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08 Dec 2013
Deportivo regained the leadership after a suffered win at the Riazor; the Galicians completely dominated the actions within the first 65 minutes, but a doubtful penalty changed the script, though the locals claimed the three points.

Big surprise at the lineup of Fernando Vázquez, he switched the system into a 4-4-2 leaving Diego Seoane and Rudy on the bench and allowing the appearance for the first time as starters of the combination Luis-Bastón.

Lux was the starting goalie; Laure performed on the right-back position, Manuel Pablo stayed on the left, while Insua and Marchenaperformed at the centre of the defense. Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantińos were the centre midfielders, Juan Carlos played towards the right wing, Culio did the same on the left, then Luis Fernández and Borja Bastón were the starters at the centre of the attack.

It was the first appearance as a starter for Bastón in a month; the last time the Madrilenian took part of the starting eleven was for the home game against Real Madrid Castilla (matchday 12).  Juan Carlos Real was the other big novelty in the game; within the previous three games he only played 5 minutes and was now making his sixth appearance as a starter

At Deportivo Alavés, new boss Juan Carlos Mandiá was debuting and keeping the 4-4-2 system of former boss Natxo González. Borja Viguera was the main reference up front and Ion Vélez stayed as a starter, leaving Mauro Quiroga on the bench.

Solid first part for Depor; the locals always looked dangerous, mainly penetrating by the left wing, and only lacked more aim to complete more shots on target. Juan Carlos played a great half after a doubtful start; he scored the goal and was close to net the second after a brilliant play.

There was a high pace within the first minutes; Depor tried to gain the control of the actions, but Alavés were pushing at midfield and were trying to surprise with fast attacks, mainly on the right wing. The first approximation in the game was a shot of Culio after a poor clearance of the visiting defense, but he missed the target (10’).

The first shot on target came at minute 12, Borja Viguera got the ball after an error at Depor’s defense and his strong shot from outside the area was caught by Lux. At this point the script of the game was pretty clear: the Galicians were having the ball possession and the initiative, while the Basques were solid at defense and looking dangerous in the counterattack.

In the next minutes the locals pushed to get the first goal and had a couple of good approximations by the sides, but those chances weren’t transformed into a shot no target. The main one was a scissors-kick attempt of Luis after a pass by Culio, but the striker missed the target (19’). Four minutes later the same protagonist attempted in a direct free-kick, but his shot was deflected and was later caught by visiting goalie Ińaki Goitia

Depor were looking fresh up front despite that up to six players were always defending at Alavés’ team, the combination Luis-Borja brought concern to the rival, but the main danger came on the left through Culio and Luisinho. Juan Carlos also improved with the passage of the minutes after a doubtful start in which he lost the ball twice within the first seven minutes.

Thus the locals got the deserved lead in their first shot on target in the game. Culio controlled the ball at midfield during a counterattack, he assisted Luisinho, who ran alone on the left wing to enter the area and drill a perfect pass that found Juan Carlos alone enough at the box to score the goal with a small touch. It’s the first goal in liga for the Galician playmaker.

The goal didn’t change the script; actually Depor looked more dangerous than in the previous minutes and the Galicians were close to score in a couple of crosses that didn’t find a proper receiver. At minute 37, Marchena headed out a corner-kick thrown by Culio, but the best chance came with Juan Carlos, who made a wonderful play on the left wing eluding a rival past Goitia with a chipping attempt that went out inches away from the far post.

The half ended with Fernando Vázquez protesting as two Depor’s players were booked for minor plays, one of them was Pablo Insua, who collected the fifth yellow card on the season after a challenge over Manu Garcia; he’s now suspended for the visit to SD Eibar.

The rivals committed 30 fouls in the game, the highest against Depor on this sesson, but their players were only booked twice. The second yellow for Depor was over Juan Carlos for delaying the game. Alavés’ winger Emilio Sánchez got injured at the end of the first part and he was replaced by Carlos Lázaro.

Suffered second part for Depor; the Galicians had things under control and were looking for a bigger score, but suddenly a very doubtful penalty awoke a rival that was already dead. In the end the local team grabbed to the narrow advantage and clinched the victory.

And Depor found the missed aim in the first part after just 90 seconds; Laure got the ball at the right wing and assisted Juan Dominguez at the centre, then the Galician midfielder drilled the ball into the area and Borja Bastón scored the second with a perfect cross past Goitia.

The goal brought tranquility to Depor and the players reduced the pace, though Alavés never reacted and the locals continued to be the side having the ball possession. Depor’s players were placidly having the ball possession and the next chance came until minute 56, and it was a big one for Luis Fernández, who missed the target from inside the box after an assist by Culio, but his crossed attempt just passed close to the far post. In the next play Luisinho couldn’t resolve a one-one-one action before Goitia.

Alavés were at the mercy of Depor; their defensive solidity shown in the first minutes was gone and every attack of the Galician was practically ending in a good chance for Depor. The second shot on goal in the game for the visitors was a play in a free-kick of Óscar Serrano that was caught by Lux (61’), and then came the big blow for Los Blanquiazules.

The first error in the play was that Depor had the ball at midfield, and without explanation a bad pass was made and suddenly there was a corner-kick in favour of Alavés, in the resulting cross Culio and Manu García were pulling each other, but in the end referee Pablo González Fuertes  whistled a very doubtful penalty.

Borja Viguera scored his 12th goal on the season from the penalty spot and the game completely changed; suddenly the locals were no longer attacking and Alavés, side that was dead at this point, went back to life and was really close to score the equalizer.

The biggest play for the visiting team was a header of  Jarošík after a new corner-kick coming from the left, and in this opportunity Lux made the save (69’). Fernando Vázquez ordered the first substitution and at the same time switched the draw into a 5-4-1 as Kaká replaced Borja Bastón.

Alavés only made two shots on target within the first 65 minutes, but in the final part they completed three more, the last one a shot of Borja Viguera that was saved by Lux (72’). At this point Depor was already a broken team, only focused in defending before a growing rival.

Among the attackers Culio was the only player that didn’t lower his performance and his continuous runs brought oxygen to the team, Vázquez completed the changes in the game with the entries of Rudy and Sergio Teles replacing Juan Carlos and Luis

Deportivo deserved a big score for what Fernando Vázquez’s player did within the first 65 minutes, but later a doubtful penalty changed the game, because Alavés was back into contention and was close to clinch the equalizer. The defense was solid and the offensive players looked great in the first part, mainly Juan Carlos and Culio.

The win allows Depor to regain the leadership, now two points above Recreativo de Huelva and five points over third place Sporting Gijón. On next Sunday, Depor travel to Ipurua in order to face SD Eibar (12h00 CET). Pablo Insua is suspended for this match.

Deportivo: (4-4-2) Lux – Laure, Insua, Marchena, Luisinho – Juan Carlos (Rudy 82’), Álex Bergantińos, Juan Domínguez, Culio – Luis Fernández (Teles 87’), Borja Bastón (Kaká 76’).
Alavés: (4-4-2) Goitia – Óscar, Rubio, Mora, Jarošík, Manu García – Óscar Serrano, Jaume (Toti 76’), Guzmán (Mauro Quiroga 52’), Emilio (Lázaro 44’)  – Borja Viguera, Ión Vélez
Goals: 1-0: (29’) Juan Carlos, 2-0: (48’) Borja Bastón, 2-1: (67’) Borja Viguera (penalty)
Referee: Pablo González Fuertes. He showed yellow card to Insua (41’), Juan Carlos (42’), Jaume (46’), Ion Vélez (63’) & Culio (66’)
Venue: Riazor (21,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (54% - 46%); Attempts to score (7 – 4); Total shots (9 - 6); Shots on target (4 - 5); Saves by the keepers (4 - 2); Corner-kicks (5 - 2); Offsides (2 - 1); Fouls committed (17 - 30); Passing accuracy (86.43% - 81.23%)




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