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09 Dec 2013
The coach and the players were content with a new victory in liga; Borja Bastón and Juan Carlos were feeling relieved with their goals, while Luis Fernández thought he was offside when he had the chance to score the third.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was commenting the game, “I believe we had a slow start; little by little we were plugged into the game and then we scored the first. We had chances to kill the game in the first half and well, it wasn’t possible. We were good at the start of the second part and scored the second, had the chance for the third and didn’t do it, later we were nervous, everybody, the players, the coach and the fans, in the end we saved the situation, which is the important thing.”

Then he explained why he lasted with the modifications, “I lasted a little in making the chances, because the game was under control. We were searching for the third goal and I thought that nothing was going to happen with the 2-1. I waited and waited and then made a decision. Evidently they were impressive and put a lot of people up front. They understood that we put another centre-back in order to defend, though it wasn’t the idea. In the end we were lucky as the equalizer never came. Another win and it is what matters.”

“The team demonstrated that it’s capable of putting pressure up front and also when the team was in movement. The idea was to create more opportunities and I believe we did it at times. After the 2-0 it was pretty clear that we wanted to have the ball, and from there came that error that cost the corner-kick. I’m content with what the team left on the pitch.” He added

He wasn’t upset with the doubtful penalty in favour of Alavés, “It is one of those plays that occur; one of the messes that you see inside the area. I hope that other day it would be in our favour.” Then the Galician coach commented on the performance of Borja Bastón, “Borja ran a lot; he gave everything and it is what I want to see. Today Borja had the chance and showed up a superior level.”

El Profesor also had positive comments on Juan Dominguez’s performance, “Possible Juan Dominguez is one of the players to whom this playing style is more beneficial;  Culio was performing towards the left and therefore there was more room; he was able to play from behind, just like Álex. He shone more there, while with Culio and Luisinho you have a quality performance on the side.”

About the fact that Insua is suspended for the next game, he said that, “It’s always important. He was showing a great level and a solvency that it isn’t normal for a young lad like him. We won’t have him and let’s hope that Kaká will be better in a physical sense; neither Ipurua is a small pitch like it was in the past. It’s a team that plays different and I believe we are going to suffer less, at least it’s what I expect.”

Finally, Vázquez emphasized the fact that Depor have increased the difference with the third place, “We are one of the teams that want to get the direct promotion. The bigger the difference with the third place, the better. We must emphasize this difference, because is good to be the leader, but the important thing is to look at the third place, it’s the definitive gap.”

Luis Fernández commented that, “Today the goal of the team was to win and add the three points; we wanted to turn into a good thing the point of last weekend and the true is that we are content. We were fine and clinched the points. We are the leaders and we need to work in order to solidify our position.”

The Galician striker also commented that play in which he missed to score the third goal. “We missed a lot of chances. I missed a big opportunity as I thought it was offside. It was a big error by me. The true is that any team is able to push you into your area and you end up suffering. “

Borja Bastón was feeling relieved with his goal, “I needed the goal and it was helpful for the team. We are working in order to gain a spot at the lineup. I am happy for the goal and especially for the victory. Things were complicated at the end. Things were under control, but I committed a mistake with a pass and we committed a foolish penalty. Anyway we won and the important thing is the three points and that we stay at the top.”

“Segunda División is tough and any error can put you in a mess and that’s what happened to us today. But we are content as the team stays at the top. It’s difficult to get used to win, we are doing fine and, despite the league is long, there’s an important difference with the third place and we are fine. The team is winning games and improving; it’s the path to follow.” The Madrilenian attacker added.

Juan Carlos completed his best game on the season, which included scoring a goal. He commented that, “Truly a goal always brings something extra. I needed it, because I wasn’t fine in some games. It brings confidence and I am content. I knew that I had a better level of what I always showed; though today’s performance wasn’t something out of this world.”

“It’s always hard to perform on the side, but I felt comfortable. After their goal we were more cautious, but we are leaving content. We had clear ideas and were dominated until their penalty. The rival pushed and tried to dominate us. Anyway we are content as we are fine. A lot still ahead and we must continue working.” The Galician midfielder added.

Meanwhile, Laure wasn’t too content with the game of his team, “The true is that we are leaving with a bittersweet taste in the mouth, because we were dominating and creating chances. We lacked concentration and this is our current path. At the same time we are content with the victory, but are also aware that we need to improve in order to stay at the top, especially we need continuity in our game. Today we lacked that continuity at the end of the second part. It brought life to them. Still, we are content with the win.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro said that he suffered within the final minutes, “Evidently you cannot have tranquility in any of the games at the Riazor. We suffered a lot in a game that we could have easily won with a bigger result. We could have achieved a bigger score and ended asking for the final whistle. So, it’s normal to suffer, not because they had chances, but because we knew that at any moment they could have scored due to their offensive power. I believe the result was fair though, it was even short, but the important thing is to keep adding points. The leadership is motivating too, though at this height of the competition the important thing is the points and not the particular situations at the standings. I also want to thank the fans, because they were great again.”

At Alavés, coach Juan Carlos Mandiá was commenting the game, “I’m willing to help and I’m conscious that the situation is difficult as we need to win games. In today’s game the first goal hurt us, because until that point we weren’t suffering. They scored the 1-0 and at the beginning of the second part they scored the second. “

“It was an intense game, facing a team with a lot of confidence. In the first part we should have had more patience. In the second there was more intensity and we were more dangerous. It was a pity the big save by Lux after a corner-kick. We must continue growing. We know this is a competition where winning each game is complicated. We must continue working in order to gain pace and improve our game.” He ended.



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