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28 Aug 2006
The media praises the reaction of Deportivo after being down in the score. 'Babydepor' left a positive image in the papers and young players like Barrag??n, Estoyanoff, Arizmendi and Cristian were applauded.

La Voz de Galicia: There are results and victories that shouldn't be analysed. In a tough season for Depor, to start with a positive result was a vital thing. For this reason, the analysis of yesterday's game must be resumed to the final score: 3-2. There were lights and shadows, we know that, but these three points are already in our count. When we talk about a team under construction, it's important to add points when you are lifting the building. Theoretically, Caparr??s' Deportivo is growing up, so the performance should be better with time. Seing the lineup, you can realise that the Sevillan coach trusted in the experience. Aouate, Lopo and Capdevila supported the youngsters Barrag??n and Arbeloa. Coloccini and Sergio in midfield. Riki and Arizmendi on the wings. Juan Rodr?­guez and Bodipo upfront. Definitively, a young squad but not too much. Caparr??s will try to introduce the new players wisely, according to the progression of the squad. For the moment we liked the contribution of Cristian Hidalgo and the velocity of Estoyanoff. Fernando Hidalgo.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: This new Deportivo is very similar to one seen on the past season. They are more comfortable when they gave the ball to the rival. They play better using the counterattacks. The squad found less options when they tried to dominate the ball in their own area. When they succeed to use this system, they are capable of creating plays like the one of the first goal, one with only three touches: Barrag??n send a pass to Riki and later he made a cross to the centre. Other three players had to touch the ball to score the goal, but the important thing was the beginning, if you generate occasions, you will always have somebody in the area to resolve the situation. In fact, in this play, there were three men waiting for the pass. Three possibilities in just one play. But this situation take you to a risky scenario: if the team loses the ball, a counterattack will leave the defensive sector in inferiority. A fact seen during Zaragoza's first goal. Xos?© Manuel Mallo.

AS: "The whole of Spain is expecting to see this new Deportivo". It was a phrase part of Caparr??s' declarations on the past week, and his reflection already have an answer. The 'Babydepor' is a serious thing. They added three points against a Zaragoza that promises great things, and that deserved more in this game, but Juanfran left his squad with ten men when they were searching the draw with more strength. Two formulas, two projects, but football maintains a lot of constants, one of this issues was the play in the second goal of Deportivo. Gabi Milito pulled Capdevila in the area, penalty and a lot of protests. Why always the central defenders do the same? Zaragoza changed in the second half, they were better and even with ten men, they attacked. But after a new error, Arizmendi dictated sentence and gave the points to the local project, one that's promising to give war. Luis de La Cruz.

ABC: A win of the muscles over the brain. Zaragoza started with more authority. Reaching Aouate's area with more danger. They scored first and had the game where they wanted. But this Deportivo has the style of Caparr??s, they controlled the rival and used both sides well, especially the right, where the duo Barrag??n-Arizmendi had an excellent performance. Deportivo achieved the comeback before the half-time. Zaragoza tried to win the game with the same weapons used in the first half, but a new factor appeared: the good game of Aouate. He stopped all the occasions generated by Los Ma?±os. Later Deportivo seemed to be dictating sentence, but Ewerthon gave emotion to the game until the end. At the end Deportivo maintained the result using its muscles.

Diario Equipo (Zaragoza): The referee was the protagonist. It's a shame to see it on the day of Aimar's debut, of V?­ctor's comeback and Agapito new project's kick off. It isn't only the complains of the loser, it's a reality that doesn't change. P?©rez Burrull affected Zaragoza... once again. A doubtful penalty, Arbeloa pulling Ewerthon in the other area, a deserved expulsion to Capdevila that was only punished with a yellow card, the aggression of Juanfran that was only seen by the referee and his assistant. Complicated. Some things will never change. Israel Salvador.

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