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03 Dec 2013
New defeat for a deflated Fabril that continues to face problems in order to compete at Tercera. The team held the tie in the first part, but fell in the second allowing two goals in a matter of three minutes. Not even the “reinforcements” are working out.

José Luis Devesa recalled centre midfielder Paulo Teles and centre-back Uxío Marcos, who were sat on the bench with Fernando Vázquez for the game against CD Lugo. Since they didn’t play both were starters in this game, while playmaker Bicho wasn’t picked for that match and was a starter on this visit. Left-back Aarón Rama was out injured. Jorge Romay was serving the first of his four matches of suspension after been sent off on the previous week.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1. David Gómez was the starting goalie, Jorge Callón performed at the right side of the defense, Adrián Martinez did it on the left, while Stefan Deák and Uxío were the centre-backs, Sidibé and Ángel Fernández were the centre midfielders, Iago Beceiro attacked from the right wing, Bicho did it from the left, Teles was the playmaker, while Dani Iglesias  was the central attacker.

The rival was UD Somozas, team that’s trying to confirm its aspirations of playing the promotion playoff. The team is coached by Miguel Ángel Alonso. Striker Stefan Rodríguez (stress fracture) and defender Iago López (ankle sprain) were out injured, but ex-Fabril Luis Ángel was a starter; he’s the Pichichi at the team with six goals scored before this meeting.

Another disappointing performance by Fabril. The team never matched the expectations and fell before the enthusiasm and aim of a solid rival. It’s true that Romay was off, but Devesa was counting with the “reinforcements” coming from the first team, but neither Bicho nor Teles nor Uxío added something interesting; not even the presence of Iago Beceiro, the revulsive in previous matches, helped to rescue a positive outcome.

Once again it wasn’t the day for Depor B and this was clear since the first minutes; just two minutes after the kick-off Rubén Gómez drilled the ball into the path of Luis Ángel and the ex-Fabril scored the goal crossing David Gómez from close range.

At least Fabril had the virtue to react and scored the equalizer ten minutes later, though it was in a polemic call  after Edi fouled Bicho inside the area. Paulo Teles scored the goal from the penalty spot, his first goal on the Tercera season.

That was the only good thing of Depor B in this game, because later the team was at the mercy of an incisive rival. The defense held the tie until half-time, mainly thanks to David Gómez, who made two key saves before the attempts of Luis Ángel and Edi. Bicho had a great chance to score with a shot from the edge of the area that hit the crossbar.  Depor B also suffered a blow before the pause as Teles had to be replaced due to an injury.

Devesa, as he did in previous meetings, moved the bench and at the same time began with hi experiments. Centre-back Róber was the one that replaced Teles, a move that switched the draw into a 4-5-1, with a triple pivote figure at midfield.

But it was useless, because the locals scored twice in a matter of three minutes, and both goals came in set-pieces, something that already gave problems in past games. Firstly, Édgar Alvariño ‘Edi’ surprised David Gómez with a direct free-kick that drilled the defensive wall, and two minutes later Roberto Baleato headed in a lateral free-kick crossing Depor’s goalie.

There was no reaction from Fabril despite that Devesa moved the bench allowing the entries of Cañi and Álex Pérez replacing Adrián and Iago Beceiro, but nothing happened. This time Beceiro didn’t shine; he was the revulsive in previous games, but this time he wasn’t determinant.

Neither Bicho shone, though it was him the most dangerous player in the first part, causing the play of the penalty and hitting the woodwork in an action that could have changed the game. Still, more is expected from a player that trains with the first team aiming to get a spot at Segunda División.

Fabril never reacted; actually the locals could have increased the lead, but they missed three clear chances within the final minutes. Baleato hit the woodwork from close range in a new action in a set-piece (this time a corner-kick), later Luis Ángel wasted a one-on-one action and defender Alex Bao missed the target in direct free-kick action from inside the area.

The disappointing season of Deportivo B continued with a new defeat; despite the “reinforcements” coming from the first team the youngsters aren’t reacting and are playing worse with the passage of the matchdays. In this game they reached half-time with the draw on the scoresheet, but fell down in the second part and even deserved a biggest loss. Fabril have only won one of the last eight meetings and now is nine points below the promotion zone. There is no Tercera football on next weekend due to the compromises of the Galician team participating in the preliminary round of the UEFA Regions Cup. In the next game Fabril will host CD Dorneda on Wednesday, December 11, it’s a club that’s fighting to avoid the pit.

Comments of Devesa: ”We are lost, chasing the rival on the pitch. It is something that shouldn’t be the responsibility of the coach, but of the player. What happens is that we have players on here that aren’t coming in order to compete.”

UD Somozas: (4-2-3-1) Abraham – José González, Rosa, Bao, Fiuza – Edi (David Franch 61’), Heber (Ares 85’) – Baleato, Rubén Gómez, Pablo Antas (Pablo Berros 75’) – Luis Ángel.
Deportivo B: David Gómez – Callón, Uxío, Deák, Adrián (Cañi 60’) – Sidibé, Ángel - Iago Beceiro (Álex Pérez 80’), Teles (Róber 46’) – Bicho – Dani Iglesias
Goals: 1-0: (2’) Luis Ángel, 1-1: (15’) Teles (penalty), 2-1: (55’) Edi, 3-1: (57’) Roberto Baleato
Referee: Daniel García Lesta. He showed yellow card to Edi (36’), Fiuza (48’) and Róber (54’)
Venue: Pardiñas (800)




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