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07 Oct 2013
Disappointment after Deportivo missed the victory at the Riazor, the coach and the players understand that the team needs to improve a lot in order to get better results. The president said it will be hard to make signings before the winter window.

Coach Fernando Vázquez wasn’t happy with the final result; he admitted the problems to clinch positive results at the Riazor, “Off course you can say that we are missing a lot of things; including players, but the true is that these youngsters are the ones that must win the games. Clearly we’re having an important offensive problem. The team was able to dominate, mainly within the second half, but we are missing clarity, security and fluidity with the passes; it means a lot of things that we should have, but that by some circumstances it seems the pressure surpasses us. I believe we are prepared to do things better. We are crippled.”

“Sometimes it seems that all the rivals are better than us, and how is this possible? It’s a question that remains there. Evidently the rivals aren’t better than us, but during the games we cannot regain the ball and neither create more scoring opportunities. It’s the reality and we need to work on that.” He added.

The Galician tactician was saying that his men seem to be affected by the pressure of winning at home, “Our combinations were good, but neither are we excellent. I said before that at the Riazor the team tries to dominate, which means to push the rival, and that’s when we’ve problems. Evidently we’ve a problem, because I believe we can do it better. Theoretically the players are able to do a better job, but they’re failing. We could need to play in other way, but for now the team says otherwise. It’s a long work and evidently if the home results would have been better, then it would be more helpful. Today we had two clear chances and we didn’t seize it. The team improved, though it has to do with the performance of the rival, anyway we should have won the game, despite not having a brilliant performance.”

In any case he expects that Deportivo are going to improve in the coming weeks, “We are improving, we will never be excellent, we will never be like Barca, but it should be enough to beat a Segunda rival, we must achieve that. Clearly the skills of the players are better of what we show at home, perhaps there are other issues pressing the team.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez was remembering the magical numbers to get the goal of promotion, “The numbers to achieve the goal are nine defeats and twelve draws, so we still have eleven draws and six defeats. Statistically the numbers say that we can draw twelve times and then lose nine games, and now we still can draw in eleven opportunities and lose six more matches.”

Juan Carlos Real commented that, “I believe that we still missing a little more clarity to score the goals. This time we clinched the clean sheet and spent one more game without losing, but need to improve a lot of things. We weren’t five in attack and I believe we had better opportunities compared to them. We need to improve. The team tried to attack at the end and clearly the rival is content with the point.”

The Galician playmaker had a great chance to score at the beginning of the second part; he was feeling sorry for wasting the opportunity, “It was a pity. It was play of Rudy with the goal prepared to score, but it was a pity to miss the target.”

Rudy was one of the best players at Depor; the Portuguese was trying to remain positive despite dropping two points at home, “Despite the draw at home we got a point and a point is a point. It tastes a little like a defeat, because we spent the time in attack, but it still a point. “

Álex Bergantiños was remembering that at least the team clinched the clean sheet, “The true is that the team tried hard, but things have been hard at the Riazor. Today we had a couple of good opportunities, but the ball didn’t enter. At least we kept the lane of clinching the clean sheet, so if you cannot win then the important thing is to clinch a clean sheet. At the Riazor it has been hard and we need to create more scoring opportunities.”

The midfielder is aware that Deportivo need to improve for the future games, “We must try to find the cracks; we are missing the needed patience to create scoring chances. When we are inspired we find those interior passes to score the goals, but when we miss this inspiration then it’s harder. We must try to change the things. This was a game that we needed to win.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro wasn’t impressed at all with the game practiced by Depor, “Truly the game won’t enter into history, but it’s also true that we didn’t materialize our clear chances. In the end the only reward, to call it in one way, you can aspire is a goalless game. I believe the team has worked hard, but wasn’t lucky enough, though there weren’t too many opportunities, in the end we didn’t’ seize the opportunities as we missed more luck. We are having problems to score the goals, mainly at home. “

Depor’s boss also confirmed that the negotiations to make more signings still blocked, he even hinted that’s possible to remain without new arrivals until the winter window, “We always said that it was important to reinforce the number of players at the team, mainly in attack, but it cannot be. We must assume the reality, though we don’t share it. We must continue working in order to get, someday, a solution to fix the problem. We have chances to reinforce the team, but the players get tired and they [the administrators] aren’t allowing us to do it. I still fighting every day until we could have the chance, but there will be a day in which there won’t be time to do it, because the quality you can get in January is superior to the one you will get in December. I’m convinced we can get the promotion like this, but surely it would be better if we can have a larger squad.”

At CD Mirandés, coach Gonzalo Arconada was satisfied with the final result, “We were fine in the first part, later it was difficult to attack and were bad inside their area, which is the place where we need to unbalance the game.”

“Depor had two clear chances at the beginning of the second part, apart from this there was no much danger. We know the meaning of playing at this stadium and what means to add points on here, so we are leaving content, because we clinched a clean sheet. In this sense the team is solid, though we need to improve other aspects.” He finalized.



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