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06 Nov 2013
Insua was selected as the player of the month by the RCDLC.com peña users; Depor only scored twice in October, so the best part of the team was the defense with both centre-backs getting the best ratings within the period.

It was a bad month for Deportivo. The team of Fernando Vázquez was only able to get a single win in the entire month. Even worse is that Depor only managed to score two goals in its five October matches. So, it wasn’t a surprise to see the RCDLC.com peña members rating four of the five matches in the period as “poor”. Neither surprising was to see Pablo Insua elected as the nest player in the month, slide above the other man that performed at the centre of the defense, Álex Bergantiños.

The month started with a disappointing 0-0 draw against Mirandés. Depor was slightly superior compared to their very defensive opponents, but were uninspired in attack and hardly ever looked like being able to break the deadlock. A week later, Depor managed to get the three points at the Mini Estadi. Culio only needed two minutes in order to score the winning goal.

A few days later, Depor was eliminated from the Copa Del Re, after a horrendous performance at Jaén (2-0). Deportivo almost suffered a second consecutive loss later that week at home against Zaragoza, but Borja Bastón's injury time equaliser prevented it (1-1). The month was closed with yet another disastrous performance, this time at Tenerife (2-0).

What stood out most this month, was how extremely hard it is for this Deportivo to create scoring opportunities. In fact, offensive players like Juan Domínguez, Juan Carlos, Arizmendi and Borja Bastón all have lesser points now than at the end of September. Rudy and Culio show up in this month's top 3 (eight points for each player), but the reason they made it so high on the list, is their sacrifice on the pitch, and not the quality they're providing. Central defenders Insua and Álex were the best players this month, with Insua's latest performance at Tenerife narrowly giving him the advantage over his partner (ten points for him compared to the nine of his team mate).

The true is that Insua and Alex were indeed the most consistent players this month. Aside from Depor's problem with set pieces, the defense this season has been impeccable. Álex has adapted perfectly to his role in central defense, and Insua doesn't seem to have any problem with his transition from Tercera to Segunda. These homegrown players were the only ones who managed to give some joy to the fans this month.

Resume of the month:


Best player

Collective note


Insua & Rudy


Barca B












Overall: Álex Bergantiños remains at the top of the chart, now two points above Rudy. The big jump was made by Pablo Insua, who passed from the fifth to the third place thanks to his performance in October. These three players have opened a gap with the rest, with Juan Dominguez and Borja Bastón coming in a distant fifth place.

Overall Table
1st Alex 26pts
2nd Rudy 24pts
3rd Insua 23pts
4th Juán Domínguez 14pts
4th Borja Bastón 14pts
6th Arizmendi 12pts
7th Juán Carlos 9pts
7th Laure 9pts
9th Culio 8pts
10th Lux 7pts
11th Seoane 6pts
12th Fabricio 5pts
12th Luisinho 5pts
14th Teles 4pts
15th Wilk 3pts
16th Bruno Gama 2pts
16th Manuel Pablo 2pts
16th Kaka 2pts
19th Uxio 1pt
19th Luis 1pt
19th Quique Fornos 1pt

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