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01 Oct 2013
The papers applauded the order of Deportivo at the Rico Pérez stadium; the media understands that Fernando Vázquez’s team made a serious and, especially, a very complete game to end grabbing the three points. The work at defense was hailed.

Deporte Campeón: An unmitigated triumph. Deportivo defended bordering on perfection, it claimed a 0-2 on the scoresheet after the half-hour mark and controlled the game in which the opponent ended helpless due to the rival’s control. Deportivo won fairly and deservedly during its visit to the Rico Perez. It was a match in which the Galician team dominated the rival, not letting them play, taking the lead in the first half and in the second, with strategy and decision, simply closed the match. Fernando Vazquez decided to play with Culio and repeated the starting eleven that beat Alcorcon last weekend. The coach opted to play with the same scheme, two forwards, yes, with but with one more week of training at Abegondo. The Galician team dismantled Hércules defensively from the opening minutes. It was positioned on the pitch in a logical, intelligent and committed way, and Hercules didn’t have a chance. Alberto Torres

 La Opinión A Coruña: Complete game. Deportivo made a complete game in all aspects. It defended very well, without creating many chances they had arrival and effectiveness, while they didn’t struggle and played very concentrated. In short, I think the team is growing. In the first half Depor played with the same 4-4-2 system used eight days ago, but corrected and improved the amplitude both in attack and defense. Both Culio and Juan Carlos weren’t playing towards the centre and the full-backs didn’t join the attack. Deportivo had the ball possession, it controlled the game very well positioned, it played with intensity due to the circumstances, it showed good pace both in defense and midfield, and had an intense pace in attacking actions.

It prevented the arrival of the rival due to their defensive depth, so Lux didn’t have to intervene until the 13th minute of the second half. After the break Hércules forced to retract deeply on the pitch and to play on counterattacks. With the changes Depor went to play with a 5-4-1 (three centre-backs and two side defenders). It became more defensive, with good counterattacks and with more presence on the wings. It covered the passing lines through the centre. The expulsion of Escassi ended the match. To emphasize the offensive and defensive work of Borja Bastón: he brings output to the owner of the ball with good support and rupture, and later helps defensively. Regarding Culio, I like more the player we saw yesterday. He played a little more towards the wing; he ran less and rarely did it horizontally. Above all, he brought more things in order to get more from the explosive actions when the circumstances required it. Luis Rodríguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: Bastón and strength. Deportivo approach to the first places at Segunda División taking advantage of its defensive solidity and the wisdom of a Borja Bastón that excites and worries, first for his goals and then by his injury, something that awoke the worst predictions taking in mind the history of his left knee, but eventually it was only a false alarm. The striker on loan from Atlético Madrid scored two good goals from a pure 9 before leaving the field on a stretcher. Depor was superior to a Hercules with many big names on its payroll, but hardly created danger against the goal of Lux. The Argentine was required only to make two good saves in the second half, and the home team, whistled by their own fans, missed a penalty before the break; they’re now settled at the lower positions, away from the expectations created in Alicante.

Depor tunes its defensive system. It's the team with the fewest number of allowed goals: only 4 goals conceded in 7 games. Before Hércules they were cemented in its defense and then grew up, without major celebrations, but solid. Vazquez opted for giving another chance to the same starting eleven that bored against Alcorcón. It wasn’t a brilliant game, but there were sparks, like the cross from Juan Carlos to Bastón that opened the account. The Galician playmaker played towards the centre, he was more involved and gave his second consecutive assist. With Culio injured, but making the effort to be at the starting eleven, Depor had clearer ideas even if not aesthetically, at least attractively. The side defenders of Hercules, called to be offensive, barely troubled the defensive work of the Galicians, and when Borja Bastón made the second goal (after a throw-in, a beautiful maneuver and some luck in the rebound by Borja Gómez), the game seemed sentenced.

Vazquez didn’t want to give a hint of reaction to Hercules and introduced Kaká to close with three centre-backs. After the saves by Lux, however, the peace was only clouded by the injury of Bastón, something seized by Luis Fernandez to create danger in his few minutes and cause the expulsion by Escassi, an aggression that ended up closing a solid and sober match by Depor, a team that improves away from the Riazor. M. Piñeiro.

Diario Información (Alicante): Hercules in the dark of the maze. Again Hercules walk lost in the dark in a league start, no lights pointing to the exit door of their particular maze. Against Deportivo, a team that emphasized the order to any other consideration, the team from Alicante ended with a blindfold after throwing away the entire first half with an abstract and disconnected football. That uncertainty led them to allow two more goals and wander between nothing, absorbed, like dismembered, unable to articulate coherently.

Hernandez has not yet found the key. He recognized it in the press conference, self-incriminating himself before the evidence. Yesterday he moved the pieces and tweaked the system: three centre-backs (Borja, Escassi and Yuste) and two side defenders with depth (Peña and Ferreiro) in front he placed Sissoko and Font to get the ball and enter the inner channel with Sardinero and Eldin. Nothing went right. Unable to reach the area of Lux with fluidity it just seeded helplessness and despair.

Depor covered midfield and pulled forward with Borja Bastón, a puncher striker disguised of Diego Costa (curiously also belongs to Atlético Madrid) gutted between the lines, sneaking into the hot zone to the martyrdom of the local centre-backs, who never felt comfortable. Toni Cabot



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