23 Aug 2006
Rodolfo Bodipo will probably be the starting striker for the debut in La Liga. There are big worries with him since he hasn't scored yet with Deportivo. The ex-Alav?Šs striker admitted that he isn't at 100%, but he is hoping to win confidence. He also said that the squad is hopeful with the new project started in the Galician club.

Q: How many times have you thought about your pre-season's injury?
A: A lot. The injury has stopped my preparation. I was two weeks off and I passed directly from the gym to be playing. I'm still missing some sparkle and confidence in myself.

Q: What affects you the most, the physic part or the physiological one?
A: The two of them, because if you are in shape, the mind will work properly. If you are fine, you win confidence and stability. I am still struggling to achieve that.

Q: So, is anxiety affecting you since you haven't score?
A: Yes. The fact of not being able to score is affecting me in the physiological aspect. I want to do it, but it isn't in order to demonstrate something. I need it to win confidence and responsibility. But what I have clear in my mind is this: what matters the most is how you end the season and not how you start it. To work hard is the only thing that worries me during the pre-season. During the summer, I can only play during 200 minutes, and that isn't enough time to evaluate me.

Q: What is Caparr??s telling you about this situation?
A: He knows me since some years ago. He ask me to work hard and not to lose the confidence.

Q: Are you starting to understand the style of your new team mates?
A: This is another important thing. Little by little, I am starting to establish the connections.

Q: What do you think about Caparr??s saying that he needs a new striker?
A: I won't comment about his decisions. If he says it, it's because we need it. Who will win at the end is Depor, because we will have more competence. In any case, I believe that we don't have troubles in the offensive sector. During the Teresa Herrera we scored six goals, and we worked well in other aspects, like creating pressure and moving ourselves all over the pitch.

Q: How do you see this new project?
A: We must have patience, but we are fine. This mix between experience and youth excites me. The boys give you a lot of will to work.

Q: How are you living the situation with the discarded players?
A: It's a very sad thing. They are professionals, but we must not be involved in this. We understand the president and the coach, and I only hope to find the best solution for everybody.

Q: Is this situation affecting the squad?
A: We are trying to stay out of it. We can only give them our support and wait for a solution.

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