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13 Oct 2013
Depor’s coach rested importance to the strategy to be used in this game and emphasized the importance of the players. He’s convinced that Rudy and Arizmendi will improve. Barca B’s coach expects for a tough game and doesn’t complain of the international break.

Eusebio Sacristán Mena is a well-known former player of FC Barcelona, RC Celta and Real Valladolid that conquered several trophies during his career. He won one UEFA Champions League, one Copa Del Rey and four liga titles playing for the Catalans, all of this within the years 1988 and 1995.  He also played fifteen times with Spain’s national squad and was part of the team for the UEFA Euro 1988, although he didn’t took part of any match.

He retired in 2002 at Real Valladolid; at the time he was 38 and ended with an impressive mark of 543 La Liga appearances, the second-best mark at Primera División, only behind legendary goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta. Then he opened a football school in Valladolid and also obtained his coaching degree and, within the years 2003 and 2008, was part of Frank Rijkaard's staff at FC Barcelona.

His first experience as the head coach of a football team was at RC Celta de Vigo; he was hired as the replacement of Pepe Murcia for the season 2009/10 and, despite achieving the permanence at Segunda, he didn’t renew his contract due to some personal problems with the club’s officials. During the summer of 2011 the Valladolid-born man was named as the successor of Luis Enrique at Barcelona B as the latter decided to join Italian outfit AS Roma. So, he has passed the last three years coaching the team and always achieved the permanence at Segunda. This is his first official meeting against Fernando Vázquez.

Just like a fortnight ago, Depor’s coach offered a short press conference as he was in a hurry in order to catch the plane taking the team to Barcelona. He addressed the media for seven minutes and started admitting that Depor have an advantage due to the casualties hitting Barca B, “Fortunately we are facing a team that’s also losing players, but well… I keep my argument. Barcelona has problems and let’s see if we can seize their limited situation.”

The Galician tactician left the impression that the lineup will see Rudy and Arizmendi playing on the wings, this after admitting that the draw is similar to the one of the first games, “I just want to increase the depth of the team bringing players for the sides, just as we began the season. We’re returning to that point as we’re going back to the matches in Las Palmas and Sabadell, it will be similar to that. So, we aren’t breaking anything, we just go back to the beginning. Still, the systems don’t win the games, the games are won by the players. They system are just a defensive organization.”

About Arizmendi, who missed the last game as the player and the coaching staff decided to stop as he wasn’t totally fit, Vázquez is confident that he could be back to his best form, “I hope he’s fine if he plays. I hope he’s confident, relying in himself and his possibilities, feeling healthy and strong, that’s the important thing.”

He’s also confident of Rudy and his evolution at the team, “Rudy is progressing, improving. We must go back to the origins of Rudy. I believe he still can offer more. The other day he made a decent game and I hope that, apart from improving in a personal sense, he can bring more things to the group. I’m convinced he will do it soon.”

About the home performance of Deportivo, the Castrofeito-born coach commented that, “I don’t want to think where we could be if we could have had better results at home. I can only say that we still working in order to see the team winning at home with solvency. We must also see the other side of the story. If you look to what the rivals did you will realize that they didn’t create too many opportunities against us. We, perhaps, are missing a spark of quality.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez talked of Barcelona B and what he fears of this team,  “What I fear the most is the football that they practice; they’ve a system that has been perfectly assimilated. This is a young team, so we are facing an outfit that’s going out in order to play with joy. They don’t ,measure the consequences and play with joy. This is a young and talented team. To dispute the ball to Barca seems tough, we will do it, but I believe that the best thing to do is to hold on a little. Evidently the defensive aspect is going to be fundamental.

Barca B’s coach addressed the media on Saturday; he’s pretty aware of the danger on this game as he has several casualties at his team, besides to the fact of arriving to the meeting after suffering three straight losses, “We must try to continue on the same lane that we had at the beginning of season, because we need to make a solid game and have the same intensity, though we need more determination at the final meters in order to revert the current negative streak.”

Contrary to what Fernando Vázquez said in midweek, the Valladolid-born coach wasn’t complaining of not resting during the international break, “The fact the tournament at Segunda doesn’t stop it is something we face naturally, though seeing that other teams in the league are affected then perhaps it will be good to analyze the situation in order to not affect the competition.”

Finally, Eusebio was talking of Deportivo and the kind of game that he’s expecting to meet, “Depor is a team with quality and experienced players. They will know how to administrate the situations of the game and will try to lead us to their pace. We, at our side, must try to impose our own pace.”



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