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18 Oct 2013
The former lawyer of the club, German Rodriguez Conchado, presented its candidacy to the presidency of Deportivo. His goal is to clean out the current situation and leave in order to allow the arrival of an investor.

The second candidacy to the presidency of Deportivo was presented on Thursday. It’s German Rodriguez Conchado, a former friend of Lendoiro that also managed the legal cases of the club until he resigned on last month.

Conchado and his candidacy are based in the experience of the quartet that would rule the club. The lawyer has a long experience at the Galician club. In 1992 he was involved in the process that converted Deportivo into a Sporting Society (SAD). In this candidacy he’s supported by Francisco García Fernández, Julio Meana and Joaquín Suárez Caamaño.

Francisco García would be the sporting director in case of winning the elections. He’s a former player of the club that was part of the first team during the 1970’s and that also coached the academy. Julio Meana is the former vice-president of the club and former president of the Galician federation; he would repeat the role on this candidacy, while Joaquín Caamaño is a businessman and his role wasn’t explained. Meanwhile, Conchado will be in charge of the legal issues, plus the economic aspect and the relation with the players’ agents.

Despite presenting  a long candidacy –a book with 17 folios and 24 rules- and that his press conference lasted more than an hour, the true is that his project is very simple: to work 3 years at the club signing the agreement with the creditors, end the administration process cleaning the club from its financial problems, achieve the promotion back to Primera División and later step back in order to allow the arrival of an investor. The slogan of the campaign is “because we know and we can”

He explained the goal of the candidacy during the press conference, “We must sweep all that exists at the organizational level and do it again. Can we pay off the debt and reach the promotion? We think so.  I won’t stay at the job for more than three years.  I won’t stay too long, because I want to allow the arrival of a president that can invest in the club. We aren’t coming to Depor in order to learn, but to bring our knowledge. We want an investor, someone that can bring 10 or 20 million, money they will recover later. People with money will come if they see a clean chair and without obstacles. We need 15 million to rescue Deportivo, but before we need stability in order to convince someone. I know where to go.”

Conchado and his team during the press conference

Another interesting thing said during the press conference was the lawyer’s proposition regarding the future agreement with the creditors, which is the base of the administration process, “The plan is to pay the debt in 20 years without charging interests, plus to forgive the 50% of the not privileged debt, plus having two years to make the first payment. I know we can do it, because 19 of the 21 clubs that have been in administration at the Spanish la liga equaled or even exceled the percentage of the 50%.”

In the rest of the press conference, as it could be expected, he hammered Lendoiro for the mistakes committed in past years, “We need a renewal. Lendoiro is exhausted after 25 years and his time is over. The presidency cannot be a family business. 25 years have converted the situation into a strongman regime, with nepotism, corruption and inefficiency.”

“The beginning was brilliant, just when Lendoiro was advised by people with knowledge, but later his family stepped in and… Deportivo don’t belong to Lendoiro and his family; Deportivo belong to the fans. We will change the current situation, because it will be forbidden to hire the family of the president and his advisors. Is Lendoiro capable of negotiating the agreement? No, because his personal issues are before, just as Paco Zas stated before. Lendoiro will never accept a forgiven debt superior to the 30%, because it would lead him to respond with his own heritage.”

Conchado also announced other measures, like a special scouting program to get the best young  talent for the academy, a new way to work at the club as there won’t be more night work, neither bills to pay dinners and also that all the subsidiaries are going to be sold, because the objective is to focus all the resources on the players.

This is the second candidacy that’s publicly presented; the first one was Paco Zas, who presented his program on October 2. President Lendoiro already admitted that he will run for the reelection, but hasn’t presented his program. The fourth candidate is Manuel López Cascallar, an executive of an outsourcing company that will present his candidacy on October 22.



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