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28 Aug 2006
Everybody was satisfied with the work done in this game. The sacrifice and capacity to react were two issues emphasised by the coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s. Meanwhile, V?­ctor Fern??ndez blamed the referee, P?©rez Burrull, for the defeat of his team.

Joaqu?­n Caparr??s was really happy with the effort done by his players, but he's conscious about the squad's limitations: "The game has a lot of positive things for us, but we still have to improve some issues, because we are in the middle of a construction phase. A team with seven new faces played this game as a real team and we have to look twice the lineup of Zaragoza, this make our achievement greater. We can see that the squad has the capacity to react and that we are growing up really fast. We knew how to suffer and that's a virtue."

The Sevillan coach analysed the performance of the team during the second half: "We were too much precipitated during the second half, we wanted to reach the rival's area with velocity and we created the spaces in our own area, that's because we have a lot of mobility. I'm also happy to see us scoring in free-kicks actions. We invested a lot of time working in our strategy, in the past year we were a team that managed this aspect, but not defensively and now we want to find a balance."

Caparr??s also talked about the possible exits and arrivals of the squad, a fact that must me solved on Thursday: "A new striker will be a very nice addition, but it isn't easy, because the experienced ones cost you a fortune and we can afford that. I'm saying this without despising anyone in our team. We are looking for this striker, but we can't be mad about it. If we find it, good. If not, nothing will happen."

Juan Rodr?­guez was one of the best players on the pitch, he was satisfied with the attitude of the squad: "The match was difficult for us, they scored early, but the team demonstrated to have a good spirit, we never surrender." The Andalucian also commented about the action in which Juanfran was sent off: "There was a lot of tension on the pitch, because everyone wanted to win. These are normal things during a game, but Juanfran was too innocent. You can see in the TV that the aggression is clear."

Dudu Aouate made his liga debut with Depor, the keeper is happy with the win although that he believes that the team must improve its performance: "We could play better, but the important thing is that we won. We must try to improve and in this sense, the squad will try to work harder in every training session."

Javier Arizmendi was happy with his new roll as a left winger: "The best thing is that the coach has put me on the left wing, and I am happy with that roll. I am adapted to this position." The Madrilian striker also believes that the squad needs more time to find its real potential: "This is a team under construction, but the performance showed in this game is a thing to be praised."

Antonio Barrag??n made his debut in Primera, a fact that was really exciting for him: "I was a little nervous down there, but then everything was fine. I was lucky to participate in the play of the first goal. I believe that we made a good work, although we suffered a lot. We knew how to play despite of the pressure and we achieved the result, that was the important thing."

Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro was probably the most happy person in the stadium. He was satisfied with the work done by his 'new' team: "We had a great rival in front of us, they played really good and it was hard for us especially with the 0-1 in the score. What we can't deny is the enormous spirit and sacrifice showed by our team."

Zaragoza's coach, V?­ctor Fern??ndez, was really mad with the work done by the referee P?©rez Burrull: "The referee influenced in the game with two polemic decisions. Let's hope that he was right, but I don't think so. What a screw up! one was the penalty and the other Juanfran's red card. Nobody dominated the actions during the first half, and we locked the rival during the second half. Ewerthon gave us hope, but we didn't reach the draw at the end. We must try to be the Zaragoza that we saw during the second half."

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