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31 Dec 2013
The coach of Deportivo B admits that the team isn’t fulfilling the expectations; he believes the new rules of the LFP, plus the current situation with the players performing with the first team, are affecting the results.

José Luis Devesa was interviewed by Radio Cadena Ser on last week during the show Coruña Deportiva; the subject of the short interview was the poor form of Deportivo B, currently lying twelve points behind the promotion seats at the midpoint of the Tercera season.

The coach said that the current facelift isn’t something new at the club, but that the new situation with the budget imposed by the LFP affected the signings, “In this case it isn’t something new, at the club they never asked for results, just to work hard and do our best. It is what they told us. Any B team is always trying to form players, and in this year we have entered into the budget of the first team, as you might know, there’s a budget assigned by the LFP and we are now part of it.”

“So we have to sort things out with what we have and from that point to fight hard. In this way we are working with some Juvenile players, kids that have a future with the first team, and since that point we are working calmly.” He added.

He admitted that Fabril aren’t fulfilling the expectations, “We were waiting to be better, especially about our game, at times we did it and it’s pleasant to watch us play, at other moments we don’t do it and it isn’t a pleasure to watch us.”

“We must remember that some players are training with the first team and are later trying to please when they go down to play with us, which at some point turns to be against us. Then we try to work with the Juvenile players, but can only play with four of them. If it wasn’t for that rule then we surely will be playing with more, but we try to do our best. It’s a year in which we must try to do our best, sometimes advancing the times with the players.” He added.

Finally, Devesa was asking for the poor numbers in defense as Depor B present the third worst mark at Tercera with 29 goals allowed, “There are solutions, we are working on that, what happens is that the team changed and sometimes you have factors related to the quality and talent that affect the results, both in attack and defense. This is a young team and without experience, so we need to gain that experience and get used to this league.”



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