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07 Oct 2013
The papers are worried as Deportivo are still playing without getting good results at the Riazor; the media analyzed the many reasons why the Galicians are having so many problems to score the goals during the home meetings.

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo jammed against Mirandés. Riazor is becoming into a steep for Deportivo. The more than 20,000 faithful fans are still without enjoying with their team, helpless at the moment of having the initiative of the game , without finding the paths to Borja that are more frequent in the away meetings . Before a Mirandés that played almost an hour stuck at their side of the pitch and that didn’t scare in the counterattack, Depor again demonstrated its lack of ability to associate at the centre, slow attack and little improvisation. Although it ended the game with two strikers and had two good chances in the second half, Los Blanquiazules continue with only one goal at home, a balance that hampers the beginning of the season.

The thickness of Deportivo in the first half is something to be worried. The crowd took it out on the referee, who expelled Depor’s second trainer for protesting a foul and whistled the half-time when the Galician team was about to throw a corner-kick. It unleashed the frustration of the Riazor after a bad game of their team; Deportivo didn’t know what to do with the ball for almost an hour, because before, Mirandés had been better with a good treatment and output of the ball through Pablo Infante and the arrivals into the area of Lux. It didn’t create opportunities, because it wasn’t the style of the match.

Borja Bastón managed somehow to have three chances in about 45 minutes short of football, time when the imagination of Laure and the few moments of clarity of Rudy and Juan Carlos opened some light on the landscape of the game. The only combination between the Portuguese and the Galician brought a clear chance for Borja, who released a shot that was stopped by Dani Jimenez. The goalkeeper of Mirandés spent some problems in a play under pressure from Borja, but barely had work to do in the first act.

After their good start, Mirandés retreated and gave the initiative to Depor. Consciously or unconsciously, the tactic was perfect, because the Galician team got disconnected from the game. It still suffering at the Riazor when it must have the initiative, and only through the long throws of Lux or through recovering the ball upfront it was able to create some discomfort to the team from Burgos, side that wasted a big error of Manuel Pablo within the area of Depor, it was the play of more danger for the visiting team. Mirandés  in the final stretch of the match. It wasn’t enough for a team that sees how the Riazor becomes into an uphill. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: A pediment at the Riazor. Deportivo still stuck at the Riazor, place where it only won once (1-0 to Alcorcon), have tied another game (yesterday) and lost twice (against Cordoba and Murcia, both by 0-1). Four points from twelve at home, improper balance of a candidate to promotion. The Galician team has problems to widen the field and create danger on the wings, it isn’t new and it was revealed again in yesterday's meeting. Depor suffer to generate opportunities, much more at home than away, to the point that the Riazor starts to become a real pediment in which Los Blanquiazules crash again and again facing firmly planted rivals, like yesterday’s Mirandés.

Antonio Núñez, the only natural winger at the team, remains injured and Fernando Vazquez has no choice but to adapt his tactical system to whatever he has available. Yesterday he repeated with a 4-4-2 for the third consecutive matchday, with only one change from the side that had won against Alcorcón and Hercules: Rudy for Arizmendi. The Portuguese joined Borja Bastón with the hope of improving his performance with respect to the first meetings, games in which he starred attached to the right.

The two wingers in the game, Juan Carlos and Culio, tend to play towards the centre. They create room at the wings, but the full-backs are not deep enough to use this space. That monumental traffic jam in attack created problems at the moment of having clear chances. In the first part Depor just attacked in isolated plays, almost always through the counterattack. When they tried to attack in static, Mirandés didn’t face problems to protect their goal. It missed velocity in the circulation, speed and mobility at the most offensive positions. Without amplitude Depor again suffered a lot to win the visitors' back at defense.

After the break it recovered part of the amplitude against a rival increasingly locked at their area. Manuel Pablo and Laure had more offensive projection, although the ones that paved the field were Culio and Rudy, both on the left. The Argentine dropped to the side to find one-on-one plays in more than one occasion. Rudy also tried, starting from far and dribbling with success every defender that was coming his way. Without wingers on the bench, Vazquez pulled a side defender, Luisinho, to charge on the left for the final stretch of the game.

At this moment the best line by far is defense. The strategy in all situations of the game was inexistent. Deportivo are not taking advantage of this type of actions although it usually enjoys of a large number of corner-kicks and fouls near the area. The extent in attack was provided by the side defenders, but didn’t have the needed support to find two-on-one situations. I repeat what I said a fortnight ago: if the rival attacks us by the wings, with Culio and Juan Carlos on the sides, then we’ll have many problems.  Eugenio Cobas.

AS: Mirandés resist and conquer a point at the Riazor stadium. Mirandés pulled a valuable point at the Riazor to demonstrate that it will not bluff against a Deportivo that went from less to more and that begin to have serious problems at their stadium, place where it has only been able to add 4 of the 12 points in dispute. The script was talking of two ordered teams, rocky and that hardly allow goals. And that was exactly what was seen at the Riazor. Mirandés had clear ideas, but their danger, as Depor, was almost nonexistent and the only warnings came by the mistakes of the rivals. The first of Manuel Pablo, to whom Mujika stole the wallet inside the area, but his cross found no destination.

The second man that played at the razor's edge was Dani Jimenez. The goalie was too confident and Borja was a few inches to harness the gift. In the absence of spectacle, the referee decided to bring his own show. Culio first was booked in a card rather than avoidable. The Argentine saw his sixth yellow in seven games and his tuition is already recorded in the referees’ books. Then, another yellow card to Vazquez for protesting. And to top it he didn’t allow Deportivo to throw a corner-kick when ten seconds were remaining. How much damage has been made with the goals of Madrid and Barca when the time was over!

The movie changed for the second half, with a more intense Depor that was cornering Mirandés. Rudy was the first to shine, with a great play on the left sitting four players, but Juan Carlos failed to finish. Then Bergantiños brushed the goal, he slightly deflected a free-kick that Dani Jimenez deflected with reflexes into the crossbar. Two clear opportunities and a tireless Culio, with his successes and failures, but with a leader’s personality. Those were the arguments, which improved the ones of the first half, but it only served to Vazquez’s players to add their first tie of the season before this amazing Mirandés. Luis de La Cruz

Diario de Burgos: Valuable point added by Club Deportivo Mirandés at the Riazor ( 0-0 ) . The team of Gonzalo Arconada went from more to less before the always fearsome Deportivo La Coruña and managed to snatch a point from one of the most complicated stadium in the league. The game had two distinct parts. The first dominated by Los Rojillos, with Ruiz de Galarreta pulling the strings at midfield and Pablo Infante trying to overwhelm Laure at the left wing. The match changed after passing through the changing room . Fernando Vazquez’s Depor, out of ideas at midfield, began to take control and carburizing with an inspired Rudy. The Portuguese created a play in the style of Ronaldinho that didn’t end in a goal just for the mistake of Juan Carlos at the moment of making the last touch. Minutes later, Dani Jimenez prevented the goal with a clearance of fists after a shot from Alex Bergantiños. In short, fair draw for Mirandés in A Coruña allowing Arconada’s side to stay at the first positions prolonging their state of grace.



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