29 Nov 2013
Winger Pablo Álvarez is one of the four former Depor players currently performing at CD Lugo; he’s conscious that his team targets the permanence and also that the people at the Riazor doesn’t have a too positive image of him.

Ex-Depor Pablo Álvarez is back after been off for two months due to an adductor injury; it isn’t clear if he will be picked for the game at the Riazor. The Shark offered an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and analyzed the situation of both teams. Álvarez also said that he isn’t waiting for whistles or applauses if he’s able to play.

Q: Ready to return to the list of picked players?
A: It depends a bit on what the coach wants. It’s difficult to enter because the team is good and everyone wants to play and be on the list. I have been off for two months, but when my time comes I will be happy to do it, and if it is at the Riazor then it’s much better.

Q: Were you waiting to meet Deportivo using Lugo's shirt?
A: I never thought about it, because when I left Depor I believed that there was a very good team and a coach that was doing the right things. I thought they were going to stay at Primera, maybe not so easily, but that was going to be quiet for a few years. At the end, due to many circumstances, it wasn’t possible to achieve the permanence.

Q: Are you surprised by the performance of Deportivo in this beginning of season despite all these circumstances?
A: At the beginning of the season there was a lot of instability and there were doubts. It was very important for them to start strongly, defending well and from there to grow up. Things are going great for them. Now they are leaders, it shows up that they are doing the right things and that they’re the favorites to win the promotion.

Q: Will the game be a clash of styles?
A: Each team has a different style, but it's not that Depor play badly. They are now highlighted for defending well, but have very technical players. We have a good squad and the coach has offensive ideas that we try to accomplish. To me, all styles are valid.

Q: Do you consider that the  game of your team is more attractive?
A: I liked what I saw from Depor, because it has given me the feeling of a hard working team and very committed from the effort and work. In the end all these things give you points. They also have room for improvement. The better you play the more chances you have to win, but Depor is now making profitable their goals. Maybe this will change later.

Q: Instead all the rivals are describing you as the team that practices the most colorful game of the league
A: No, it cannot affect us in the sense of believing it. We have a defined style and we try to play well. From there, the praise of the colleagues is always appreciated.

Q: Did you expect such a large equity in the league?
A: The league right now is awesome. There’s a strong level between all teams and anyone can win any game. It makes the competition more colorful. We are now up, but any mismatch  brings you down right away.

Q: Do you keep your modest aspirations?
A: We have the utmost enthusiasm and also high aspirations, but we know who we are. Our goal is to improve what we did last season, which was very good. Anything better will be good. If later in March or April we have the chance to fight to be at the top, then it would be phenomenal. If it doesn’t happen, then we aren’t forced to get it.

Q: Will you repeat next season the derby between Deportivo and Lugo?
A: I don’t know. It’s very difficult to see both teams going up, but dreaming is free. We have to keep both feet on the ground and Depor is one of the largest clubs in Spain and aims, no matter the circumstances, to return to Primera Division. Ours isn’t, but we can dream.

Q: If you play on Saturday what do you expect?
A: I ‘m aware that I could not find a spot for me there and that neither was a major player, but I always felt appreciated by the people. When I come back I do not think people will whistle me, but neither will applaud much.



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