06 Dec 2013
Centre-back KakŠ offered an interview to journalist Eugenio Cobas from newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa. The centre-back said that heís ready to play, though he knows that there are other players deserving to be the starters at defense.

Q: How are you?
A: Better. I no longer have pain and am training with the group. Iím working harder on this week in the attempt to recover the lost time when I was off. Now Iím free to train. Iíve small issues, but it isnít preventing me from working.

Q: Are you ready to play?
A: I'm fine. If the coach needs me, I'm ready to help.

Q: Why did it take so long for you to recover?
A: It was a little more complicated than we thought and we decided to take more time in order to avoid further problems.

Q: Are you anxious to get back?
A: I really want to help, because it's so boring to be stopped and helplessly watch the team from the outside. I am happy to be training with the team.

Q: How have you seen Deportivo from the outside in these last matchdays?
A: We must be happy, because we are among the first places. The results are helping.

Q: What do you think of the work done so far by Carlos Marchena and Pablo Insua?
A: Both are very good. They work hard and the whole team too. To not allow goals is a merit of the whole team; from [Manuel] Pablo, Marchena, UxŪo to even I. Everybody. Itís also the job of the midfielders and the strikers.

Q: Do you assume that it will be hard for you to get a slot?
A: When the team is fine then thereís no need to change. When you win, we all win, and when you lose, we all lose. When I can have the chance to enter then I'll try to do my best. I donít care if I play or not. The important thing is that I'm ready, which is what I wanted. Weíve a very short squad and itís important that everyone is available. The coach is the one who makes decisions.

Q: Do you suffer more from the outside?
A: It's very hard to stay out and watch the team mates fighting for the goals. You stay a little sad. From the outside it is very boring when you think your colleagues could need your help. Better is to be available. I really want to help.

Q: Four of the next six games are played at the Riazor, Is a priority to improve at home?
A: Weíve to do it. Outside it is always difficult to find the points although we are adding a lot on the road. It is also important to win at the Riazor.

Q: Defensively Depor are very solid, but usually it is hard to create scoring opportunities, donít you think?
A: We need to improve on offense, but also in the middle and on defense. Gradually we have to improve in the attempt to reach perfection and to see things going well.

Q: The strongest point you have, undoubtedly, is the defense.
A: Yes. The coach always tells us it is very important to be close to each other, well positioned and always helping the team mate in order to not leak goals. Thus we've won games. Gradually weíll continue to improve. I think we're on the right track.

Q: Did you expect a higher level at Segunda Divisiůn?
A: It isnít like two or three years ago. Then there were more quality teams. It doesnít mean that todayís teams donít have it, but perhaps that there were more difficult opponents. This year everything is more balanced. There isnít a team thatís far superior to others. The level is pretty equal.

Q: After nearly a year in La CoruŮa, how do you feel in the club and in the city?
A: Very comfortable. I like the city and the club and the people behind the club. I'm happy and my family is very happy here. I will do everything possible to help in the quest for promotion. Deportivo should be at Primera. All the players are working in order to return it to its rightful place.



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