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25 Dec 2013
The current president of Deportivo announced that he will leave the club in January after the big defeat on Friday. He retired his candidacy arguing that people want a change. He will stay for a month in order to negotiate with the creditors.

It was a big surprise on Christmas Eve, Augusto César Lendoiro announced that he’s retiring his candidacy to re-election. After 25 years as the boss he will leave the club at the end of January, before he will negotiate the deal with the creditors and then administrate the elections that will take place on January 21 or 22.

He offered a press conference on Tuesday’s afternoon and confirmed his intention of leaving, “Today is an important day, one of those days that will be marked in the personal calendar of Deportivismo. Today we say good-bye to the year at the club and it’s special in this case. It’s clear that a change is needed. All of us have to accept it. If there’s a change we cannot stop it and we don’t need divisions, so this candidacy is renouncing to be present in the elections.”

 “We will stay in order to negotiate a deal with the creditors and will stay in order to give tranquility during the elections. We must accept it and understands that, after twenty-five years, people want a change. We together must reach the goal of the agreement with the creditors. I believe that all the declarations are just creating divisions and we don’t want it.” He added

He also talked of the transfer window, because he thinks that it’s crucial to search for reinforcements, “We cannot forget that in a few days the winter window begins, unfortunately nothing has been talked of football, and we need to have a proper squad, so it’s good to see the candidates having a major freedom in order to have a relation with the agents. As soon as possible we need to start working.”

One day before newspaper La Opinión A Coruña announced that Culio has an important offer in order to leave the club; Lendoiro confirmed it and at the same time said that he will try to stop it, “We will listen the opinions of the candidates regarding the possible signings, what we won’t do is to allow the exit of Culio.”

Lendoiro and his advisors during the press conference
He continued thanking the support of the fans, “Thanks to all the fans, because I believe we are giving the example. We are demonstrating that we are great with the attendances to the stadium at Segunda. I want to thank all the attention on these few days of our campaign. We won’t ask the vote for any candidate, because all the socios are smart enough to understand what they want.”

Asked by reporters he confirmed his two big tasks before leaving the club, “Until January 2, we have two big tasks: the first is to negotiate with the creditors and then be present for the elections. Since that point I will be a normal person. I always liked to write; probably I will be writing something. It’s not negotiable that I will leave the club before January 10, we will be present for the creditors meeting.”

Once again Depor’s boss was remembering why he decided to leave, “The participation was near the 50% during Friday and, with all the divisions, it tells you that a change is wanted and you cannot block it. We don’t need divisions. There has been a primary election, people have responded and we have to abide by the will of the majority. You have to be realistic. We realize that the wave is not favorable and should not break over the fight. You want the toy, well here you have it, enjoy of it and please be responsible.”



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