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21 Aug 2006
Lendoiro still trying to find an exit for the discarded players. He must accelerate the rhythm since the market closes its doors on August 31st. The situation seems tough and every meeting is crucial at this point. At the same time, Caparr??s is asking for new incorporations, especially a new striker.

Gustavo Mun??a was the first case to be solved. The Uruguayan will be the second keeper of Deportivo meaning that Mackay and Fabricio will return to Fabril. But this seems to be a temporary solution, the Uruguayan will obtain his communitary passport in December, and Lendoiro believes that at that time, it will be easier to find a squad for Mun??a. If Depor finds a club for him during the winter market, then Caparr??s will have once again to choose between Mackay or Fabricio to cover the spot.

The other five cases still to be unsolved are: Trist??n, Scaloni, Acu?±a, Pablo Amo and Duscher. The first three players are the ones living the toughest situation, there are no new offers for them and the best scenario is to cancel their contracts. Lendoiro still trying to negotiate with them.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s said that he isn't worried about their situation despite of the problems that the club lived in the past week: "I will not talk about this issue because I am not worried about it. I am only worried about the preparation of my team. This question should be answered by the president, I just can tell you that I already know the list of players for the new season, that's more clear than water."

The cases of Pablo Amo and Duscher seems to be easier. Amo played on Sunday's friendly game against Betanzos. This was because Caparr??s wants to demonstrate that the player has surpassed his long-term injury. The agent of the defender, Rodrigo Fern??ndez, explained the situation: "To have him playing was a reward for his behaviour. He hasn't protested and the coach is recognising that he is doing a good job." Fern??ndez also talked about the probable future of Pablo Amo: "Valladolid is his priority. It's where he was during the last six months. Unfortunately, he couldn't play there because he was injured." The agent also gave thanks to Caparr??s for using him in the match with Betanzos: "It's a fact for being grateful with the coach. The other clubs can see that he is ready to play and it was an important fact for us."

The case with Duscher is also clear. There are two offers coming from Spain and three more from Europe. Two of the foreign offers are coming from West Ham and Tottenham Hotspurs. According to the media in Spain, these two clubs are presenting the best proposals. Duscher's father and Lendoiro agreed that the case of Aldo will be checked one more time this Wednesday, then the final decision will be taken. But Caparr??s has already said that the Argentinean will have a spot in the team in case that the player decides to stay in La Coru?±a.

Caparr??s admitted that he is asking for two more incorporations: "We are searching for a new striker. The club and the president are working on it, but it's not only that position we are trying to reinforce. Deportivo has one advantage right now: the young players living a progression are seeing this team as a good change for them."

The papers in Spain have been speculating about the name of the new striker. Kepa, Javi Guerrero and several foreign names have been mentioned. The main one is C?©sar Fabi??n 'Chelito' Delgado (25). The Argentinean is currently playing in Cruz Azul and has been one of the best strikers in Mexico. His agent announced to newspaper El Ideal Gallego that the striker will be offered to Deportivo in September. However, the presence in the squad of three non-communitary players is closing this possibility (De Guzm??n, Taborda and Mun??a.)

Deportivo will start to compete in La Liga this Sunday at the Riazor. The Galician team will play against Zaragoza, a club that received eulogies by Caparr??s: "They have invested a lot of money and they did it well. Besides they have a good block that's coming from the past season. Their last games on the past campaign were great and they have high expectations, but as I always says I am the one having the best team."

In this sense, Capar??s explained the reasons for his positive attitude: "We have a team full of hope and that also shows the characteristics of having young people, but we are especially showing a group with velocity and that likes to compete. We are still in formation and right now we are missing confidence in the striking zone. But the squad is generating occasions to score and we are optimistic about it."

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