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22 Dec 2013
Exciting end of year at the Riazor. As Fernando Vázquez predicted there was a lot of action at both areas with the score changing in three different opportunities. Depor allowed three goals in set-pieces and rescued a point at the last minute.

Coach Fernando Vázquez chose to play with a 4-2-3-1 formation; Antonio Núñez was a starter for the first time and Manuel Pablo was also part of the starting formation, in this way the Canarian is now the second player with more official games performing for Deportivo.

Lux was the starting goalie, Laure played at the right side of the defense, Manuel Pablo performed on the left, while the central positions were for Insua and Marchena. Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantiños were the central midfielders, Núñez attacked from the right wing, Luisinho did it form the left, Culio was the playmaker and Borja Bastón was the chosen one to perform at the centre of the attack.

At CD Numancia, coach Juan Antonio Anquela was presented the expecting 4-2-3-1 formation, which was the same lineup of the past game against SD Ponferradina. Antonio Tomás was a starter, while Julio Álvarez and Valencian Natalio Lorenzo were the main references up front.

This is the kind of game difficult to describe due to the many turns throughout the ninety minutes. Depor were quite superior in the first act and in the second the tide changed. Solid display in the first part; a new distraction cost a goal in a set-piece, but this time Depor were able to react thanks to the cracks at midfield left by Numancia and by the skills of Culio and Núñez, key players in the attacking efforts of the Galicians.

The game began with a clear chance for CD Numancia; a poor clearance by Marchena allowed Natalio to attempt a shot from the edge of the area, but his strong attempt went over the crossbar (1’). One minute later Julio Álvarez attempted from the edge of the area and missed the target.

After the initial doubts the locals claimed control of the actions. Depor’s first opportunity in the game came at minute 5; after two straight corner-kicks Insua headed the ball out collecting a cross sent by Culio. Two minutes later Núñez made a great individual move on the centre eluding five rivals, but his final cross hit a rival before reaching the path of Bastón.

And suddenly it came a shocker for Depor as the visiting team claimed the lead, once again in a set-piece. A free-kick at the edge of the area was sent into the far post, Francisco Regalón headed the ball into the box and centre-back Juan Manuel Marrero ‘Juanma’ just pushed the ball in from close range. The true is that the goal shouldn’t have counted as Regalón was clearly in offside, but nothing was whistled by referee Arcediano Monescillo.

Deportivo tried to react and the Galicians completed their first two shots on target in a matter of a minute; first it was Marchena after a corner-kick (17’) and later Juan Dominguez after a combinative play, in both actions visiting goalie Biel Ribas made the save.

Despite the disadvantage Los Blanquiazules were looking fresh in attack, but referee Arcediano Monescillo turned to be a protagonist after he didn’t want to show  a direct red card to Juanma, who stopped the ball with the arm when Borja Bastón  was ready to face Biel Ribas one-on-one. Later he also forgave Álex Bergantiños after committing two fouls in which the midfielder was only booked for the first.

The errors of the referee caused the protests at the stands, but Depor were still plugged into the game and proof of this was the fact that two goals were scored in a matter of a minute. The first one a marvelous solo-play of Juan Dominguez, collecting a loose ball at midfield and then running into the edge of the area eluding two rival to end firing a precise shot into the top right-corner of Biel Ribas.

Just seconds later Antonio Núñez made a great play on the right wing eluding a rival and then releasing a precise volley into the path of Borja Bastón, who headed the ball downwards and into the net. It’s the seventh goal in liga for him.

At this point the unusual things began, because for the first time Depor were winning a game on this league season after been down in the scoresheet. A key to understand the quick comeback was the surprising softness of Numancia at midfield; the visiting team wasn’t marking the sector despite the advantage and despite they were pushing up front, it allowed the Galicians to quickly move the ball through the sector, manly through Juan Dominguez, Culio and Núñez, in this way the attackers were constantly finding situations in which they had a lot of room before the rival’s defense.

Depor even had the chance to score a third goal before the break, but Borja Bastón wasn’t able to finalize a great pass of Culio leaving him alone before Biel Ribas. The low shot of the Madrilenian went out close to the near post of the keeper (43’).

The excitement continued in the second part; Depor lost control of the actions and Numancia just needed two set-pieces to claim the new lead, once again with a protagonic role for the referee. But the Galicians didn’t deserve to lose and had countless chances to win the game; they seized one at the last minute and even had more opportunities to win the match.

Depor had the initiative at the beginning of the second part; the Galicians were having the ball and were attacking, though missing the fluidity of the first part. Numancia were locked at the back and didn’t manage to reach the area defended by Lux, for this reason there were no goal attempts within the first fifteen minutes.

With the passage of the minutes this picture began to change, because Los Rojillos began to push up front, while Depor began to exploit the counterattack, a figure they’ve been capitalizing throughout the season. But in this game it failed, because Numancia, a limited but warrior team, never surrender and they were the ones that exploited the weakness of the rival: the set-pieces.

Borja Bastón was looking exhausted and taking in mind that Depor were plying on the counterattack Fernando Vázquez opted in allowing the entry of Luis Fernández. But the substitute that had an instantaneous impact in the game was Sergi Enrich, who entered at the middle of the half to score twice.

Firstly a direct free-kick taken by Julio Álvarez was cleared by Lux (66’), in the resulting corner-kick Enrich headed the ball at the penalty spot sending the ball into the roof of the goal.  Immediately Vázquez sent Juan Carlos to replace Núñez.

Deportivo were looking clueless in attack; Núñez was gone and the cracks at midfield too. The Galicians had big problems to reach the area of Numancia after the visiting outfit were no longer allowing the quick transitions of Culio and Juan Dominguez, so Vázquez risked allowing the entry of Rudy for Manuel Pablo. The Portuguese caused a free-kick action in which Culio attempted on target with Biel Ribas making the save (72’).

And a new shocker occurred as Depor allowed the third goal in a new set-piece, this time a free-kick from the right in which no one at Deportivo’s defense could clear the ball inside the area and suddenly it reached the path of Enrich, who scored the goal from close range. Once again referee Arcediano Monescillo was on the spotlight, because he didn’t whistle a new offside.

In this way the surprises continued as Depor were allowing three goals in one single game for the first time on the season. Anquela was winning the battle before Fernando Vázquez as his changes were more effective, but this rollercoaster wasn’t over, because Los Blanquiazules were going to score the equalizer.

Before Culio had the chance to score it after getting a low cross from Juan Carlos; the Argentine wasn’t expecting the ball and couldn’t resolve the play inches away from the goal line (88’), one minute later Juan Carlos missed the target with a drilling shot from close range after a solo-play at the edge of the area.

Finally Depor got the deserved equalizer at the first minute of the stoppage time; it was Luis Fernández who headed the ball home after collecting a cross from Culio. It’s his fourth goal in liga. Depor even had two more chances to win this crazy game, in the first the referee didn’t whistle a clear penalty over Luis (90+2’) as the striker was pulled inside the area, in the second a defender cleared the ball from the close range after an attempt of Culio.

Fernando Vázquez predicted a game with a lot of action at both areas and he was right as there were eighteen shots in the match, the half of them on target. What he failed to predict was the course of the game in the second part; his changes didn’t revitalize the performance of a team that was winning at half-time, but got a deserved reward with a last-minute goal. There were many “first times” in this encounter: Depor allowed three goals for the first time, it was winning at some point for the first time after been losing and it dropped points for the first time after been leading in the scoresheet.

Special mention to the decisions of referee Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo. He allowed two goals for Numancia that shouldn’t have counted due to an offside position; he swallowed a last-minute penalty and didn’t show a direct red card to the visiting team at the beginning of the game. He also forgave Álex Bergantiños in a play in which he should have been booked for the second time.

Depor were close to lose the leadership, because Sporting Gijón were winning 1-2 at Barcelona B, but there was a last-minute equalizer in that game too. For now the Galicians remain at the top, but on Sunday, Recreativo de Huelva could return to the first place if they are able to defeat UD Las Palmas. Depor’s players go on vacation and return to train on December 29. The first game of 2014 is the visit to Real Jaén (Sunday, January 5, 18h15 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Insua, Marchena, Manuel Pablo (Rudy 71’) -  Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez –Núñez (Juan Carlos 66’), Culio, Luisinho - Borja Bastón (Luis 60’)
Numancia: (4-2-3-1) Biel Ribas - Akapo, Gaffoor, Juanma, Ripa - Antonio Tomás (Sergi Enrich 64’), Regalón - Bedoya, Julio Álvarez, Vicente (Palanca 60’) – Natalio (Isidoro 80’).
Goals: 0-1: (11’) Juanma, 1-1: (26’) Juan  Domínguez, 2-1: (28’) Borja Bastón, 2-2: (66’) Enrich, 2-3: (79’) Enrich, 3-3: (90+1’) Luis
Referee: Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo. He showed yellow card to Juanma (21’), Álex Bergantiños (30’), Natalio (73’), Luisinho (73’), Insua (78’), Gaffoor (80’), Luis (90’) and Biel Rivas (90’)
Venue: Riazor (25,000)



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