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16 Oct 2013
Depor’s coach isn’t too happy with the Copa tournament though he promises to send the best possible team in order to pass the round. The coach of Real Jaén wants to stay in the competition and hopes to see a big party on Wednesday.

Manuel Herrero Galaso is a young football coach that just began his career as a manager in 2009. He was born in Andújar (province of Jaén) and is a former midfielder that played at Primera División with Real Valladolid (1994/95). He also played one season at Segunda with Gimnástic Tarragona (2001/02) and in the rest of his career he played at Segunda B.

He retired in 2006 and three years later he debuted as a coach working for Real Jaén B. Those were dark years for the Andalusians, the club were in administration when he began coaching the first team at the end of the campaign 2010/11. Former coach José Miguel Campos was fired and there was a legal dispute, so his license was just approved until February of 2011.

Since then things have been pretty good for him, in his first year he only lost two of twelve games at Segunda B and his team passed from been fighting to survive to end at mid-table eleven points under the promotion seats. In the following two years he fought for the promotion to Segunda A, something the club achieved on last season. He’s now trying to achieve the permanence at Liga Adelante and this is his first official meeting against Fernando Vázquez.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon; he talked to reporters for seven minutes and reaffirmed the idea that the Copa isn’t the priority on this season, “We will try to win, surely, but let’s say that we aren’t going to show our full potential. That’s the true. Still, we aren’t going there on vacation; we will put a competitive team and will allow the entry of players that aren’t participating in liga.”

“I’m talking of the players that are returning from injuries or that didn’t play on last weekend; it will allow them to gain pace. It will allow us to prepare a stronger team ahead of the league. This game is similar to the one on the previous round; Marchena and Núñez are going in, both weren’t here at that time. The rest are very similar, so there aren’t too many differences in the list of picked players.” He added.

During the last training he tested a formation with three centre-backs, the Galician coach didn’t want to admit that his is the system to be used in the game, “It could be an option, an alternative, it will depend on my decision, on how we want to play, but if I trained it it’s to be used at some point.”

Later El Profesor confessed that he doesn’t know what to expect from this meeting, “I don’t know what to expect from the match. I don’t know how Jaén are facing the game; they’re living a complicate situation in liga. We will wait, but I can expect for an open game, with offensive football, at least for my side.”

About the rival, the Castrofeito-born coach said that, “It’s an organized team, a team that has had the same coach for many years, I believe that five years, and this indicates that there’s solidity and balance. They aren’t having good results n liga, but in the past round they almost put the normal starting team, which demonstrates that they want to pass the round.”

Asked if Antonio Núñez will be a starter, he only answered that the winger will have minutes, “Núñez will play, as a starter or not it will depend on a last-minute decision, but he’s fine and will play. He will have minutes.”

Later he explained why he doesn’t like the current format of the competition, “The Copa is a wonderful opportunity for the youngsters. I hope they can have minutes and demonstrate that they can match the level of the professional players. It’s important for them. Now, the Copa is organized to see the top teams reaching the final. The European teams enter in the next round facing the Segunda B teams. Meanwhile we must play a lot of rounds. In my opinion we all should play one-leg series, it will be the fairest thing.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez explained why he decided to pick Pablo Insua for the game, “I would love to see him playing in all the games with the national team, at least once, but the fact that he didn’t play it is moving me to pick him for this match. Perhaps he will play, because he has spent a while without playing. It’s the factor moving me to pick him out. We will pick him at Madrid and could have minutes in this game.”

Real Jaén’s coach didn’t offer a press conference before the game, because the team trained late on Tuesday due to the exhausting trip to visit Sporting Gijón playing for Segunda División. He just talked briefly in an Andalusian radio and expressed his will to pass the round and face a Primera club.

“We all want to pass the round and the hope of everybody is to reach the next round, which would be to match what we did on last season. I hope the game will be a great party for the people of Jaén.” During the trainings Herrero has kept basically the same squad that has been playing in liga, though he will make a few modifications.



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