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15 Oct 2013
The coach and the players were satisfied with the final result, though they are conscious that Deportivo need to improve a lot of things, especially the offensive aspect as the Galician face many problems in this department.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was happy with the result, but worried with some aspects of his team; he firstly admitted that Depor faced problems to have the ball possession, “Evidently we played against a fast team, a team with talent that perfectly dominates the game and it was hard for us to get back the ball. This is the reality. It was hard for us and there’s nothing more. We need to improve this aspect, but the team is demonstrating that our stronger point is the organization and that’s how we picked the three points.”

“It’s the resume of the game: perhaps we scored too early and the second half was too long for us. In the first half we matched a perfect level, what happens is that when you hold on only with your defense and going out in the counterattack without doing any harm, then evidently you are lacking balance. We lost the balance in favour of the defense and the rival ends locking you at your area.” He added

For the Galician tactician the best thing is that Depor are entering into the promotion zone, “We won the game. This is professional football. For Deportivo this is an extraordinary victory. It allows us to enter the top zone and it means great news. We came here in order to win. You can question the team for the way we won, but you cannot question that the team worked hard and this is a big reward. We need to improve in our defensive work, but the victory on this game is enough; evidently we cannot play like this at the Riazor.”

He continued admitting the problems to create scoring opportunities, mainly on the wings, “We returned to the same point in which we started the season; I am not discontent, just unhappy with one aspect as, evidently, we need to offer more in offense. Maybe we’re insisting too much with the defensive aspect and unconsciously we are limiting the offensive aspects. These are things that need to be balanced. We need a better output with the ball.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez stated one more time that there’s a lot of room for improvement at Deportivo, “I believe that, technically, we have a better level of what was demonstrated today, but the reality is that it’s hard for us to show it. It’s our internal debate.”

Álex Bergantiños played another solid game as a centre-back; he believes the early goal was determinant, “The true is that it was good to take the lead so early; we were fine in the first pat and had the ball possession in many stages, but later in the second we were delayed, because Barcelona had fast people that were pushing, but we were strong at defense and still without allowing goals, which is the important thing. In the second part they had more arrivals, but Lux was there.”

He also praised the away performance of the team, “The first twenty minutes were great and we arrived at times. Later we had some doubts and it’s was hard for them. They’re a young team and it’s hard to start the game. We are strong in the away meetings and are gaining confidence, normally we win when we take the lead.”

Finally, Álex commented that he feel fine playing as a centre-back, his position in the last matches, “I don’t feel strange in the position, truly it’s now different, but feel comfortable. We are committing less errors and it isn’t strange to play there.”

Captain Manuel Pablo admitted the problems in attack for Deportivo, “They have quality players. The major part of the time we controlled the game, though we missed the control over the ball possession, because we lost the ball too many times. We know how we defend and the numbers are there, but we are missing tranquility in attack, sometimes we lose the ball too easily and we need to fix this.”

About the upcoming clash in Copa, the Canarian defender is confident that Fabril’s youngsters will make a nice job, “We have a short squad, but we have many players from the B squad training with the team, they already played in Copa and there will be rotations. The idea is to have a strong team at defense, and we only have the pending subject of improving in attack.”

Meanwhile, Juan Dominguez was encouraging the team to translate these good results to the Riazor, “We had a positive performance playing away from home, now we must apply the same at the Riazor, place where things have been harder. We knew Barcelona were going to be a difficult rival; they caused a lot of problems to us and complicated the things during the entire game.”

German Lux made a couple of important saves; the keeper commented that, “We were too delayed on the pitch, but the true is that we didn’t suffer. It has been demonstrated that we are solid, but need to improve some things and not face the home games so accelerated.”

At Barcelona B, coach Eusebio Sacristán was commenting the game, “To allow a goal so early is undoubtedly a hard hit for your morale, but beyond this I believe that during the first half it was hard for us to find the way to the rival’s area. It was our main problem, beyond the spirit of the players. We didn’t find the cracks at the sides and we needed velocity and find aids coming from the second line. In the second half we find the way and that’s why we had more opportunities.”

“I believe they made their game, their mentality was to be together at the back and seize the cracks they could find. They had the initiative within the first minutes and it worked for them, practically since the first minute, and since that point it was easier to display their tactic. They defended pretty well and it brought a great prize to them. We could gain more, but they got the reward. We had the players that we had and tried to present the more balanced team and I believe the players had an acceptable performance.” The Aragonian coach added.

After the game Fernando Vázquez visited the peña from Barcelona and lunched with the fans, which was unusual as normally the team always return to A Coruña without making any parade. It was also unusual to witness the presence of Tottenham’s coach André Villas-Boas watching the game at the Mini Stadi.  Apparently he was scouting players from Barca B. Finally, the coach of Barca’s first team, Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino, watched the game and according to the Catalan media he praised the performance of his compatriot German Lux. Immediately his name was linked with the Catalan club ahead of next season.



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