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12 Dec 2013
The three official candidates continue with their campaigns to preside Deportivo La Coruña; Cascallar calls for unity, while Conchado is focusing in January’s elections. Lendoiro will join the group presenting his candidacy today.

One month before the elections at Deportivo and the three official candidates are pretty active trying to call the attention of voters. There have been press conferences, interviews, more personal acts as presentations before the shareholders and even Twitter chats.

Candidate Manuel López Cascallar offered a press conference on Tuesday at the Riazor; he’s worried as the club has had problems to negotiate with the Spanish Treasury, so he’s calling to unity in order to avoid the same problem lived on July 31. He believes the board of directors isn’t doing enough to fix this importing issue.

“The situation is not under control. We must be united for the viability of the club, it is what it is, just like we did in every game at the Riazor. The same union and commitment must be demonstrated in the social aspect, because the situation is complicated. Let’s stop talking of signings and other business without importance, because from here to January 10 the only important thing is one: the agreement with the creditors and the viability of Deportivo. I don’t want another July 31, but for the moment we are heading to live a similar moment, but with a worse ending.” He said during the press conference.

Meanwhile, candidate German Conchado opted in private acts and also in a Twitter chat. The lawyer again blamed the president and his board of directors for the current financial problems at the club. At the same time he released a statement in which he revealed his strategy.

Conchado is upset as the club arranged the elections for January, just when the period of the president is running out on December 23, so he thinks that this extra month shouldn’t count and proposed to fire the president and his advisors during this month’s shareholders meeting and then name a new board of directors composed by the members of all the candidacies, but he changed his mind as he now thinks that it would be useless to have a new board of directors for only one month. So, his new strategy is to only focus on January’s election.

In the case of Tino Fernández, he has been busy with interviews and with personal acts before the shareholders in order to present his plan. He even opened an office in A Coruña. On Thursday he offered an interview at Radio Cadena Ser. His position is completely different to Conchado as he wants to advance the elections to the end of this month.

During the radio interview he insisted that his candidacy will still try to advance the elections to December 21, “We understand that if there’s a chance to do it in December then it won’t be necessary to make elections in January. Right now we are collecting the delegations from the shareholders, either to be presented in December or in January. We will decide what to do at the end of the month, but won’t show our cards before.”

Like Cascallar, he was also firing against Lendoiro for the problems had with the Spanish Treasury, “Without agreement everything is lost, the year 2013 is wasted, because we never negotiated and are leaving the issue for the end. It seems that we want to see the AEAT swallowing what we want to agree during the creditors meetings. What we need to do is negotiate. What I know is that the last meeting between Lendoiro and the Treasury was worse than the previous ones, so now we need to search for allies in order to search for intermediary positions. We must remember that the debt of the football clubs with the government is 600 million Euros, so the sixth part is ours, and this is money that corresponds to the BAT that wasn’t paid. The main source of the club wasn’t to collect money, but to not pay what we owed. We are all responsible for this. Even I, because I trusted in Lendoiro.”

Finally, Augusto César Lendoiro is presenting his candidacy today in a public act; he will address the media on Friday. He will reveal the persons that will join him in the new project. The current president has been in the job for the past 25 years.



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