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26 Oct 2013
Depor’s coach confessed that Bicho has big options to be a starter in Tenerife. He was also admitting the problems of the team in order to make scoring opportunities. Meanwhile, Cervera announced changes for the game.

Álvaro Cervera Díaz is a Cantabrian former player that, during the decades of the 1980’s and 1990’s, performed at Primera División with Racing Santander, RCD Mallorca and Valencia CF. He started his career as a coach in 2002 and, despite been new in this new facet, has already coached ten different teams before joining CD Tenerife.

His best initial achievement was to clinch the promotion to Segunda División with CD Castellón (2005/06), but he was unable to work in this league before as he didn’t continue for the following season; therefore his first experience at Liga Adelante came until the season 2011/12, just when he was working with Recreativo de Huelva.  He didn’t end the season as he was hired by Racing Santander, desperate club that was trying to survive at Primera.

So, the Cantabrian man had the privilege to debut at Segunda and Primera during the same season, however it cannot be said that it was a pleasant experience for him as he lost ten of the thirteen matches that he coached at Primera (the other three were draws), and it turns out that this is, until this date, the worst debut for a coach at the elite of the Spanish football

Last season things were better as he was hired by CD Tenerife and managed to clinch his second promotion at Segunda B, for this reason he signed a two-year renewal and on this campaign the goal is to clinch the permanence at Segunda A. This is his first meeting against Fernando Vázquez, who will be at the stands suspended after been sent off in the previous match against Real Zaragoza. Second coach Manolo Pombo is sick and didn’t make the trip to Tenerife, so b>Jose Ángel Franganillo will be the one in command of the situation.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Thursday’s noon; he talked to reporters for fifteen minutes. He was firstly asked if Bicho is going to be a starter against Tenerife, “I’m thinking it. I am watching him training and it’s a real possibility. It’s an option in the attempt to continue with a similar structure. He could have a spot. I am no confirming it, but there are big chances. He has been with me for a while and it’s what I always said: the lads train with me and little by little they convince me. Not only me, but also their team mates. You shouldn’t be surprised if Bicho has minutes. He always played in liga and Copa. The kids are improving during the trainings and why wouldn’t I put them now?”

“I knew he was going to play in Copa, so it was decided that he wouldn’t be part of the team for the previous two games, this in order to gain pace, and that instead he would be playing with the B team. It was the idea. He’ll be between the first and the B squad, according to our needs, and it’s a project for the next three years. Let’s say it that way.” He added regarding the issue.

About the casualties for the game at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium, the Galician tactician commented that, “I’m losing three players: Arizmendi, Culio and Luisinho, so it forces me to make modifications as the 30% of the team won’t be available.”

Then he was asked about the fitness of winger Antonio Núñez, and the answer was, “Perhaps he isn’t ready to play for the full ninety minutes, it isn’t that I don’t have confidence on him, but let’s say that he’s a weapon that can be used when we need him. There was the option to use him as a starter, but it’s the last one I am thinking right now. In order to keep playing 4-1-4-1 I would need wingers, with Rudy at one side the natural replacement of Arizmendi would be Antonio Núñez. But I have been training with Bicho and Rudy. In order to keep the 4-1-4-1 there is a more probable option of starting with Bicho than with Antonio.”

He didn’t want to comment too much about his two-match suspension after been sent off against Real Zaragoza, “Before the sanction was between one and three games, but now it has been changed: two games. It’s exaggerated for me, but we won’t comment in order to not repeat the error.”

The Castrofeito-born trainer also explained his expectations on the game, “It would be important to win the match. I don’t know what I will do, but I expect to score a goal at minute one and then we will see [he laughed] I think we can do more things, but if Tenerife force you then we’ll have to defend, but I am hoping to attack and even dominate the game, because I cannot renounce to dominate Tenerife, but you don’t know what can happen.”

Regarding the rival, CD Tenerife, he said that, “This team needs to improve its results and I think they deserved more in previous matches. I’m waiting for a team that will go out for us. It isn’t an easy pitch to win a game, but I hope things will be in our favour.”

Once again Vázquez was commenting the issue of the goals allowed in set-pieces; this time he said that it isn’t as serious as people think, “The strategic plays are actions in which you need concentration and there’s tension. We make a combine mark, which means that some players mark a particular rival and others mark by zone. We need to ask the team for the highest concentration. It isn’t easy to train this aspect defensively, because you only tell the players what to do, and we need to improve. Neither is something that’s making me crazy. The goals is set-pieces have been four of five and not four of twelve, nobody would be saying anything in the latter scenario, because normally the 25% or 30% of the goals came in set-pieces and in our case only one goal was scored in a normal play, so it seems a lot.”

But what he criticized was the offensive performance of the team, “I hail our defensive behavior, but I’m also critic with our capacity to create scoring opportunities. We need to improve a lot and I believe this is the weakest link of the team. The 4-1-4-1 has the problem of who will join the central attacker during the plays; we need coordination in this regard.”

The coach also explained why the team is traveling so early in the morning to Tenerife (6:30 AM), “We have to wake up early in the morning in order to make the trip, around 4AM, but well there aren’t many alternatives. It’s the result of the tight calendar and knowing the dates until too late, sometimes it’s difficult to book the flights. Besides the trips to Galicia are now lesser and we are arriving late at the moment of booking the flights. We travel tomorrow and train in the afternoon. We also had the option of traveling on the same day. But all of this won’t affect the performance for the game; actually it could be a benefit as we have more time for the rest.”

On Thursday he was celebrating his 59th birthday and wished to clinch the promotion, “The last six months were impressive, before I was busy with other things I spent the time cycling around, but after arriving to Deportivo things have been great, it has been pretty. I would like to celebrate my birthday with the promotion.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez said that in November it will be possible to start making conclusions on the real candidates for the promotion, “Starting in November things will be defined and we’ll see important moments, if we want to be at the top then we need to face these moments. It’s the time to see the standings breaking up, it’s the moment to see people thinking of the teams that will fight for these goals. The time is coming and I will love to be among the best teams. The current streak is positive, but unfortunately it is bad at home. I would prefer the opposite, because people would be happier and we would have a fuller stadium.”

Tenerife’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He was explaining why Sergio Aragoneses has been left out of the team within the last two weeks, “I believe we could have changes. I have watched Sergio Aragonenses and must understand that his reactions aren’t the same ones. He now looks sadder. In my thoughts Sergio Aragoneses was the best keeper at Segunda División, but right now I believe that Roberto should be the one playing. We don’t need to start winning in order to make changes. To be successful isn’t the only reason to make things.”

About the rival, the Cantabrian coach said that, “Deportivo have won four games outside home, always without leaking a goal. They are doing the right things and I believe they don’t have problems to defend, and later they just wait for the error of their rival or to exploit their virtue. Clearly, if you don’t score against them, they win. In any case everything changes in football.”

He also commented the connection Ayoze-Aridane, “Ayoze is bringing a lot of things. He brings speed and details of a very solid player. He just need a little bit of luck at the moment of the definition. He brings things. In the case of Aridane, I see him doing other stuff. He´s still having scoring chances, even playing behind the other attacker.”

The last victory at Ponferradina brought calmness despite the club remains in relegation; about the issue he commented that, “It surely brought tranquility. We are in a hurry, but that victory brought a certain margin. The players feel released from the weight at their shoulders. You always need to achieve the results, though you aren’t living a good moment.”

“Our goal is always the same. We have a basic performance that we try to repeat in all the games. We start from our idea, from our base. In Ponferrada, as example, we didn’t begin playing with a trivote, but ended playing like that as the game developed. You need to know when to make changes during the matches.”

Finally, Cervera didn’t give any hint of the lineup, though he said that changes should be expected, “You always make the decisions that are the best for the team. I will do what I need to do at any moment. Surely there will be changes, even after winning on last weekend. It doesn’t depend of the past game, but of the next one.”



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