17 Aug 2006
Juan Rodr?­guez is very happy with his arrival to Deportivo. The ex-M??laga player talked with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a and said that the squad must work with a day by day mentality. He also expressed his support about the situation lived by the discarded players in the squad.

Q: You left a relegated squad and now you are in a very interesting project.
A: Yes, my move to Depor has been an important step in my career, that's because Deportivo is a great club in Spain and very well known in Europe. I never doubted it since the first day.

Q: Don't you think that the same situation that you lived in M??laga can happen here?
A: No, it's important to go step by step and we can't be thinking of bad things. I am a experienced man now.

Q: The victory against Milan was a good thing.
A: We must continue in this way. We can't relax, the squad has to improve and continue in the same line. We are going in the right direction.

Q: How are you?
A: Very well, in good physical shape, enjoying of confidence with the ball and with my team mates. We will play this Friday in Negreira and we must continue with the same motivation.

Q: Are you happy playing as playmaker?
A: Yes, I have played there before and I'm really comfortable in that function. To have good partners is also a thing that makes my job easier.

Q: It seems that you like to score some goals.
A: Yes, I always liked to play in the rival's area, and now that I am an offensive midfielder, I have the chance to enjoy more opportunities to score. It doesn't matter the kind of player that you are, you must try to score goals, in this way the squad will not depend on one specific man.

Q: The injury of Valer??n seems to be a benefit for you.
A: No, it affect us because he is an essential person and a key player in this squad, there's no substitute for him. Unfortunately he has suffered a new injury, but he is still a positive person, he has a strong mentality and we will have him with us soon.

Q: I was talking about the chance of enjoying more minutes.
A: Before being injured, I was playing as pivote. There's a lot of competence and it won't be easy to be a starter, but I trust in my chances.

Q: You have the confidence of Joaqu?­n Caparr??s.
A: Yes, that's important but it isn't the only thing I need, because I have to show my skills on the pitch. My intention is to win a spot. That's the objective that everybody has.

Q: Coloccini said that the new players have seen unexpected things in the locker room. Do you agree with that?
A: Well, it's a thing that nobody likes, it's difficult to see some team mates training in a separate group (the discarded players). It's hard for them, but they have our support, we are here and we want to help the squad. It's true that we don't like to be working in this way, but it's what we have. We must help them and work.

Q: You are with them, but there's a conflict with the club.
A: Yes, but we can't do anything about it, everybody faces different cases. I don't know the personal cases of these players. We only know that the squad must work hard and knowing that we have team mates that can't train with us, we are with them.

Q: Were you expecting this when you arrived?
A: I knew that this was a huge change and I knew that we would face a case like this, with a lot of new and young players, but the most important thing is that we are together, that's a fundamental and positive thing for the team.

Q: Any objectives?
A: Step by step. Some people were saying that the squad was already thinking of Zaragoza, but we have to live day by day. We have to improve some things and play first with Negreira.

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