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02 Dec 2013
The coach and the players understand that it was a fair result taking in mind what both teams did in the game; still, Fernando Vázquez is worried for the performance at home, mainly as in the near future there are a lot of games to be played at the Riazor.

Coach Fernando Vázquez liked what he saw during the first half, “In the first half we saw the pace that I want for the team. We were a team that plays together, a team that goes out quickly and surprises the rival running backwards. It’s hard for us to win the home games as we have more problems, but this first part was among the best we did in terms of ball recovery and attack; it’s the style I want to impose.”

At the same time he was admitting the problems lived during the second part, “Apart from the first ten minutes, we were unable to continue with the same idea. Within the last half an hour we lacked the capacity to recover the ball in order to keep making damage. I recognize that it was our mission to take the ball away from Lugo. We missed definition. If we would have scored then Lugo would have faced big problems.”

The Galician managed admitted that his players weren’t at the top of their physical condition, “We had a complicate week and the team wasn’t at the 100% at the end of the match. Possibly the team wasn’t fresh enough during the game. Within the last minutes the team lacked the capacity to regain the ball; we didn’t have the capacity to disturb Lugo. In the end we must be content, because we couldn’t do anything more.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez is worried as Depor continues to miss the victories at The Riazor; especially taking in mind that four of the next six games will be played at home, “We are going to face all kind of problems within the next month. I prefer to draw more away games and later win at home. It’s going to be a complicate month, but we are going to try and stay at the top of the standings.”

Striker Javier Arizmendi was content with the effort done in the match, “I believe it was a competitive game. Both teams showed up their strengths, something that has allowed us to be up there. It was pretty and both sides had their chances, though perhaps we had more opportunities and were closer to the area. In the end it was a draw and we must highlight the positive things. We missed aim, but created enough scoring opportunities to have scored a goal.”

The Madrilenian striker was also commenting the polemic plays of the game as both sides protested a penalty; he was saying that both actions should have been whistled, “I was close in the second and in the first, Luis was going to connect the ball and the player of Lugo pushed him. I believe that both were penalties.”

Meanwhile, Álex Bergantiños was saying that the result was fair, “We were coming from a series of victories and both sides had their options. Both hit the post in the first part. It was a fair result, because the game was equal and nobody was superior. There was a lot of possession at their side, but without too many chances.”

“In the second half the team was more tired and we lacked the same fluidity of the first part. We must be positive. We kept the clean sheet and cannot win all the games. I want to highlight the good environment during the game. It was an equal game and we got a new point to keep living at the top.” The Galician midfielder added.

Juan Dominguez wasn’t content as he wanted to victory, “It’s important to continue living at the top, but what we wanted was to win, to get the three points. It wasn’t possible and we did everything we could. We worked hard and nothing. At least we are keeping the distance with a direct rival. We stay at the top.”

He was also admitting that the team was tired in the second part, “We are fine at the back and the team isn’t allowing the rivals to create chances, but this is exhausting and there’s a lot of fatigue as we’re running a lot and pressing the rival. We need more balance in order to create more opportunities to score. Physically you are more exhausted and this leaves you to be more imprecise with the ball.”

Luis Fernández was another player admitting that the final result was fair, “The result was fair. They had the ball possession, but barely created scoring opportunities. They just made one shot on target in the first part, the chance of Seoane hitting the post, and in this regard we had more opportunities, but were unable to score a goal. So, the 0-0 was the fairest thing. I believe we had enough chances to win the game. Lugo is a team that plays well; in any case we had our chances in the first half. We had some opportunities in the second part. The draw was the fairest thing.”

The striker also commented the play in which he was asking for the penalty, “I believe it was penalty. There was a push when I was jumping. I was about to connect the ball and then I was pushed, I believe it was penalty, though we’ll have to watch it again on TV. But well, we cannot blame this play for the result.”

The revealing thing came on Sunday as centre-back Palo Insua admitted that he committed a penalty, “Truly the referee asked me if I touched him and I answered that yes. I believe that it was penalty, but also that he exaggerated the play.” He also explained what happened before the game, “They put me a bandage and had a lot of pain and then I got a new one that didn’t bother me too much. It still bothers me, but the week is long and I hope to be okay for Saturday.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was saying that the final result was fair, “The true is that it is hard for us to score the goals. I believe there were enough opportunities and we didn’t seize them. It’s also true that Lugo did what it was expected, it’s a very good team. They treat the ball pretty well, though today they missed depth. So, we can consider that the draw was fair, though we had more arrivals and more chances to win the game.”

Depor’s boss insisted that the club must make signings during the winter window and even admitted contacts with Jorge Mendes, “We believe it’s fundamental for the team to reinforce some positions; not only for the quality of the players, but the number of players that we have available. We cannot allow seeing an injury causing problems. We will keep fighting. We had a dinner with friends that love Deportivo [Mendes]; they want to help the board of directors. It’s confidential and we aren’t going to talk of the subject. What must remain clear is that, no matter who wins the elections, the club needs players.”

At CD Lugo, coach Quique Setién was commenting the actions and admitted that Depor could have won the clash, “The game had phases of good football, alternatives, but there were also moments in which the pace was slower. We were too enthusiastic in the first part and we didn’t do the right things, actually we suffered counterattacks that could have ended in goals; we were wrong at the moment of combining, something we changed for the second half.”

“If any side should have won the game it was Deportivo, because in the first part they created more opportunities and they didn’t materialize them. All the opportunities in which we tried, unless the shot of Fernando [Seoane] that hit the post, weren’t right. There were too many mismatches that could have cost a goal.” He added.



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