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17 Aug 2006
Yesterday Joaqu?­n Caparr??s talked in Abegondo. He admits that he can do nothing in order to solve the situation of the discarded players. The Sevillan coach also talked about the cases of Duscher, Antonio Tom??s, Alc??ntara and the possibility of new signings.

Q: What is the situation of the discarded players?
A: They know my opinion, so does the club. But it's also true that the club has told me that these players belong to the team, and that they still have contracts. This is an issue that escapes from my hands. Somebody will have to end without been inscribed in la liga.

Q: How far does your opinion goes at the hour of making decisions?
A: I am the coach and I can only talk about the sporting level. I give an inform, and later the club decides. They are the ones taking decisions, because they are the ones paying the salaries.

Q: What's the situation of Duscher?
A: The case with Duscher is different. He is a player in the market, but if he has to stay, I will love to have him with us.

Q: It will possible to see a last minute signing?
A: We have some open possibilities, because the squad isn't completed. There are promising people wishing to join Deportivo, and we want a new offensive player and maybe another for the left wing.

Q: What can you tell us about the latest incorporations to the Galician squad?
A: Antonio Tom??s has a brilliant future, but we have several players for his position and only time will tell if he is staying or not. Meanwhile, Alc??ntara will be training with us and also with Fabril.

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