11 Oct 2013
Controversial interview of ex-Depor captain Fran. With the game against Barca B in the horizon he talked to Mundo Deportivo about his son, Nico, currently at the Catalan club and ended saying that he was a fool for not signing for <i>Los Azulgrana</i> in the past.

Q: How do you see the Barca B-Depor?
A: Future against experience, although Depor have also strengthened the squad with young people and youth players. I saw BarÁa B against Mallorca and  they sinned of ingenuity against an opponent more sober and better positioned. Depor defend pretty well and play on counterattacks and I believe they will feel comfortable at the Mini Stadi. It will be very equal.

Q: Will Depor get the promotion?
A: I see it difficult, because they built up the squad late and are still adapting. I want to believe they will do better, though I donít know if they will arrive in time in order to reach the top positions.

Q: Why have you decided to move to Barcelona?
A: The main responsible is the child, Nico. But the second possibly is my wife, who also was looking forward to a change.

How would you define Nico?
A: People say it doesnít look anything like me, I still think that it looks a lot like me. Weíll see.

Q: Were Depor interested in him?
A: Beyond been interested, they just made a file. They knew my relationship with President Lendoiro and all that that entails. If they had really been interested in him, then my son would be playing at Depor.

Q: Is it sad to end this way with the only team you played for?
A: These are lessons that life brings and that you have to learn. When you give up so many things for Depor and then if they are capable of turning the tables and say that you are to blame for everything, it's sad. But it is the law of life.

Q: Do you dream of seeing a day when Nico plays for Barcaís first team?
A: Not yet. Step by step. I didnít even thought he would be a footballer, when he was six he didnít like football, and then the change was brutal. He should have fun and should not forget that the important thing is to study.

Q: You could also have signed for Barca.
A: And I'm still thinking about what happened to see me not doing it. I had the chance to go to Barca and also to Madrid. I missed the determination that my son has had. He was released and I said to me, "I want to go to BarÁa". I am one of those people who think a lot about the next move, because itís hard to me to make choices, so perhaps thatís why I never played at Barca.

Q: Did your child ever wondered why you didnítí sign for BarÁa?
A: I believe not.

Q: Have you repented?
A: Sure. Years pass and you realize you should have made different choices. I would have loved to savor the football at the Camp Nou. Now that I think of that I realize how fool I was.

Fran posing for Mundo Deportivo

Q: You are a football romantic, what do you think of seeing so many agents and advisors?
A: I was one of the last Mohicans. Few cases will be in the future regarding a player living in the same club as Julen Guerrero or me. Well, Puyol, Xavi.... But they are at the 'club'. Who is going to want to move out from Barca?

Q: Do we need more 'Centenariazos'?
A: Man that was amazing. Last year Atlťtico repeated it. But we need more equality. It's nice to see that a so modest team like Depor can do what they did, to go to the Camp Nou or the Bernabťu and play one-on-one. In my days, we went to Pamplona and spent a hard time to win. Now Barca go to the stadium of Rayo it ends winning 0-4 and the debate is the ball possession.

Q Were you amused with this debate?
A: Itís funny all the debates surrounding this team, which last year added one hundred points and donít know how many goals they scored. It never fails. Really you are very spoiled.

Q: You have the degree of coach and sporting director. Do you rule out the possibility to exercise the profession?
A: You never know. Although I got pulled to the academies, itís one of my weaknesses. I'd like to command some youth football team, riding a structure ... Or train. I love everything that is related to children.

Q: What do you prefer, the League title or the Cup victory against Real Madrid at the Bernabťu?
A: The league. Because we had it before, you know this well, and we lost. I was one of the lucky ones that stayed and I was able to win it. The joy of the Centenariazo cannot be taken away by anyone, because from a simple Copa Del Rey it turned to be a title victory before a Madrid that was already celebrating it as part of its hundred years. But the pain of the League that we lost was very large and thatís  why the league was the best by far.

Q: What Depor was better, the first or the second?
A: The second was the best team, in that way we won the League. The squad was larger and had much more experience, and had many international players. The first, the Super Depor, born from nothing, with players coming from smaller teams or having little room in Barcelona or Madrid. We managed to get us between the two great and it was an exciting experience, fantastic and we just lacked a bit of luck.

Q: What happened with that penalty of Djukic? Why Bebeto didnít throw it?
A: Itís not true. There is much legend. The reality is that Djukic was the one that should have threw it. It was marked. Bebeto had already failed two times and said he would not shoot anymore, Donato also missed one. It was marked that it was going to be Djukic, unless Bebeto had caught the ball and had thrown it. No need to talk more about the subject.

Q: Who has been the best player of Depor with whom you shared the locker room?
A: There were so many.. I would stay with the ability as a midfielder of Mauro Silva, Djukic as a centre-back, the ability of Djalminha, the smell of Makaay and Bebeto, both scored every chance, the magic of Valerůn...



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