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27 Oct 2013
Disastrous presentation of Deportivo in Tenerife. The Galicians never made a shot on target and fell down before a discrete, but more effective rival that needed the points in order to leave the drop zone. Step down in the quest for promotion.

Coach Fernando Vázquez sent the expected 4-1-4-1 lineup, which included the debut of Javier Abruñedo Fernández ‘Bicho’ as a starter. Lux was the goalkeeper, Laure performed at the right side of the defense, Manuel Pablo played on the left, while the centre-backs were Álex Bergantiños and Insua.

Cezary Wilk was the lonely centre midfielder, Juan Dominguez and Juan Carlos were the two playmakers in the scheme, Rudy attacked from the right wing, Bicho did it from the left and Borja Bastón was the central attacker.

There were novelties at CD Tenerife, coach Álvaro Cervera presented a 4-3-3 draw with a trivote at midfield. The references in attack were b>Francisco Javier ‘Chechu’ Flores, Aridane Santana and Ayoze Pérez.

Nothing changed for Deportivo. Flat first part for the attacking zone of Depor; the Galicians just created a goal opportunity until the end of the half, while the defense made a perfect job, even in set-pieces. The 0-0 on the scoresheet wasn’t a surprise taking in mind the antecedents of both teams.

Nothing special occurred in the first half, just a couple of chances that never forced the keepers to make big saves; both sides were exchanging the ball possession, but without having scoring opportunities. Since minute 5 the Galician outfit got the ball possession, with Rudy pretty active on the right, but they never stepped into the area of local keeper Roberto Gutiérrez

But with the passage of the minutes the locals left the feeling that they had things a little bit clearer. At minute 12, Aridane got a high cross from the left when he was inside the box, but his header didn’t find a receiver at the opposite corner.  Two minutes later the same action was repeated, but this time Álex Bergantiños cleared the danger to corner-kick.

The first clear chance for the Canarians came at minute 15, it was after the third corner-kick on the half and defender Carlos Ruiz headed the ball at the near post, but his crossed attempt missed the target. The same action was going to occur in the second half with a different outcome. Two minutes later Aridane got the ball at midfield and attempted a long-range attempt that went over the crossbar.

Depor’s first approximation came at minute 20, Rudy got the ball at the left wing and released a cross that keeper Roberto barely cleared. The visiting team was playing with fire; they were attempting to have the control over the actions, but the locals had the game where they wanted: fast counterattacks that were giving a lot of problems to the defense, luckily Wilk, Álex and Insua were well-placed.

The first shot on target in the game came until minute 33, Ayoze got a drilling pass at the left corner of the area and then he ran five meters to release a drilling attempt that was saved by Lux. The only attacking play of Depor in the half came at minute 41. It was a great play of Bicho that ended with a combination with Rudy, who tried to drill the ball into the path of Borja Bastón from the left corner of the area, but Roberto stopped the ball.

The true is that the 0-0 at half-time wasn’t a surprise for what both teams did on the pitch, an neither for the antecedents. Because nine of the previous ten liga games of Tenerife were scoreless by half-time, while the mark at Deportivo was six of the ten previous league meetings.

Poor performance of Deportivo in the second part, even worst compared to the first; after defending properly four of the first five corner-kicks the team conceded a new goal in a set-piece. After it the rival felt pretty comfortable playing on counterattacks though they could only define the game until the stoppage time.

The second part began with a free-kick attempt of Moyano that missed the target. At minute 50, Bicho made another impressive run at the centre, but Borja Bastón fell into the ground at the edge of the area. The 17-year-old youngster barely appeared in the game –only twice- but left the feeling that he’s growing after watching his individual moves, also that he plays better at the centre and not attached to the wing.

And that’s precisely what Depor missed throughout the match: depth and fresh ideas on the sides. Rudy was pretty active and ran a lot, but never gave a good pass inside the area, while the only good crosses were released by Laure. Meanwhile, Juan Carlos and Juan Dominguez were lost at midfield, pressed by the enthusiastic trivote of Tenerife.

The Canarians were growing in the game and they were going to score in their 6th corner-kick on the game, just the pending issue of Depor’s defense. It was a repetition of what occurred in the first part. The cross of Riverofrom the left went into the path of defender Carlos Ruiz and he headed the ball at the near post to end crossing Lux. Until this point Los Blanquiazules had only allowed six goals on the season, and five of them came in set-pieces.

Depor tried to react and had three straight corner-kicks after a weird cross of Manuel Pablo that was close to end at the back of the net, but the visiting team didn’t transform those actions into shots on target. Since this moment the game was pretty clear: Depor had the ball possession and were trying to attack, while the Canarians were locked at their zone of the pitch trying to surprise in a counterattack.

Then Fernando Vázquez, watching the game from the stands, switched the draw into a 4-4-2.  Kaká replaced Juan Carlos and joined Insua at the centre of the defense. At the same time Luis replaced Bicho and Depor had two men up front.

The true is that the new draw didn’t clear the pale impression of Depor, the presence of a new forward didn’t clarify the ideas up front and the visiting team continued to be a ghost; instead the Canarians were looking more dangerous with their dangerous counterattacks. Rivero had the next chance to score with a strong shot from long-range that missed the target (65’).

The last modification was the entry of Antonio Núñez replacing Manuel Pablo, but Depor was already dead. There was only excitement at minute 86 as Rudy first and then Kaká had a chance to score, though without making a shot on target, and in the next play Aridane was unable to define a counterattack when he was alone before Lux.

But the ex-Fabril was going to have a second chance and this time he defined the play. It was during the added time when he starred a counterattack in which he was assisted by replacement Suso Santana to end drilling the ball into the near post of Depor’s goalie.

Unacceptable performance of Deportivo, perhaps the worst game on the season for los Blanquiazules. The Galicians were visiting one of the worst teams in the league and ended the ninety minutes without making a shot on target –the Canarians made four- and allowing a new goal in a set-piece.  The second goal came in a counterattack when the team was already hurried and out of their normal positions.

Depor could fell from the promotions seats depending on the other results, on next Sunday the Galicians return to the Riazor in order to face Real Madrid Castilla, the current last place at the standings (18h15 CET).

Tenerife: (4-3-3) Roberto - Moyano, Bruno, Carlos Ruiz, Cámara – Aitor Sanz,  Cristo Martin (Iñigo Ros 68’), Rivero – Chechu (Suso 55’), Aridane, Ayoze (Oscar Rico 87’)
Deportivo: (4-1-4-1) Lux – Laure, Insua, Álex Bergantiños, Manuel Pablo (Núñez 80’) – Wilk – Rudy, Juan Carlos (Kaká 68’), Juan Domínguez, Bicho (Luis 68’) – Borja Bastón.
Goals: 1-0: (57’) Carlos Ruiz, 2-0: (90+1’) Aridane
Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre. He showed yellow card to Juan Dominguez (46’), Bruno (51’), Cristo Martin (68’), Kaká (80’), Aitor Sanz (82’), Rudy (84’), Ribero (84’) and Álex Bergantiños (87’)
Venue: Heliodoro Rodríguez López (7,929)




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