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10 Oct 2013
Paco Zas is the only pre-candidate that has presented his program. Conchado & Lendoiro remains in silence, while two more names have been added to the list: Constantino Fernández & Rodríguez Cebrián.

Important novelties regarding the upcoming elections at Deportivo .On Tuesday two new names were linked with a possibly candidacy. Journalist Gonzalo Soto revealed that Constantino Fernández Pico is preparing his program for the race. Fernández is the president of Altia, a successful consultant information technology and communications company based in A Coruña.

Hours later, Sportpaper Deporte Campeón reported that another possible candidate could be Juan Carlos Rodríguez Cebrián.  He is a businessman, political nephew of the owner of Inditex, Amancio Ortega. Cebrián is a shareholder of Deportivo and is considered as a friend of Lendoiro. He was the general manger of Inditex, but lately he has faced many problems with the companies where he invested his money, including Martinsa-Fadesa, the former sponsor of Depor that went into administration some years ago. He’s also the grandson of former Depor’s president Jesús Cebrián Brizuela (1959-1964).

Neither of these two possible candidates have said anything in public regarding their candidacy, the sources that related their names with the presidency of Deportivo just explained that they are studying the situation and are expecting to meet the financial information related to the administration process of the club before making any step.

The other three pre-candidates already expressed their will to participate in the elections: Francisco Zas, Germán Conchado and Augusto César Lendoiro. Of this short list only Zas remains pretty active in the media.

On this week Zas continued giving interviews and even had a chat with the public at newspaper La Opinión A Coruña. During the chat he explained again the priorities on his candidacy, “The team must do anything possible in order to clinch the promotion. Another thing is that we can have money to make signings. The club is living a delicate moment and I think that the first thing is the stability of Depor in all senses, but especially in the economic sense. The first thing is the survival of the club. Still, I believe the team will have its options for the promotion.”

“The priority regarding the structure is to name a general director. About the society, the priority is to send a certificate of the shares to the shareholders. In the sporting subject, we are already working, in case of winning, of the decisions that will be made regarding the players and the sporting direction. Finally, about the commercial issue, we are working in order to have more income as soon as possible.” He added.

About the other two, they have remained in silence. Conchado was supposed to present his candidacy on Tuesday, but nothing happened and hasn’t revealed any detail of his plans. Meanwhile, Lendoiro didn’t want to talk of the subject after the last homer game against CD Mirandés. Neither the club has revealed the date of the elections, though it is understand that it will take place at the end of December.



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