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01 Dec 2013
Depor cut the winning streak after a goalless draw at the Riazor; Lugo had the ball possession, but barely disturbed Lux, while the locals had the best scoring opportunities. It was a great game of the defense, also of Culio and Luisinho.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was repeating the lineup for the third straight opportunity; this since defender Pablo Insua was fit to play.  The true is that there was a lot of confusion before the game. The Galician defender passed a late test, but he didn’t seem fit to play and it was even announced that Uxío Marcos was going to start, but in the end Insua played.

German Lux was the starting goalie, Diego Seoane covered the right side of the defense, Manuel Pablo played on the left and the centre-backs were Insua and Carlos Marchena.

Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantiños were the centre midfielders, Javier Arizmendi attacked from the right wing, Luisinho did it from the left and Luis Fernández was the central attacker.

At CD Lugo, coach Quique Setién presented the expected 4-2-3-1 figure; with Carlos Pita as the leader at midfield and Francisco Sandaza as the reference up front. There were nine Galician players appearing as a starters, it was the biggest number in this century and the biggest since the ten had in the clash Compostela 3 – Ourense 0 (June 19, 1999)

There were 30,000 persons at the Riazor, which means the biggest crowd on the season. There was a friendly environment and the game was a real party in Galicia. At minute 10, the public shout Nunca Máis, which was a protest for the Prestige wreckage case.

Entertaining game at the Riazor; Los Rojiblancos had the ball possession, but Depor had the best opportunities to score. Both sides had fluidity and hit the post once. Insua made a couple of great cuts, while the best of the locals in attack came with the combination Culio-Luisinho on the left side.

The first approximation in the game was a lateral free-kick for CD Lugo, Lux caught the ball inside the area (5’); Depor responded with a combination between Luisinho and Culio that earned a corner-kick; in the resulting cross Arizmendi headed the ball over the crossbar (10’).

In the next minutes the script of the game turned to be clear: Lugo were having the ball while Depor were, as it happened many times before, waiting at the back trying to define the game through counterattacks and fast attacks. The visitors had their next chance with a drilling and crossed shot of Sandaza that missed the target (11’).

At minute 15, Deportivo had a chance to score in a secondary play after a corner-kick, the cross of Arizmendi from the right was poorly cleared by José Juan, though no one was inside the area to push the ball in.

The best of Depor was coming from the left wing, with the combination between Luisinho and Culio; thus came the next chance as Depor as the locals earned a lateral free-kick that Insua headed over the crossbar (14’).

The visitors responded with a solo-play of Sandaza in which he assisted De CozÁlex Bergantiños completed the first shot on goal in the game: a drilling attempt that was too easy for visiting goalie Jose Juan (21’), one minute later Luis moved faster than his mark inside the area to collect a cross from Seoane and his attempt hit the woodwork. That was the best chance of Depor in the whole game.

Despite Lugo were having the ball possession, the true is that it was Depor the side that deserved the goals. Insua, despite not been at 100%, made a great job at defense, even making a couple of cuts that were crucial to avoid problems for Lux, who didn’t have to make any save during the first part. At minute 26, a drilling cross of Culio couldn’t be collected neither by Luis nor Arizmendi despite José Juan was already defeated.

There were only 18 fouls in the whole game, something that helped to witness an entertaining encounter. The most dangerous play for the visitors in the match came at minute 34, Fernando Seoane released a drilling shot from the edge of the area, his crossed attempt hit the far post of Lux and luckily it didn’t enter after passing across the goal line.

And within the last five minutes Depor continued to have the best opportunities; at minute 39, Álex Bergantiños missed the target from the box after collecting a short cross from the left, four minutes later Marchena made a big play on the right wing eluding two rivals and releasing and accurate cross into the path of Luisinho, but Jose Juan blocked his chipping attempt. The half ended with a polemic play after Luis was pushed inside the area and no call was made (43’).

The pace in the second part was slower, mainly as Depor missed to create danger as the attackers got tired. Lugo increased the percentage in the ball possession and it seemed that they had the locals at their mercy, but at the same time Setién’s side missed depth and never gave problems to German Lux.

The second part began with the game following the same path of the first. Lugo were feeling comfortable having the ball possession, but Depor continued to be the side with the best opportunities. At minute 49, Luis collected the ball at the edge of the area after a perfect volley of Luisinho, but he couldn’t end the play properly, one minute later the former Fabril’s striker was assisted by Culio and his final drilling attempt was stopped by José Juan.

At minute 53, Insua made a big play saving the goal after a drilling cross from the left, in that action Sandaza protested a penalty that left many doubts. Insua touched him, though the striker also exaggerated the fall. Then Vázquez made the first substitution as Laure replaced Seoane, who was already dragging a yellow card.

The first shot on target for the visiting team came at minute 56, Carlos Pita collected the ball at the edge of the area after a clearance and his strong shot was stopped by Lux. That was one of the only two shots on target for them, a scarce reward for their overwhelming dominion (at some point in the half the ball possession was 69%) 

And it’s that, with the passage of the minutes,  Lugo got a total control of the actions and Depor’s attacks were scarcer. Vázquez tried to refresh the attack and allowed the entry of Rudy for Arizmendi. The last modification was the entry of Borja Bastón claiming the spot of Luis. The Galician attacker made a nice game, but he couldn’t capitalize his opportunities, the last one a lateral shot before going out of the pitch. Neither Rudy nor Bastón changed the picture as Depor were now looking tired, only pending of Culio and Luisinho.

Depor’s next chance came until minute 76, Culio got the ball at the left wing and his cross was cleared with the fists by José Juan before reaching Borja Bastón. Lugo also got tired and within the last ten minutes they seemed content with the goalless draw, actually Depor had the ball within the last five minutes and the stoppage time, but there were no more shots on target.

Despite the goalless draw it was an entertaining mini-derby; with both teams hit the post once and protested a possible penalty. As it was expected, Lugo had the ball and practiced the best football, but the goal opportunities were for Deportivo. Culio and Luisinho were great in attack, but the defense was once again the key, commanded by Marchena and Insua, who even wasn’t totally fit to play.

The result is cutting the winning streak of Deportivo and Los Blanquiazules could end second at the standings if Recreativo de Huelva defeat CD Numancia on Sunday. On next Saturday, Depor play again in A Coruña as Deportivo Alavés visit the Riazor (18h15 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Seoane (Laure 56’), Insua, Marchena, Manuel Pablo – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Arizmendi (Rudy 68’), Culio, Luisinho – Luis (Borja Bastón 73’)
Lugo: (4-2-3-1) José Juan -  De Coz, Pavón, Jorge García, Manu - Carlos Pita (Rafa Garcia 83’), Fernando Seoane - Pablo Sánchez (Iago Díaz 80’), Álvaro Peña, Iván Pérez – Sandaza (Juanjo 66’).
Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre. He showed yellow card to Seoane (6’), De Coz (89’) and Rafa García (90’)
Venue: Riazor (30,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (34% - 66%); Attempts to score (7 – 3); Total shots (10 - 8); Shots on target (3 - 2); Saves by the keepers (2 - 3); Corner-kicks (3 - 2); Offsides (3 - 1); Fouls committed (8 - 10); Passing accuracy (84.31% - 92.27%)




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