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15 Oct 2013
The papers analyzed the defensive withdrawal of Deportivo at the Mini Estadi. The media understands that the Galician team still needs to improve the attack, but in a general sense they were satisfied with the final result.

Deporte Campeón: An unwelcome visitor. Deportivo have become a guest that nobody wants to have at their table. Except for the game against Sporting, the team counts as victories all their away meetings and seems so full of confidence that even the rivals tip their hat to the overwhelming way to defend. Depor started to win the game almost from the changing room. On the first play, Los Blanquiazules yesterday wearing the yellow uniform, hit first with the 0-1.

The Galician team claimed the lead and Barcelona knew how hard it would be to score. Vázquez’s men slept the game and only attacked when they saw it clear, albeit retreating, pushing the rival up front, defending without complications. The credentials of this team are tremendous on defense and yesterday a goal was enough to get the three points. They defended well the set-pieces and got a victory to reach the upper zone of the league. All this before the Copa, in Jaén , and before Sunday's match at the Riazor against Zaragoza,, match where it will be possible to witness an encounter with flavor of Primera. A win there could even make positive the past draw against Mirandés. Alberto Torres.

La Voz de Galicia: Depor become practical. Only 50 seconds of flash and 92 minutes of Stakhanovite work in defense earned three more points to Deportivo La Coruña, side that after the goal by Culio bolted against a powerless Barca B facing the defensive deployment of Los Blanquiazules . Depor made a flawless exercise of practicality at the Mini Estadi and took advantage of its main virtues so far: showed why they’re the team that has allowed the lowest number of goals and the best visitor of Segunda Division next to the leader, Recreativo.

For other evenings will remain the unfinished business of Depor, the static attack that cost so much to the Galician team and that shall be subject to a true stress test on Sunday at the Riazor against Zaragoza . Meanwhile, Deportivo continues to fill its saddlebags on the road, with an unapproachable defensive assembly for a cold and diminished team like Barca B. Rudy generated chaos in the local defense and Culio sentenced with a strong shot that removed the spiders from the goal of Masip.

The early goal brought out the expected signs of Depor before Barca B. They gave up the ball, as expected, and left the field. The advantage is that they already had a goal. Barca B team was powerless against a Depor that delayed its position with everything, with Borja Bastón playing behind midfield territory, with Arizmendi and Rudy working overtime to help the side defenders. They barely stepped out of their side of field controlling the ball, so the main resource for Depor was the long throw of Lux extended by Bastón or Arizmendi.

Denis Suarez was the one that tried the most at Barca B. Samper, Bedia and Dani Nieto wanted to give speed to the ball, but they couldn’t deal with Laure, still it was the Vigo-born who fired with danger in a free-kick action and who overflowed the defense before the bad shot of Sandro inside the area. Those were the only warnings for a Depor that sometimes complicated its life with the output of the ball, but that didn’t struggle, clinging to an idea with which Fernando Vazquez wants to hide the shortcomings of his team. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Winning formula. Disciplined and tidy, Deportivo added its fourth win on the road during this season and confirmed the entrenched suspicion that away from home is how they  really feel comfortable at the beginning of season. The win against the B team of Barca (0-1) returned to being grounded on the granitic defense raised by Fernando Vazquez to compensate the miseries up front.

You cannot ask for more. A single shot on goal worth three points, demonstrating that to defend well is also art. Deportivo came out broadly with a 4-1-4-1 draw in attack and defense due to the positions of Arizmendi and Rudy, but to get the goal so early and not have a great ball possession transformed the draw into a 4-5-1, performing an intensive retreat, alternating the collective pressure with the individual, with the lines close to each other, very well positioned defensively and forcing the rival to fail a lot with the passes. They covered the sides and went out to the counterattack changing the orientation and with long runs, but without creating scoring chances.

The biggest danger of Barcelona B came due to the fouls committed at the edge of the area. The entries of Marchena and Juan Carlos were more defensive changes to keep the result. Little work and well resolved by Lux, with two good interventions. The match was very monotonous; especially the first 45 minutes as Barca By simply had a lot of possession and Deportivo spent the time with their defensive withdrawal. M. Otero.

AS: Depor won from minute 1. Eusebio raised an encounter that turned against him from the first minute. It didn’t count with the momentum of Depor at the initial minute and neither with the parsimony of his defense. The Galician side controlled the ball possession in the first minute of the game and in the first chance they had, Culio achieved a great goal. Truly that before Rudy had to dance over the whole Catalan defense and Ilie showed a great lack of firepower to clear the ball, but there was the Depor’s player to put land in between.

After the goal, Fernando Vázquez adjusted his cap and ordered his players to take a step back to control the sterile rush by the Catalans. The B team  played with speed, but Espinosa and Samper didn’t show up because of the funnel raised by the Galicians.

Depor were offering a tactical master class. The aids worked and there was not a crack through the rival can search for depth. They didn’t control the ball possession and barely reached the area of Masip, but the job was done. It’s arguable that a team that wants the promotion will travel to the Min Estadi to be locked up and not to seek to play face to face against Barca B, but this is Segunda and what is worth is adding the three points.

In the second half, the entry of Pol Calvet brought one more gear to Barca, although all the players were waiting for the ball, and forced Depor to hang further off the woodwork. Chances were happening, the clearest was a free-kick of Denis Suárez that hit the crossbar, but the prize never came. In the final minutes Barca B’s players pulled and Adama gave problems before a Lux that was a wall. In short, at Segunda it is enough with one minute of attack and 89 of extreme defense to get the three points. Marc Bernad Suelves.



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