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23 Dec 2013
Depor’s coach admitted that his team missed solidity at defense, mainly in the set-pieces. The players weren’t content as the tam dropped points, though they are content with the leadership. The coach of Numancia admitted the superiority of the rival.

Fernando Vázquez didn’t like the fact that his team allowed three goals in set-pieces, “We always said that to defend the set-pieces was a pending subject to us and it’s like that. Sincerely three goals in set-pieces are too much and we need to search for solutions, because the bleeding is too strong. We knew we were facing a good team, balanced and organized in defense. They put a lot of pressure and little by little we improved. I believe we were better than the rival, but the fact is that we scored the same number of goals than them and that’s why we drew.”

He neither liked the attitude of his team at the beginning of the second part, “It always happens to us that we go too conservative for the second part, perhaps stunned, I don’t know. Until the rival woke up we didn’t wake up and weren’t able to clinch the comeback again, but were close to it. It’s the positive thing of the game: we never before clinched a comeback and we did it now coming from a 0-1 and then after the 2-3, though we didn’t win.”

“It left the felling we were tired, but not, we weren’t tired, it was a matter of putting more passion, will to search for the opposite goal. The objective at half-time was to get a third goal, but we were content only defending. This is another point to improve, it’s tough to fix as how do you train it? We need to talk and find solutions. Sometimes it’s hard for us to get into the game. If we would have scored the third possibly the rival wouldn’t reacted. Sometimes it’s hard for us at the beginning of the game, we need to be creative and find a strategy. We should have searched for the third goal. We need to find that magic button. They call me Harry Potter but I don’t get so far.” He added.

The Galician manager was content with the performance of Antonio Núñez, “He completed some excellent minutes and was close to make the best play of the history, but in the end he didn’t do it. He was an important player as he added depth and velocity. He fulfilled my expectations. What happens is that he’s missing time to compete for the full ninety minutes.”

About the referee he commented that, “People told me that the first goal was offside and later he only showed a yellow card to a player for cutting with the arm a play where Bastón was going to face the keeper; I interpret that it was a red card, but these are just interpretations. It isn’t normal to have tough tackles at minute 2 and in the next play he shows a yellow card to Álex for a lesser foul. I am not asking for their help, but the true is that he was unfair with us in some decisive actions.”

Finally, Vázquez explained the incident before half-time in which he confronted a rival, “One of my players said something and one of their players told to the assistant that I was calling the referee in a derogative way, so I thought it was improper and I talked to him. Nothing happens as I talked to him after the game. These are situation at tense moments.”

Juan Dominguez had mixed feelings and didn’t give importance to his great goal, “I would have loved that the goal would have helped to win the game, to add the three points, but in the end we must realize that we were behind in the score for many minutes and we got a point. We must be content with that. Still, I think we lost two points; we were playing at home and did more merits to win. It is the feeling, but in the other hand we must be thankful as we were able to tie a game in which we were losing.”

The midfielder doesn’t think that Deportivo lowered its performance in the second half, “I don’t think it was a relaxation. We must understand that the rival also plays and changed their game as they were down in the scoresheet. It’s something that happens. We were holding back and things changed due to the set-pieces, something we need to fix now.”

Luis Fernández was feeling unhappy despite he scored the late equalizer, “It was a pity as we did the most difficult thing, which was to clinch a comeback before Numancia, a strong rival in defense. I believe we sinned due to our lack of intensity during the set-pieces. I committed an error in the second goal, because the rival connected the ball in front of me. We managed to tie the game and in the end we didn’t get the three points. Now we must recharge the batteries during the Christmas break, because the second round will be highly demanding.”

Still, the Galician striker is happy as Deportivo reached the Christmas break living at the promotion seats, “Sincerely I didn’t expect for this. What can I say? Since the moment we knew the composition of the squad we followed the orders of the coach and are committed with the cause. Let’s hope we can clinch the promotion.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was neither happy with the outcome, “You end up a little sad, because the true is that I believe that we deserved to win. We could have won, not easily, but at least win the game. We were a little lost in the second part and later we faced those plays in set-pieces. They never had a chance in a normal play and scored three goals ending looking like they dominated big part of the match. If the victory wasn’t possible then let’s hope the draw could be enough to stay as the leaders and close a meritorious first part on the season.”

The president also insisted in the need to make signings during the winter window, “If there’s someone that has been saying since the summer that we need to reinforce the squad, and not only with a player, it was me. It’s the reality. It’s said that the average at Segunda División is something to have in mind, but we aren’t the average. The attendance and the number of socios are making the difference, so I will insist that we need three or four players, and also that Antonio Núñez will be able to continue. The roof was marked by the administrators and even the judge says that we need reinforcements. At this point, without having the approval, we don’t have any deal with anyone. What we say is that a team like Deportivo cannot have this salary cap.”

At CD Numancia, coach Anquela was admitting the superiority of Deportivo, “We suffered a lot. The game was very difficult. I believe we have played against the strongest team, a tough rival with pace. They were coming by all sides and playing good football and I believe it was a miracle that we were able to get out alive. We scored three goals and the pity is that didn’t manage to keep the advantage, because the rival didn’t allow us to do it. They had faith and if the game would have lasted one more minute then we surely would have lost.”



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