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24 Sep 2013
First home win of the season, but everybody, from Fernando Vázquez to president Lendoiro, admitted that Depor didn’t play well, though they were able to clinch the three points. In any case there was a sense of relief inside the changing room.

Despite the victory, coach Fernando Vázquez wasn’t content with what he witnessed, “This game was important for the team, for the players and the fans. Thanks to the fans, because they were great during the game. We are content for winning, but it’s also true that we won a game that we didn’t deserve to win. In the first place the team didn’t have arrival, you just need to see the second half to see us too tired compared to Alcorcón.”

“There were moments when it seemed that they were passing over us; we weren’t in proper conditions to dispute the game. We were bad, possibly the weekly work was too hard and we must recognize that the team didn’t arrive in proper conditions to the game. Since that point we didn’t have the capacity to attack. I consider that the 4-4-2 of the first half worked until some point, but well… we were feeling comfortable and it was a good draw to face Alcorcón. In any case I am content, because there’s too much tension and I understand that the tension didn’t allow the players to work as they normally do.” He added.

Depor’s attack seemed to be too flat, but the Galician trainer was content with the intention of the players, “I am content with their work. Things could be good or bad and the important thing is the intention, and I’m happy with their intentions, later the execution could not be good, but this can be discussed latter. We need to learn and we are learning. The lesson this time is that we need to improve, and we need to improve more. We need to be more complicate and have more attack.”

Finally, Vázquez admitted the team was feeling pressed to win at home and expects the victory could reduce the anxiety, “I believe this victory in front of the fans will bring tranquility and confidence, and we are missing this, because I consider that we aren’t so bad as it sometimes seems to be, at least tactically. This is a responsibility of the coach and I assume it. If I used this scheme now it was because of the players’ situation. It worked for fifteen or twenty minutes, but later we lost the control and I didn’t like this. I noticed a lack of control and this was the worst game of all the ones we have played until now. It could be a lack of development of the tactic.”

Juan Carlos Real also admitted that Depor suffered after scoring the goal, “The victory is important and it was great to get the three points at home. It’s true that we were at the mercy of Alcorcón and they dominated the game, but we achieved the victory and we must remain with the fact that we achieved the three points. I believe that until our goal we were fine, later things turned to be more complicated.”

“It’s true that the team suffers when it doesn’t have the ball. Now we face Hércules, a rival that’s hurt after allowing five goals before Ponferradina. We must remain with our situation and hope to get the three points on the road.” The Galician playmaker added.

Juan Dominguez shared the opinion of the coach as he admitted that Depor didn’t do the merits to deserve the victory, “Sometimes football is a caprice, because the game that we won it turned to be the one in which we played the worst. Perhaps we deserved more to win some of the past two games that we played on here; we don’t even drew those games.  We need to adapt to the new system and let’s hope we are going to improve. I know we are going to improve.”

The midfielder was feeling great for scoring the winning goal, “I feel great, especially for the three points. It is what we were searching for, the fans deserved this and if I can score a goal, the better. For me it was great to score the goal. It’s always helpful to score early in the game; it means a push and allows you to feel more comfortable. It avoids to feel the pressure for been coming from behind.”

Pablo Insua was among the best players in the game; he was feeling relieved as Depor clinched the first home win on the season, “The important thing is that we clinched the victory and let’s hope we can continue like this. We felt great when we scored, but on the pitch you feel focused and trying to keep the result.”

But he also admitted that Deportivo didn’t play a good game, “I believe the team was fine until some point on the match, probably they deserved more after we scored the goal, but well… we knew how to suffer. These are three more points and let’s move forward. They were the superior side and we knew how to suffer, but this is another way to win. Let’s move forward.”

Luis Fernández was saying that Deportivo didn’t play as bad as it was said, “The important thing was to win and earn confidence ahead of the coming games. The main target was the victory and it was like that. I don’t think we didn’t play too bad. Truly to play good means to increase the options to achieve the victory, now we must try to improve in order to play better. “

The striker is still missing to score in liga, though he already did it in Copa Del Rey. His hope is to find the way to the goals in the league tournament, “I am here in order to demonstrate things to the coach. I hope the coach can give me more chances. The confidence will lead me to the score more goals. “

Even president Augusto César Lendoiro admitted that Alcorcón deserved a better fate on this match, “Today we probably had the luck we missed in previous games. Alcorcón demonstrated that it is one of the great teams at Segunda División. I liked them. But we had the luck missed in games against Murcia and Sporting, encounters in which we didn’t deserve to lose. Probably the fairest result could have been the draw. They had some opportunities, but our team gave the best and must aspire to promotion.  In any case it was demonstrated the team is well worked. The first half witnessed our best moments and we demonstrated that this team must be taken seriously.”

Depor’s boss continued insisting that Depor needs to make signings, “The team is too short, and any injury, disease or casualty could be determinant. If they don’t allow us then we won’t make signings until January, and let’s see if they can allow us to sign players. I hope that on next week we can incorporate a new player.” Finally, he commented  the first promise in his campaign to continue as the president of the club, “The thing I can advance are that I’m going to offer a spot at the board of directors to the main creditors of the club. It’s the first thing I will do, so they will be able to control the finances of the club.”

At Alcorcón, coach Miguel Álvarez was aware that the first fifteen minutes killed his team, “It leaves you with a bittersweet taste in the mouth, because we did everything we could in order to win in a so difficult stadium and facing a so powerful rival. We were penalized by our first fifteen minutes. It’s impossible to do more in order to win a game, but sometimes football is ungrateful.”



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