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05 Nov 2013
The coach and the players were satisfied with the second victory of the season playing at the Riazor; they accept the team isn’t practicing an offensive football, but prioritize the current situation at the standings to the spectacle offer to the fans.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was optimistic after Depor clinched the second home win of the season, “We won the game and it’s something to celebrate. We’re living a situation that we want to live; I mean to remain there, close to do something important. We did it. Another thing is to valorize if we were an excellent and a brilliant team. But well, the team and I are content. I always say that we have to improve, but it’s the same conclusion of any given Sunday. We are living a pretty situation. And we won at home, not brilliantly, but with solvency.”

Still, the Galician coach was admitting the offensive problems of his team, “We are lacking pace at the moment of having the ball possession and it’s the same thing I always say in the press conferences. We are a blunt knife. Sometimes it’s hard for us to create scoring opportunities, and it’s a problem taking in mind our ball possession. We should create more danger in order to make plays that can unbalance the rival.”

Neither he wanted to give importance to the lack of signings, “We should end the debate on here. We are the ones that are here and this is the present Deportivo. We must play with this until the last consequences; if someday we have the chance to sign somebody else then it will be extraordinary, but for the moment this is what we have, and I believe the team is having the right behavior, though we are missing that joy and capacity to lock the rival at its area. It’s a feeling the team, for now, isn’t transmitting.”

The journalists insisted that Depor aren’t practicing attractive football, the Castrofeito-born coach answered that, “People normally criticize us, and it’s true that we have offensive problems, but it isn’t for not having the ball possession. What happens is that we have problems to create chances, and I am responsible of this and we need to work hard and make decisions. I know the strong and the weak point of the team, and we need to work with this. Some people don’t like what I say, but I watched Castilla playing against other rivals and they came here in order to create danger, to play with pace, and the true is that they didn’t complete any cross and neither shots on target. We need to valorize this, because we are a tough team to face, and we only miss the fact of winning the game playing with joy.”

Asked about the position of Luisinho, he commented that the 4-2-3-1 figure used in the game was a late decision before the kick-off, “Well, I believe the position where Luisinho enjoys the most is the left-back position, but the current situation moved us to locate him at that position. He was used to perform there in Portugal. He’s a player with quality and velocity, so I opted for this choice instead of the 4-4-2. It was a last-minute decision.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez said that Deportivo need more fluidity in order to have better presentations, “We are team that complicates the situation to the rivals and that has problems to create chances.  Can we change this? I believe that we need to work in order to have more fluidity. Perhaps the team could feel more released if we are able to clinch a more comfortable victory playing at home, it’s possible.”

Juan Dominguez had a discrete game, but he emphasized the result beyond the game of the team, “In the end the important thing is to add the three points. At the end we were able to win at home and clinched the clean sheet. So we all are content and this is a new step in order to reach the goal. The game of the team is secondary though we always try our best. In any case I believe we dominated and deserved the victory as they barely had chances, so we are content.”

“Let’s hope the victory can bring confidence, because we were trying to change the negative streak at home. If we were having a bad reason in terms of results and the game practiced by the team, at least now we can change the results. We would sign to win all the games despite playing badly. It is what we must seek. Let’s hope we can clinch a victory in the next match at home.” The Galician midfielder added.

Luis Fernández scored his first goal in liga and he admitted that the lack of aim was affecting him, “I’m content with my goal, but especially because the team won. We did it and it wasn’t a brilliant game, but we managed to win and it’s the important thing. I hope that, little by little, I can have better performances. I was searching for this goal. I was going out to the pitch with anxiety and it was something against me, now I hope the goal, and the victory, will allow me to work with more tranquility. I dedicate the goal to the whole squad, because they have been supporting me.”

Carlos Marchena confessed that he was just trying to stop the counterattack when he scored his great goal. “Believe me that I hadn’t watched the play again. My team mates said that it was pretty and want to watch it. There are plenty of dedications, because I had been unlucky to not play so often and only scored a few times. I dedicate it to the people that work with me, the physiotherapists that helped me to gain the pace again. It is for them, especially for Manu a kid that’s passing a bad moment [a kid for Jaén]. The true is that I was only trying to stop the counterattack, of course I was searching for the goal, but didn’t want to put the ball there.”

Álex Bergantiños was another player that was trying to be positive, “It was a deceiving game for all the things that were said for being facing a B team, in the end we were able to win and clinch the clean sheet. I returned to my position and felt comfortable playing there. Today we were better in the output of the ball, sometimes a little slow, but the game is improving little by little. What happened is that we wanted to protect the narrow win and in the end we clinched the clean sheet. We had a few chances to score the sentence and it came during the stoppage time. The team didn’t suffer and showed again a solid behavior, and this is important on this league.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro commented that, “I believe that we deserved to win. It won’t be a game that will pass to the history, but that great goal of Marchena is something to remember for a while, because you don’t see those goals so often, neither at Primera nor Segunda nor even in international football. Maybe the best thing of the game was the three points, which allow us to be in promotion despite the problems. And that’s the only goal, because we need to get the promotion in any possible way.”

Depor’s boss insisted once again that his club needs to make signings, “We’ll fight until the last moment in order to have the resources and fight for our goal. I hope that everybody will support us, even the creditors, because we need a solid team in order to get the promotion. We cannot leave until the last day in order to reinforce the team. We said since the first day that we need to reinforce some positions. We don’t have alternatives and cannot pass the responsibility to the youngsters. The lads cannot have the responsibility. They’ll have their time and the only one that knows when to do it is the coach.”

At Real Madrid Castilla, there were a lot of complaints for the decisions of the referee. Coach Alberto Toril said that, “We felt chased within the last weeks, not only today. Normally we don’t complain, but it’s the reality. We have spent several weeks with this situation, and if we already had difficulties with the performance of the team, now it’s worse. There was a penalty that was clear and an expulsion that wasn’t. With the half of an occasion Depor defeated us, because I believe Marchena hasn’t scored a goal like that in his entire life. We have made things, but in the end it isn’t enough to win, it’s the reality.”

About Deportivo, the Andalusian coach commented that, “You always wait for more from a team that’s a candidate to promotion, a team that begins as one of the main favourites, especially in offense. In the first half we were superior to them in all the senses, but in attack, if you don’t finalize the plays, then it condemns you. I’m sure that Depor will be at the top.”

The captain of the team, Jorge Casado, also complained of the referees on his Twitter account, “It is enough that every Sunday is the same story, I assume as the team captain our mistakes, but the mistakes that day after day we are suffering are screwing us, and there were many already, everyone can make mistakes, but the actions are continuous and it’s hurting us, and we cannot control that.”



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