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22 Oct 2013
Depor’s coach wasn’t satisfied with the result while he asked for apologies after been sent off. The players had mixed reactions as they were sad, but also content for scoring at the last minute. For Lendoiro the draw was fair.

Coach Fernando Vázquez wasn’t happy with the final result, “I believe that, watching the whole game, we deserved more. I believe the team improved, not too much, but we did it. We dominated the rival and created some danger. I believe the fairest result would have been the victory. A new error, the fourth in la liga, forced us to be behind in the scoresheet and later came the joy of the draw. I believe the team was better and that, today, it didn’t collect from football what it deserved.”

The Galician coach doesn’t think that the new position of Juan Dominguez is affecting the performance of the team, “It could be understood as a relation cause and effect, but I don’t think it has nothing to do with it. I believe things would have been the same with Juan Dominguez keeping his spot. I believe that what changed was the behavior of the rival, they went down a little in the second part. I believe the team was feeling more rested regarding the position of Juan Dominguez and Wilk. I believe Wilk made a great game, either playing alone or with a partner.”

Zaragoza’s goal came after the Castrofeito-born coach switched the system, but for him it was only an accident, “Perhaps the team felt surprised, we were 0-0 at that point and you need to make decisions. I was trying to search for things with Luis up front and with Juan Dominguez and Culio at the back. I did it without changing the rest in some kind of 4-4-2. I was trying to play with Rudy and Núñez on the wings, while Culio and Juan Dominguez were the centre midfielders. I was looking for scoring opportunities.”

He was admitting the problems to create scoring chances, “Sometimes we have chances to shot on target, but we don’t complete the plays and it turned to be more complicated as you approach to the area.  We want to see the fans pleased, it’s an important goal for us, but for the moment we aren’t matching the expectations. We need to improve.  We have only conceded five goals and four were set-pieces. We need to improve as we committed an error again and we paid a high price for it.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez was feeling sorry for his behavior after been sent off, “I just protested a foul over Arizmendi as he was surpassing the rival and I don’t know what he understood. It was a yellow card and then I just throw a water bottle against the bench. I don’t know… it’s difficult to know what the referee understood. Maybe he assumed that it was a protest, but I was only feeling frustrated with myself and made that stupid decision.  I apologize. It isn’t something I can allow in front of the fans. I apologize. Still, the work of the referee wasn’t something that satisfied me. “

Pablo Insua was commenting that Depor deserved the victory, “As things were standing, we are sort or less content, but it’s also true that we deserved to claim the victory, especially for what we did in the second part.  They barely reached our area in the second part and we were able to tie the game. The first half was equal, but in the second we had the weight of the game on our shoulders. I believe we deserved to win, but well, things were as they were.”

The Galician centre-back was also talking of the referees and the many cards shown on this start of season, “The referees have been too demanding; we have some suspended players and I believe the referees are showing too many cards. Let’s see if we can correct some things, because we also need to fix some things.”

Juan Dominguez also had a bittersweet taste in the mouth when he was asked if the victory was positive for the team, “Yes and no. They scored a goal at the end and it’s meritorious to tie the game with only a few minutes left. It’s hard to do it.  But at the other side it’s unfair, because I believe we dominated the game, both in the ball possession and also at the moment of creating scoring opportunities. What matters are the opportunities and we had more and the best, but well, another draw. “

The midfielder also talked of the expulsions and the work of the referee, “Talking of Fernando Vázquez, it is noticed, evidently not too much, but you end noticing the coach isn’t at the side. Still, you have an intermediary. In the case of Luisinho I didn’t saw the play, but we must try to avoid these plays. We must try to end the games with eleven players. I always say the referees affect both teams and I don’t think there anything to emphasize  regarding the referee, though I believe some of the cards that were shown were too rigorous.”

Winger Antonio Núñez was satisfied with his debut in liga, ““I am content, because I was wishing to play and debut at the Riazor. I’m leaving with a positive feeling despite we dropped two points. I’ve the feeling that we had more opportunities compared to previous home meetings and I need to adapt to my team mates, to their movements. This is a process.”

Striker Borja Bastón scored his first goal at the Riazor; the Madrilenian commented that, “The true is that my goal didn’t help to clinch the victory, but the point is important as the game was and we need to continue pushing. It was a complicate game and I believe that we had the weight of the match on our shoulders. We are having chances, but the ball isn’t entering into the goal. Still, I’m convinced the goals will arrive.”

Portuguese Rudy was optimistic for how the team is playing, “The team is improving. Before a good rival like Zaragoza we played fine and we demonstrated that the team is in the correct path. We managed to conquer the draw, though the feeling was weird as we wanted to win and we can do a better job.”

Augusto César Lendoiro was saying that the result was fair, “I believe we deserved more, but also must thank for the point because it seemed hard to equalize the score. We tried to play during the whole game, but we always missed to finalize the plays. In the end the result is fair though Zaragoza didn’t do the merits in attack. This is a team that will be at the top at the end and it’s good to score the goal. Perhaps we deserved more, but must also understand that it was fair. It was a pity to not defeat Zaragoza, but the draw keeps us moving.”

Depor’s president also commented the situation with the referees; for him the players need to learn how to face it, “We must be careful with the yellow cards. Perhaps it was excessive, but the game is like this. We must accept the situation and learn how to deal with it.”

At Real Zaragoza, coach Paco Herrera was trying to be positive despite dropping two points at the last minute, “I am not willing to feel more pain. In the time I have spent at Zaragoza everything has been like that: painful and if I continue feeling more pain then you will never start. We must realize that the bottle is half full. To see them scoring at minute 93, with the wall well placed during the free-kick, shooting outside the area, it’s difficult to understand, but I understand that the bottle is half full.”

“Culio made the most difficult decision and it was perfect for them. We just faced a great team that will surely be at the top.  I liked Deportivo a lot and I believe they will be at the top, though I don’t know what their roof will be. I see a league that’s a little lower compared to other years, but it’s a consequence of the crisis, nothing else. The players from Segunda A are taken by the Primera clubs and the clubs at Segunda end signing players from Segunda B, while the important players at Primera go to foreign leagues.” He finalized.



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