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01 Oct 2013
Satisfaction after a new victory in liga; Deportivo’s coach is convinced that his team needs to improve and that their men clinched the win without doing anything special. The players were praising the seriousness in defense.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was content with the performance of his team, “We met a Hércules that was a little mistrusted after the result in Ponferrada, for this reason they switched the system. We were able to claim the lead, later were locked down in the second half controlling the game and it was enough. Without doing too much we were able to win a game that was presented as a difficult task.”

“What I pretend is to have a reliable Depor, a team that cannot be harm and later take advantage of the opportunities. I believe Hércules modified the starting eleven and for that reason they didn’t play to attack. In the second half they were better. There was a moment in the second part in which we faced some problems, we remembered Mallorca, side that was winning 0-2 on here and that later ended drawing. We were too delayed within the first minutes, so I changed the team and put one more centre-back. We put a strongest barrier against Hércules”. He added.

Depor’s coach had time to criticize the decisions of referee López Acera, “You can only whistle a hand when the action is voluntary, in the first yellow card of the game the hand of Laure was attached to the body and he tried to avoid it. The penalty, if it was as I didn’t watch it, is the same. If the action isn’t voluntary then you cannot whistle it.”

Still, Fernando Vázquez is aware that his team needs to improve a lot ahead of the rest of the season, “Talking about points, we lost games at home, but we are showing defensive solvency. We need to change a lot of things in order to face teams that are much better than us.”

Alex Bergantiños was asked if he likes to perform as a centre-back, and he said that what he wants is to play, "I will do what the coach wants. I just try to do what he asks me to do. Truly I prefer to play at midfield and I believe my characteristics are for that position, but the coach thinks that I should be playing there."

About the current situation of Deportivo, the midfielder commented that, "This stadium was always good to us. The club was dragging problems from the summer, but the team is competitive and earning points. We’re growing and are content for it. The league is tough and must continue with the same strength in order to improve. We are lucky to have these fans. We always feel supported”

Juan Dominguez was happy with the result and eager to translate the results to the Riazor, “We were exhausted, but the compensation are the three points. I’m very happy with the attitude of the team. We try to bring intensity to the games so the rivals would not have the chance to react. We are feeling confident and we hope this dynamic can be repeated at the Riazor.”

Juan Carlos Real was content with the performance of his team, "I believe we made a serious game, I was part of the starting eleven and I’m happy for it. In any case I haven’t earned a place and the important thing is to have minutes in order to gain confidence. I try to demonstrate that I could be an important player for the club and fortunately we won. We tried to push and clinch the lead, and we got a 0-2 as we were fine within the first minutes. Hércules will surely bet at the top and we won. We all are very happy. “

The Galician playmaker was explaining the play in which he assisted for the first goal, “I knew Borja was going to be there, because he’s always searching for the slots, he met the ball and found the way to shot on target. I believe their penalty would have changed the game, but fortunately Dioni sent the ball out. We knew the two-goal lead was important for the second part. We were fine in defense and didn't suffer too much. In a general sense we are content. The goal passes through winning at home, though it's true we have clinched three wins in four away games."

Diego Seoane debuted on the league season after replacing Laure; he was praising the defense of Deportivo, “We were solid at defense and they didn’t have opportunities. In the first half we seized our chances and later could have even scored more goals in a counterattack. I played today and it’s the product of the daily work. At least I already played and let’s see if I can play more time in the next match.”

The scorer of the goals, Borja Bastón, addressed the media on Monday and said that he hopes to be available for the weekend. About the game he commented that, “We went out searching for the three points and luckily we got them, besides I scored. We are trying to transmit a feeling of respect to the rivals, because they should think we are a tough rival; surely the opportunities that we are having will lead us to the three points.”

At Hércules CF, coach Quique Hernández recognized that his team made a bad game, “We aren’t yet a solid team and my job is to reach this point. The team wants to do the right things, but things aren’t working out. Truly this was a bad game for us and we need to work harder.”

“Our start of game was poor and things were complicated in the game with the early 0-1. It was a very bad game by our side, now it’s time to get up. The team is feeling hurt. The players are eager to move forward and must work harder, there’s no other way.” He added.



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