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31 Oct 2013
Depor’s coach addressed the media on Wednesday. He criticized Juan Carlos & Teles for his lately performance, though he reminded that the lads cannot have all the responsibility. He also confessed that Arizmendi isn’t fit to play.

Fernando Vázquez talked to reporters after Wednesday’s training session. He responded to the inquiries of reporters for eighteen minutes. The Galician coach explained the state of several players, and had sincere and at the same time hard comments towards Juan Carlos, who could be left out of Sunday’s game due to his latest poor performance.

Despite this criticism El Profesor said that the youngest players cannot have the weight of the team at their shoulders. He’s also optimistic of the near future as he believes that the team is progression. The following are the issues explained by the Castrofeito-born coach.

“I believe he’s fine, better than the expectations. It isn’t the first time that he goes out to the pitch in order to run, he did it before in order to hang around and trot. Things are perfect for now regarding his recovery process. He’s meeting the deadlines.”

“Arizmendi isn’t improving. Let’s say that today he was tested with Pablo [the physiotherapist] in order to see what happens, but he doesn’t have positive feelings, the needed feelings in order to compete, therefore he has no confidence to perform at the top level. We want to see him fine, but for the moment things aren’t positive.”

“It was just a little muscle problem. For this reason he didn’t train. He had some pain and decided to rest him. I believe that, tomorrow, he will be fit to train.”

“I consider that, right now, he isn’t ready to play for ninety minutes. One week ago I said something similar. He’s progressing and is a little better. He cannot be for 90 minutes, but I consider that he could be on for 40 or 45 minutes. Today I trained with him at one side and with Rudy at the other.”

“Rudy has virtues and flaws, just like everybody else. His big virtue is his sacrifice, his will to try to participate, always asking for the ball. It’s very positive. His will to make things in attack lead him to commit errors. In football there’s a rule: when you have a barrier in front of you then you need continuity and maybe it’s what Rudy is lacking. He wants to resolve things by himself and sometimes it’s impossible, he needs to give to ball to someone else and we are working on that. We must also hail the big participation of Rudy and his will, it’s something that, sometimes, we miss with other players.”

“I always trained with him [Teles] and it was in the position in which Juan Carlos was. And if I do this it’s because I am not content with the performance of Juan Carlos, a kid that’s performing under his possibilities. Sincerely I know that Juan Carlos is a better player of what he’s demonstrating and we have to wait, to rest him and give the chance to another player. If the system would be a 4-4-2, which was tested today, then it will be Teles.”

“From Juan Carlos I am expecting a superior level in a football sense. What do I mean with a superior level? If you are a defender to be a better defender, in attack to not lose the ball, to bring ideas, to make passes that end in goals, shots on target, something that can make you have a positive valorization at the end of the game. I know he has the quality inside, but for some unknown reasons to me he isn’t showing these skills, so I decided to rest him, to say it one way.”

“What can Teles add? I hope that a better performance. Neither his performance is something to celebrate, because I am not content with his performance, but I believe he can be a better player. We talked and I decided that he has to improve and I trust him, but he has to bring arguments to make me believe. Today it was only a test in this system and we’ll see what we do on Sunday. Nothing is clear yet.”

“Football has its moments. It’s possible to see that couple again [Álex and Juan Dominguez at midfield] but for now I am deciding that Álex and Pablo [Insua] are the centre-backs. Evidently I am content with their performance. When I consider that the position of Álex should be switched, or that we will earn things moving him to replace another player, of when I consider that the position of Wilk can be improved by Álex, then you will see the change. In the meantime, no.”

“We have a team to save the season, not to play a game. Only eleven can play, just like in the rest of teams. Marchena needs to prepare himself and wait, just like the other players. Right now I am assuming a position, but it’s flexible as my taste can change. I can modify the team and you won’t recognize it in one month. At the beginning I wasn’t counting with Álex as a centre-back. I had Pablo Insua, Kaká and Marchena as centre-backs. But the situation made me change my view. It looks like we have four centre-backs, but initially we were counting with three. Marchena was considered to be centre midfielder.”

“Tomorrow they [Bicho, Teles, Dani Iglesias & Uxío] won’t train with us, because I want to see them playing [Depor B play for the league]. All of them will train this afternoon with the B squad and tomorrow they will have minutes in competition. I will watch the game and will later make decisions for this weekend’s match. There won’t be a problem for Sunday.”

“For the moment we need patience and tranquility.  They need hunger and will to demonstrate things. The lads want to succeed, but maybe it’s too soon for them. We cannot be in a hurry and they cannot have the responsibility. It’s a long process, we need patience and to avoid errors. I never thought in giving the responsibility to the youngest players.”

“For me the squad isn’t at its best, not yet, at least at the level I am expecting. I want a better football, more fluidity. In any case I believe the team has been fine, removing the set-pieces. Additionally, I am used to analyze Primera games and I compare ourselves to them and think that we aren’t so distant from the goal. We aren’t so far from the best teams despite everything. I believe in the team. I believe in the team and I believe in the players. I know that we have suffered four defeats, but we’ll improve. It’s not a bet, but the reality. I believe we are going to improve and do the right things.”

“It is worrying and it’s the second corner-kick that ends in a goal against us; unfortunately it led us to lose the game. As I explained before it isn’t easy to defend these kinds of plays. We studied it before and there was a warning; we knew it and you can watch that there was a similar play at the end of the first half, but these are plays in which there are errors and a lack of concentration by the players involved in the action. Things weren’t made properly and we lost the game. I will try to not repeat this, but we’ll always have errors. The team cannot be all the time worried of the set-pieces. I still believe that the main problem of this team is the incapacity to impose its football and to harm when it’s attacking. That’s our problem. We need depth and verticality. At times it seems hard, but we are having the possession. Still, the possession is stupid if your team is plane and cannot make any harm.”

“This is a better team of what the results demonstrate. It isn’t a matter of talking before the wound is open, but I believe this is a fast and quality opponent, very dangerous against us. It’s my concept. “



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