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27 Aug 2006
Promising. That's the best word to describe Deportivo's debut in la liga. Zaragoza took the lead in the score, but the Galician squad reacted with three goals scored by Juan Rodr?­guez, Sergio and Arizmendi. The game also meant the debut of Arbeloa, Barrag??n, Rodri and Cristian in Primera.

As was expected, coach Caparr??s used the same lineup presented in the Teresa Herrera. The only change was the presence of Capdevila on the left back. Seven of the eleven starters were making their liga debut with Depor's shirt: Aouate, Lopo, Arbeloa, Barrag??n, Riki, Bodipo and Juan Rodr?­guez.

In Zaragoza, coach V?­ctor Fern??ndez presented a very offensive lineup commanded by the Argentineans Aimar and D'Alessandro, while the lethal couple Milito-Ewerthon started upfront. Also, Diogo and Sergio Fern??ndez were making their liga debut with the squad.

Zaragoza dominated the actions during the first minutes, with Aimar as the leader. The squad managed the ball in midfield and started to attack through the wings. The first goal of the game came early. After ten minutes, D'Alessandro volleyed the ball to the right and Ewerthon ran to send a cross that Diego Milito capitalised without any opposition.

Everybody in the stadium was nervous and waiting to see if this young Deportivo would be able to react. And the response was very positive. The Galician squad was commanded by Juan Rodr?­guez and started to push for the equaliser. A reward that arrived eight minutes later. Riki took the ball on the left and he sent it to the box, Arizmendi fired a shot that C?©sar deflected with the chest, then Bodipo tried to score, but he made a poor contact with the ball, fortunately Juan Rodr?­guez was there to pass C?©sar for the first time.

Deportivo started to gain the control of the game, but they weren't creating clear occasions to score. Then, referee P?©rez Burrull sanctioned a penalty after a push of Gabriel Milito against Capdevila. Sergio took the penalty and the Galicians were wining at the Riazor after 38 minutes. An advantage that they kept until half-time.

Like it happened in the first half, Zaragoza started strongly. D'Alessandro had two chances to score, the most clear one was deflected by Aouate when the Argentinean sent a powerful shot when he was inside of the box. The match reached a point in which several hard tackles were seen, and the ex-Celta defender Juanfran  was sent off when he punched Juan Rodr?­guez.

With only ten men on the pitch, Zaragoza felt down and they disappeared from the game. This situation was used by Deportivo in order to secure the win. The third goal came thanks to the 'classic' weapon of the Galicians: stationary plays. Sergio was ready to take a free-kick from the left, everybody was waiting inside of the box for his cross, but the Catalan wisely sent the ball to the penalty spot, Capdevila was there alone and sent a new cross that Javier Arizmendi received on the right post. The Madrilian striker didn't miss the chance and the victory seemed a secure thing.

But Zaragoza wasn't defeated yet.  Los Ma?±os pushed for the second goal and Ewerthon scored it after a good combination between him, Diego Milito and ?“scar. With nine minutes still remaining in the clock, Zaragoza tried to achieve the draw, but it was too late. Deportivo conquered their first victory of the season.

Deportivo occupies right now the second spot in la liga. Getafe was the only one capable of wining by a difference of two goals and they are leaders. So far the Galicians are the only ones that have scored three goals, a very positive fact taking in mind the poor scoring registry in the past season. Now la liga enters into a pause, the tournament will return on September 10th, on that day Depor visits Soin Moix to face Mallorca.

Deportivo: Aouate - Barrag??n, Lopo, Arbeloa, Capdevila - Sergio, Coloccini - Arizmendi (Rodri 90+2'), Juan Rodr?­guez, Riki (Estoyanoff 72') - Bodipo (Cristian 53'). 
Zaragoza: C?©sar - Diogo, Sergio Fern??ndez, Gabi Milito, Juanfran - Zapater, Ponzio (Celades 79'), Aimar, D'Alessandro (Oscar 78') - Ewerthon, Gabi Milito. 
Goals: 0-1: Diego Milito (10'), 1-1: Juan Rodr?­guez (18'), 2-1: Sergio (39')(p), 3-1: Arizmendi (75'), 3-2: Ewerthon (81').
Referee: P?©rez Burrull. He showed yellow card to Gabi Milito (36'), Diego Milito (60'), Coloccini (61'), Riki (64'), Capdevila (66'), Sergio (82'), Sergio Fern??ndez (89') and Diogo (90+4'). Juanfran was sent off (69').
Venue: Riazor (16,000).

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