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28 Sep 2013
The club revealed on Thursday the budget project for the season 2013/14. The global amount is €23.13 million. As always the major part of the money is used to pay the players, but this time the main source of money are “extraordinary incomes”

Deportivo revealed on Thursday’s night the budget project that was presented to the Bankruptcy Administration (BA) and the judge on September 1. Normally the budget is presented in December during the annually shareholders meeting, but the administration process has forced the club to release it now as president Lendoiro is trying to convince the BA and the judge that’s affordable to make signings in order to complete the first squad.

First to all the amount of the budget for the season is €23.13 million. The main inquiry is that the report presents €7 million as extraordinary income, this means the 30% of the global amount. The report doesn’t clarify the source of this ‘extraordinary’ income.

The budget also reports €2.5 million for the transfer of players, which in big part should be the transfer of Bruno Gama. The rest of incomes are the normal ones at Deportivo. The club expects to collect €3.75 million (16% of the total income) as part of the TV contract at Segunda División, €3.9 million (16.86%) for the membership of the socios, plus €3 million (12.97%) for publicity.

Meanwhile, the club expects to collect €1.4 million (6.05%) for the ticket sells in the league matches. The income generated in the Copa Del Rey games is only estimated in €30,000 million (0.13%) plus €300,000 million (1.3%) for the Teresa Herrera and other friendly matches.

In the attempt to demonstrate that the incomes are above the expenses the club is only listing €16.63 million in the part of the expenses for the season. This means the club is expecting to use the 71.90% of the total incomes.

The club argued in its press release that only the 15% of the incomes are used in the team, but the true is that the real amount is €6.93 million (41.66% of the total expenses) including the wages, monetary prices and image rights.

The budget also contemplates to pay €3.6 million (21.64%) as part of the first payment of the bankruptcy debt. The maintenance of the club costs €4,58 million (27.53%) and the expenses to compete at Segunda and Copa Del Rey are €1.27 million (7.63%).



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