids; we entered by both sides and then the determinant plays of the goals arrived. However, I didn’t like the last ten minutes. I didn’t like to see the team feeling overconfident and allowing actions that can be avoided.”

He didn’t want to talk too much about the penalty that meant the first goal, “I was too far to watch it. Isma told me that it was penalty, he was fouled. We must congratulate the players for facing a great team that will be at the top positions. The important thing is that we needed to graze perfection.”



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