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02 Jan 2014
Right-back Laure was the last player that offered a press conference in 2013; he hopes that Culio could stay and targets the promotion and to improve at home as the main goals of Deportivo during the new year.

Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ was the last player that offered a press conference in 2013; he was content as Deportivo ended the year as the leader at Liga Adelante, “There’s happiness and we are content as we are making a solid work, especially as a group. I believe we can bring many joys in 2014.”

Asked if Depor would have to depend of its strong defense during 2014 he commented that, “Surely we need to improve, within the last games we have offered a different impression in offense and I believe this is the path to follow, because being at the first place the rivals will plan a different strategy and we’ll need this improvement.”

The right-back is convinced that rivals like RCD Mallorca and Real Zaragoza are going to react in the second part of the season, “I am waiting for them. I believe the singings will mark the difference and I’m sure they will be among the first places, it’s for sure.”

He was also commenting that the rumours regarding exits and arrivals could affect the performance of the team, “It isn’t helpful, but we are convinced that it will be only for this month. We need to be focused trying to move forward with our games. Whatever happens, it must happen rapidly.”

The Madrilenian player also commented that the problems at the club can also be helpful as the attention is not focused in the players, “In the end it has rested some pressure from us, in the previous year at Segunda we were on the spotlight and at this moment all the attention is in another place, something that’s removing the pressure and I believe it has been good for a team like ours.”

He is also hoping that Culio could stay, “He’s a very important player for us. For our good I hope he can stay, but if he leaves then we must work with what we have and maybe we can have reinforcements, but if not then we are calm as we have a large squad. He’s irreplaceable, mainly as he has a winning spirit. He’s a good partner and is already adapted. We all hope he can stay. He just arrived and we wished him a happy new year, but haven’t talked of his situation.”

Finally, Laure is targeting the promotion as the main goal of 2014, “Without doubt the goal is the promotion and to please the fans at our stadium, which is something we have been missing, but especially the goal is the promotion and we all would be happy if we achieve it.”



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