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02 Nov 2013
Another disappointing game for Deportivo B. Cañi rescued the draw after a sad performance in the first half. All the players that train with the first squad participated in the match. Fabril have only clinched one win within the last seven meetings.

Coach José Luis Devesa was practically having a full squad available for the meeting. And it’s that for the second time on the season the six players that normally train with the first team –David Gómez, Uxío, Teles, Bicho, Cañi and Dani Iglesias- were starters. Even Iago Beceiro was picked after been the revulsive in the 2-2 draw against CCD Cerceda. Striker Álex Pérez was out injured.

Devesa returned to the traditional 4-2-3-1 draw. David Gómez was the starting goalie, Quique Fornos performed at the right side of the defense, Aarón Rama did it on the left, while Stefan Deák and Uxío were the centre-backs, Sidibé and Teles were the centre midfielders, Cañi attacked from the right wing, Bicho did it from the left, Romay  was the playmaker and Dani Iglesias the central attacker.

The rival for the occasion was UD Barbadás, a team with a discrete season so far after clinching draws in five of the previous ten meetings at Tercera. The team coached by Jorge Regal has two familiar faces for Deportivo: centre-back Diego Vieytes, the former captain of Fabril, and striker Hugo García. Both were starters in this game.

Colds night in Abegondo, frozen game of Deportivo B. Despite having the best players on the pitch, Fabril did nothing to deserve the victory before a humble, but ordered rival. Depor’s youngsters were lost and just completed their first shot on target until the second part. Romay was the only played that matched the expectations, while Iago Beceiro shone during the second half.

Zero shots on target by Fabril, that’s the statistic to be emphasized during the first half. The coach of the first team, Fernando Vázquez, was watching the game at the stands and stated the day before that this game was going to be one of the factors that would help him to decide the lineup ahead of Sunday’s meeting against Real Madrid Castilla, a fact that should was a motivation for the players.

The true is that they ended completing one of the worst first halves on the season. Teles, who could be a starter on Sunday with the first team, was never the motor of the team, while neither Bicho nor Cañi brought depth at the wings, only Romay was commanding the team with his passes, but it wasn’t enough to see Dani Iglesias enjoying of opportunities.

To make things worse the confusion between the players caused the goal for the visiting team. Sidibé made a bad pass to Uxío, neither Bicho nor Teles reacted in time and Alfredo Veiga seized the chance to fire a rocketeer from 30 meters to score the goal. David Gómez should have cleared the danger, but the strong shot escaped from his hands.

Once again Fabril was losing at home, just like it happened in the previous game against CCD Cerceda, and once again there was no reaction in the first half. The rival spent the time locked at their side of the pitch and Depor B were unable to break the deadlock.

At half-time Devesa ordered a double change; Iago Beceiro and Ángel Fernández replaced Bicho and Teles. Both have chances of playing with the first team on the weekend, that’s the reason that explains the early modifications, but it’s also true that they did nothing in the game and that their presence wasn’t missed.

In any case the entry of Beceiro brought fresh air to the team and specially depth on the sides, now Fabril looked better –it wasn’t difficult to improve the grey performance of the first half- and it was lucky to get an early equalizer.

The local goal came eight minutes after the pause and it was a great play of Romay, who assisted Cañi to see him beating visiting goalie Carlos Alberto Pérez ‘Berto’ with a drilling shot. That was the first shot on target for Fabril in the game. It’s the third goal in liga for Cañi, reason why he’s the Pichichi at the team.

The fact of getting an early equalizer invited to think that Fabril were going to have enough time to get the three points, but the true is that its game faded away with the passage of the minutes. Beceiro and Dani Iglesias had a couple of chances, but within the last fifteen minutes there was nothing, only the substitution of Aarón, who was replaced by Róber.

Fabril continue without impressing at Tercera División. Despite having its best players on the pitch, Devesa’s team showed a discrete performance and clinched a second straight draw at home. Once again the team was behind in the score and only the reaction in the second part allowed the rescue of a tasteless point. Despite only winning one of the last seven games the team is only three points behind the promotion zone, but there’s a big competition in the group as there are a lot of teams involved in the fight. On Sunday, there’s a big game as Depor visit Pontevedra CF, one of the big candidates for the promotion (Pasarón, 17h00 CET).

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez - Fornos, Uxío, Deak, Aarón (Róber 80’) - Sidibé, Teles (Ángel Fernández 46’) – Cañi, Romay, Bicho (Iago Beceiro 46’) - Dani Iglesias.
Barbadás: (4-4-2) Berto - Martín, Iago Quintairos, Vieytes, Dafonte – Cristian, Alfredo, Nacho Currás, Quique (Luis 77’) - Hugo García (Jaime 75’), Moisés Pereiro (Martín Pérez 85’)
Goals: 0-1: (18’) Alfredo, 1-1: (53’) Cañi
Referee: Gonzalo Goyanes López. He showed yellow card to Fornos, Romay, Uxío; Dafonte & Hugo García.
Venue: Abegondo (700)




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